Wildtrack APA Non Alcoholic Beer Review.

What type of beer is Wildtrack

Wildtrack is an APA which stands for American Pale Ale.

An American pale ale with have pine, floral, fruity and citrus notes with a medium body and medium male. The popular IPA, Indian pale ale, will be more heavily hopped and bitter and possibly a more aggressive beer. When these beers are alcoholic then an IPA will generally have a higher ABV and an APA.

The Ingredients

Big Drop Brewing Co don’t usually have anything to weird or wonderful in the beers but the ingredients are interesting to read none the less.

If you have read any of my reviews you will know i’m a purity fan in beer terms. The less ingredients the better but i can be persuaded to specific additions if needed.

Wildtrack includes…

  • Water
  • Barley
  • Oats
  • Maltodextrin
  • Hops
  • Yeast

Maltodextrin is a white powder made from corn, rice, potato starch, or wheat. It has been added here as it is flavourless and doesn’t contain calories but will add to the body and mouthfeel of the beer. For them to have added this, the carbohydrate count as well as the alcohol must be very low.

The Nutrition

One of the biggest reasons to change from alcoholic to non alcoholic beers is the big calorie saving you get. If all you want is no alcohol then the nutrition probably doesn’t worry you too much but there is a large range. I am more impressed with a beer if it is hugely flavoursome as well as coming in light on calories.

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 16kcal
Wildtrack Nutrition Profile

Not bad, not bad. Anything under 20kcal is decent and 0.6g of sugar is good as well. The carb count isn’t high but there are lots lower so i would hope the maltodextrin will combine to create a nicely bodied beer here.

The Look

The pink and blue theme puts me in mind of a summer pool party for some reason. The beer is a mid golden colour, not too light, not too dark. Goldilocks colour if you will

The Aroma

There is quite a bit of tropical fruit on the nose, maybe even grapefruit. It does smell quite appealing so im looking forward to trying this one.

The Taste

Unfortunately this flatters to deceive somewhat. The promise of tropical fruits, grapefruit and pine don’t really materialise.

The mouthfeel is equally strange. I basically only get any flavour or residual taste on the roof of my mouth. It is like the rest of the mouth is ignored by this beer.

This results in not much flavour at all and it getting towards the fizzy water section rather than big full fat beer.

What flavour there is, is ok. There is some pine that you expect from an APA, the tropical hops im just not getting in any quantity to write about.

It is pretty forgettable really. It isn’t horrible, just nothing to make me keep buying

The Verdict

A bit of a nothing APA. The flavours are no where near strong enough and it tastes a bit empty. You would definitely know this is non alcoholic and not one to get a potentially new convert to try. 

The Score

5.5/10 – Maybe this is harsh but from the company that produced the excellent Pine Trail and even the hugely over hopped Paradiso this is strangely tame.

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Where to buy?

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Is Wildtrack gluten free?

Wildtrack is indeed gluten free as confirmed by the company

I have an entire article on non alcoholic beers and gluten if you want more information.

Is Wildtrack vegan?

Wildtrack is also vegan, again this is confirmed by the company.

For more on vegan beers see my article on the matter. Why beers may or may not be and how to check.

Review Overview

Maybe this is harsh but from the company that produced the excellent Pine Trail and even the hugely over hopped Paradiso this is strangely tame.


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