White Claw Natural Lime Review. Full flavoured seltzer

You might have heard of White Claw but not really understood what it is. Does it have alcohol, is it a sugary drink, is it a fizzy soda drink? Ive decided to dive in and taste them and make my mind up.

This is their Natural Lime version and i hope it tastes good!

What type of drink is White Claw?

White Claw is what is known as a hard seltzer.

Hard seltzers are a twist on the popular seltzer waters. Basically you carbonate water, add some flavouring and a measure of spirit to make an alcoholic fizzy water.

The main marketing around them is that they are low calorie and low carb. Read below for more information.

White Claw Natural Lime Nutrition

The 100 calories per can of White Claw are made up of about 95 calories from the 14g of alcohol, making the drink 5% ABV and the remaining 5 calories from 2g of carbs per can, in the form of sugar.

This is very impressive in a flavoured, 12fl oz can. A raw shot of spirit, like vodka, will have 95-98kcal per 1.5fl oz shot so White Claw are only adding an extra 5 calories per can in the form of carbs.

USA per 12fl ozUK per 100ml
Calories 100kcal29kcal
White Claw nutritional data

The USDA say that the average alcoholic beer has 43kcal per 100ml which works out at 153kcal in a 12fl oz serving, this mirrors my own findings. 

I took a sample of 35 alcohol beers and found that the average calorie count was 43.2kcal per 100ml and 153.3 in a 12fl oz serving. 

A White Claw on the other hand comes in at an even 100kcal meaning it only have about 2/3rds the calories of a beer.

What type of alcohol is in a White Claw?

The alcoholic base in White Claw hard seltzers is a pure spirit which is five times distilled from corn. Corn is not an unusual base for a spirit but will initially make a pure and flavourless alcohol to mix with the seltzer flavours.

The Look

White Claw cans have a unique styling with the branding and big wave prominent on the front. This natural lime, “naturally” has a lime green colorway and trim which will definitely indicate to me I will be drinking something limey.

The Aroma

I didn’t know what to expect from the sniff but I was pleasantly surprised with a big and rounded lime smell with no big overtone of sweetness. I certainly couldn’t smell any alcohol in it.

Perhaps if you take a huge whiff, there is a very tail end note that all isn’t soft but in the main, this smells like a lime pop

The Taste

With any hard seltzer, you have to dial yourself in to exactly the amount of flavour you are going to be getting.

It is the nature of the beast or lack of a sugary carb beast, that the flavour might be mooted and slightly thin. A seltzer water is supposed to take like that not a hugely sugary lime soda.

This actually has a pretty decent amount of flavour and it is tasty too.

It certainly isn’t too sweet but you are looking for more sugar either.

Can you taste the alcohol? Ever so slightly. It has a tiny edge to the flavour so you can pick out it has been spiked but not so much that you would need to avoid a big gulp. In fact, after a few drinks even this sensation starts to fade.

The Verdict

For a drink a low calorie and low carb as this, it fairly packs in a decent amount of flavour, even adjusting for the fact it is meant to be like a sparkling water. You don’t miss the sugar and you can barely taste the alcohol.

The Score


Very good effort from White Claw, I really like it. It would make a nice thirst quenching equivalent to a spirit and mixer or even beer.

Where to buy White Claw Natural Lime?

These are freely available everywhere really. There is no point in me giving you an affiliate link.

*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

Are White Claws Natural Lime gluten free? 

All White Claws are gluten free and it says so on the can

Are White Claws Natural Lime vegan?

All White Claws are vegan friendly as confirmed on barnivore.com

Are White Claws Kosher?

White Claw is not certified as Kosher. The company state however, there is no non-Kosher ingredients in a White Claw. This means it may safe to drink if your are an observing Jew and for other religions and diets you know it has no non-Kosher ingredients or manufacturing processes.

For more information read my article here

What do White Claw say about their Kosher status?

Below is a tweet reply from the company when asked about this very point.

So it would appear that it is likely White Claw would be Kosher, given the others in the same space are. It is a bit strange they haven’t gone out and got a certificate to prove it tho, especially as it would likely pay for itself in sales.

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