What Is The Highest Sugar Non Alcoholic Beer?

The quest is always on to find the lowest sugar this or that and the health benefits are clear. However, there are still some very sugary drinks on the market and unfortunately, the non alcoholic beer market is not immune to them.

For a full understanding of sugar in non alcoholic beer, it is worth looking at the worst offender. What is the highest sugar non alcoholic beer?

What is the highest sugar non alcoholic beer?

And the winner, (or should that be loser?) is…

Henry And His Science from Mikkeller

If you read on, you will not believe the amount of sugar this bad boy of non alcoholic beer has. I have reviewed it (link above) and it is just not worth the sugar, carbs or calories, unless for curiosity value!

TO understand just how high in sugar Henry And His Science is, let’s look at the average non alcoholic beer and beverage first, to have some perspective before the Henry numbers are dropped.

How much sugar is in the average non alcoholic beer?

I conducted a study into over 100 non alcoholic beers, which you can read here. I gathered all the nutritional data and worked out the average sugar content and this is what the results where…

I found the average non alcoholic beer has 2g of sugar per 100ml and 7.2g of sugar per 12fl oz.

That doesn’t sound like too much really, is it worse than alcoholic beer or other common beverages?

How much sugar is in alcoholic beer and other drinks?

The USDA state the average alcoholic beer has 0g of sugar per 100ml and 0g of sugar in a 12fl oz serving. 

This isn’t strictly true as there are trace amounts in a lot of beers, but in general, the fermentation process turns all the sugars into alcohol via the yeast.

So most non alcoholic beers will have more sugar than alcoholic beers. What about other common drinks?

Type of DrinkSugar per 100mlSugar per 12fl oz
Non alcoholic beer2g7.2g
Alcoholic beer0g0g
Coca Cola9g32g
Coca Cola Zero0g0g
1% milk5g17.75g
Orange juice8g28.4g
Ginger Ale9g31.95g
Sugar in drinks comparison

Non alcoholic beer holds up pretty well there i have to say.

Ok, so you know a bit more about sugar in beer and drinks, now to be astounded by the highest sugar in alcoholic beer values you will ever see…

Just how much sugar is in Henry and His Science?

Henry And His Science has a quite unbelievable, 9.9g of sugar per 100ml and 35.1g of sugar per 12fl oz serving.

A teaspoon of sugar is 4g. That means in a 12fl oz serving of Henry And His Science, there is nearly 9 whole teaspoons of sugar. In a beer, that is just mental.

There is some controversy over these figures, with other reviewers on social media having different values for this beer. I decided i had to go straight to Mikkeller for the answer.

An executive assistant called Tone Xenia Borring replied and confirmed these numbers are indeed correct. 

The picture above is of my actual can so you can see the values for yourself.

How does Henry And His Science compare vs other high sugar non alcoholic beers?

Henry And His Science is a huge outlier in the non alcoholic beer market. They next highest sugar beer 40% less sugar than it.

Non Alcoholic BeerSugar per 100mlSugar per 12fl oz
Henry And His Science9.9g35.1g
Lervig No Worries Lemon5.8g20.6g
Lervig No Worries Mango5.8g20.6g
Mikkeller Limbo Raspberry5.1g18.1g
Highest sugar non alcoholic beers.

It is such an anomaly, i would nearly dismiss it from the scores and when deciding what is high sugar or not.

If the average non alcoholic beer has 2g of sugar per 100ml, i would say anything above 4g of sugar per 100ml is very high in sugar, relatively speaking. I would also be very cautious of any light beer with more than 2.5g of sugar per 100ml and certainly over 2.5g per 100ml. At these levels the risk is real of a nasty sweet lager which you really dont want.

The exception to the rule is the German wheat beers. They can be quite high in sugar as they aim for an isotonic beer – where the salts and sugars are in the same concentration as you blood.

For more information on isotonic beers, you can read my article on them here. Are they the perfect sports recovery drink?

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