What Is The Lowest Carb Non Alcoholic Beer?

In a world of dieting and counting carbs, beer can sometimes be looked on badly. However, not all beers are created equal and none more so than the non alcoholic market.

So which is the lowest carb non alcoholic beer? And what are the nearest competitors?

What Is The Lowest Carb Non Alcoholic Beer?

The lowest carb non alcoholic beer in the world is….

PARTAKE PALE – It has a frankly mystifying 0g of carbs per 100ml and 0g of carbs per 12fl oz.

To put this into context, no other non alcoholic beer has zero carbs.

Just how they produce this beer and manage to both limit the carbs in the first place and then remove them to zero is a closely guarded secret at Partake but it is certainly a huge selling point.

With zero carbs, the knock on effect is for the total calorie count to be 10kcal per 12fl oz which is also a world leading low calorie count for a beer.

If you want a diet, keto friendly beer, then Partake Pale with zero carbs and the lowest calories per serving in the world, has to be near the top of the tree.

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The 6 lowest carb non alcoholic beers

1. Partake Pale

As we have seen, Partake pale has 0.0g of carbs per 100ml and 0.0g of carbs per 12fl oz. 

No beer can go lower and every other beet technically has infinity more carbs!

As they don’t currently export from North America, i have yet to get my hands on it to review it. There is no point in being zero carb and ultra low calorie if it doesn’t taste great. However, the reviews i have seen of it are very positive.

2. Drop Bear Yuzu Pale Ale

Drop Bear are a UK brewery and have a great range of low calorie and low carb craft non alcoholic beers.

Their Yuzu pale ale has only 0.4g of carbs per 100ml and 1.42g of carbs per 12fl oz.

Of all the beers i have drank, this is the lowest carb one and it thought it was decent. The yuzu flavour and hoppy pale ale was nice but as there was nothing to add extra body it did feel a bit thin. If you want a very beer like beer this wouldn’t be for you.

The average non alcoholic beer has nearly x12 the carbs of Yuzu pale ale tho.

3. Drop Bear Tropical IPA

2 beers in the top 3 lowest carb beers in the world is a great achievement from Drop Bear Brewing Co.

Their Tropical IPA has 0.5g of carbs per 100ml and 1.775g of carbs per 12fl oz. This is only a fraction more than the Yuzu pale ale.

For me tho, this beer just didn’t work. The flavours were not in balance and there was a big bitter hit at the end i didn’t find pleasant. If you just want to pick beers on low carbs, this would be worth a try incase your palate is different from mine.

4. Partake IPA

The second Partake beer has the same joint lowest calorie count in the world (10kcal per 12fl oz) but does this with some carbs, not no carbs like their Partake Pale.

Partake IPA has 0.56g of carbs per 100ml and 2g of carb per 12fl oz. 

Like the Partake Pale, i have been unable to source this to try it and make a recommendation. However, much like the Pale, the online and social media reviews on it have been pretty positive so definitely worth a try if you are in North America.


UNLTD.IPA get around the thin body risk with no carbs by using a compound called maltodextrin.

Maltodextrin is a white powder made from corn, rice, potato starch, or wheat. It has been added here as it is flavourless and doesn’t contain calories but will add to the body and mouthfeel of the beer.

UNLTD. IPA has 1g of carbs per 100ml and 3.55g of carbs per 12fl oz. 

At 14.2kcal per 12fl oz, it is the lowest calorie beer which i have drank and it didn’t taste that way.

I was really surprised by this. It had loads of flavour and did not feel like a hugely skinny beer. I gave it a 9/10 and in my top 20 non alcoholic beers of all time.

6. Brewdog Nanny State

Brewdog are a big player now across the globe and Nanny State has been about a while.

Nanny State has 1g of carbs per 100ml and 3.55g of carbs per 12fl oz, the same as ULTD. IPA.

They make up for the lack of carb body with 8 different malts and 5 different hops. I think this is a great beer with huge flavours.

If you want a great low carb, low calorie beer, this is the one for you.

Non Alcoholic BeerCarbs per 100mlCarbs per 12fl oz
Partake Pale0g0g
Drop Bear Yuzu Pale Ale0.4g1.42g
Drop Bear Tropical IPA0.5g1.775g
Partake IPA0.56g2g
UNLTD. IPA1g3.55g
BrewDog Nanny State1g3.55g
Lowest carb non alcoholic beers.

Are there any other zero carb beers?

Partake Pale is the only zero carb non alcoholic beer but there is one other zero carb beer that has just made it onto the alcoholic beer market…

Budweiser Light Next has 0g of carbs but 80kcal per 12 fl oz and 4% ABV. To put that into contact vs Partake Pale, it has the same (zero) carbs but still have x8 the amount of calories per serving. 10kcal for Partake Pale vs 80kcal for Budweiser Zero Next.

To get an idea of just how hard it is to produce and brew a zero carb beer, AB InBev, just about the biggest brewer in the world, have been trying to 10 years to perfect this zero carb Bud and bring it to market. The barrier to extra is huge!

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