Which White Claw Has Zero Carbs? How “pure” is it?

Sparkling alcoholic drinks with zero carbs? These are few and far between. Pure spirits have no carbs but generally anything longer and especially fizzy with flavour will need sugar and carbs. The new breed of alcoholic drinks are the hard seltzers. They have hardly any carbs, usually only 2g per 12fl oz meaning only 100kcal per can but has White Claw went one better? Which White Claw has zero carbs?

Which White Claw Has Zero Carbs?

The only product from White Claw which has zero carbs is their “White Claw Pure” hard seltzer. It is marketed as an alternative to vodka and soda which you can add your own fruit to. White Claw doesn’t contain any vodka and the overall calories are the same as the standard White Claw range of products.

How many carbs are in normal White Claw vs Pure?

The key difference between the standard White Claw range and White Claw Pure is they have completely removed all the carbs.

White ClawWhite Claw Pure
of which sugar2g0g
Carbs in White Claw

How have they done this you ask?

The answer is they have removed the flavouring which is usually achieved with a small amount of carbs and sugar. They then encourage you to use your own fruit to flavour if needed. This of course would add significantly to the sugar and carb load.

How many calories are in normal White Claws?

White Claw are around to market their standard White Claw has 100kcal per 12fl oz can (in the USA).

If you note my picture above is a UK version with slightly lower ABV meaning a lower calorie count of 95kcal.

How many calories are in White Claw Pure?

A White Claw Pure has the same amount of calories as the standard White Claw range, 100kcal per 12fl oz can.

How much alcohol is in White Claw?

Both White Claws have the same amount of alcohol. They are 5% alcohol by volume meaning they will contain 14g of pure alcohol.

What alcohol is in White Claw?

The alcoholic base in White Claw hard seltzers is a pure spirit which is five times distilled from corn. Corn is not an unusual base for a spirit but will initially make a pure and flavourless alcohol to mix with the seltzer flavours.

Why do alcoholic drinks make you put on weight?

So how does a liquid drink make you put on weight, it isn’t like it is a donut or a pizza.

The answer lies in just how calorie dense alcohol really is.

SubstanceKCal per gram
Calories per gram

Gram for gram, alcohol contains much more calories than sugar and carbs. 

There is a concept of a standard alcoholic drink.

The USDA and CDC have devised a list of “standard” alcoholic drinks. Each one contains the exact same amount of alcohol – 14g of alcohol (0.6 ounces).

Below is a list of the standard drinks, volumes and ABV that all give 14g of alcohol.

Drink and volumeAlcohol content
12fl oz Beer5%
5fl oz Wine12%
1.5fl oz Spirit (e.g vodka)40%
Standard drinks

Each of these drinks will have 98kcal (14 x 7) from alcohol alone before you add in any carbs and sugar.

If you are drinking an alcoholic drink, the trick is to minimise the extra discretionary calories that don’t come from the alcohol. That means reducing the carbs and sugar to as low as possible.

How can White Claw and White Claw Pure have the same calories and alcohol but different carbs?

This is a very good question and there is no very good answer!

The alcohol in both is identical at 14g giving an ABV of 5%. It contributes in and around 95kcal. In the standard White Claw there is then 2g of carbs overall which brings the calorie count up to 100kcal.

However, White Claw Pure has no carbs or sugar. Additionally there is nothing else on the nutritional information that is adding to the calories so where the extra few come from is a mystery.

Perhaps there is a bit of creative accounting going on…

How many White Claws equals a shot of vodka?

In terms of pure calories, a shot of vodka is about 97kcal and both standard White Claw and Pure have 100kcal. This means they have nearly identical calories counts.

In terms of alcohol…

A 12fl oz 5% ABV White Claw has the same alcohol (14g of pure alcohol), as a 1.5fl oz shot of 40% vodka. So the answer is 1 White Claw is equal to one shot of vodka or any spirit at 40% ABV.

A White Claw is equal to a shot of vodka, a standard glass of wine and a standard beer.

How many White Claws to get drunk?

The CDC states it takes the average 160lb adult male, 4 standard beers to get drunk. A standard beer is 12fl oz and 5% ABV which is the same as a White Claw. The 4 White Claws have to be drank over 1-2 hours. If you are a female or lighter then it will take less White Claws, if you are a significantly heavier male, it may take 5+ White Claws to get drunk.

My full math can be found in this dedicated article.

Can you drink White Claw on a keto diet?

The Ketogenic diet or Keto diet for short, is a low carb and high fat diet which can offer many health benefits.

The aim is to slash your carb intake and replace it with fats, this puts your body into a state called a ketotic state or ketosis, hence the name.

When you enter this state, your body becomes much more efficient at burning fat for energy and therefore you lose your stored fat easier.

The most popular version would be the SKD – Standard ketotic diet. Your nutrient breakdown would be 70% fats, 20% protein and only 10% carbs.

You can drink White Claw on the keto diet as it only has about 0.6g of carbs per 100ml, which is very low.

Alcohol can slow your metabolism and is calorie dense but the actual amount of carbs you will be drinking is very low.

Is White Claw Pure the best for a keto diet?

White Claw Pure would be the best option for a keto diet and it is one of the best alcoholic drinks for the keto diet in general. It has no carbs so if you are counting or limiting your carb intake then you would be able to drink as much White Claw Pure as you want.

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