What Is The Highest Carb Non Alcoholic Beer? It is huge!

When most people are searching for carbs in non alcoholic beer they want to know the lowest and why would you not. But it is very interesting and informative to find out what the highest carb non alcoholic beer is.

It gives a good reference point, you can see how far it is from the average and maybe you even want to try it to see if the carbs are worth it!

What is the highest carbs non alcoholic beer in the world?

The highest carb non alcoholic beer in the world is Henry And His Science which is brewed by the Danes, Mikkeller.

Henry And His Science has a scary 20.8g of carbs per 100ml and 73.85g of carbs per 12fl oz

What type of beer is Henry And His Science?

Henry And His Science is the base of a new beer series from Mikkeller. They add various fruits to it and call it their Limbo Series. The actual base beer is called a “Flemish Primitive”.

They created a list of set criteria for what a Flemish Primitive is…

  • Has a typical body, taste and aroma coming from different micro-organisms 
  • Has an alcohol content of between 0 and 5 % volume
  • There is a maximum 10 EBC (colour range)
  • There is a maximum 10 IBU (bitterness range)
  • It can only be made of water, yeast, barley and hops.
  • It has to be brewed at De Proefbrouwerij by a gypsy brewer

A final key part of the Flemish Primitive is their yeast which they have called “Mikkellenis yeast”. It creates farmyard and passionfruit type flavours into the finished beer.

Some of the Limbo Series beers include…

Limbo series Raspberry

Limbo series Yuku

Controversy surrounding Henry And His Science

Henry And His Science isn’t too new and there is a few reviews on the internet. They have very different nutrition profiles and the store i bought this from has it marked as low sugar!!

Someone on social media who worked for Mikkeller said my values must be wrong so went to check one of his cans. He found that a new import sticker had been put over the old nutritional data with the ones that are on my can.

Obviously this become all the more interesting so i had to go to the horses mouth. I made contact with Mikkeller directly myself.

I had a reply from Tone Xenia Borring, an Executive Assistant, who confirmed ” They are correct. Have a great day”. 

There is no doubt that these are the correct values making Henry And His Science, the highest carb non alcoholic beer in the world. It may even be the highest carb beer in the world

Below is a picture of my can and the actual values, for the doubters.

What makes Henry And His Science so high in carbs?

Why have Mikkeller brewed such a ridiculous beer? Clearly Henry And His Science wasn’t always this high in carbs given the other reviews out there and the previous cans.

Or maybe Mikkeller just got their calculations wrong initially and have has to update the cans and nutritional data.

Half the carbs are in the for of added sugar, this makes it the highest sugar beer by quite some margin as well.

It fact it has well over x5 the amount of sugar an average non alcoholic beer has as well.

Values per 100mlValues per 12fl oz
Calories 89kcal316kcal
Henry And His Science Nutrition Stats

How does Henry And His Science compare to other non alcoholic beers?

I studied about 110 beer and i calculated the average non alcoholic beer has 4.75g of carbs per 100ml and 16.85g of carbs per 12fl oz.

That means that Henry And His Science has x4.38 (338%+) the amount of carbs an average non alcoholic beer has, which is extraordinary.

BeerCarbs per 100mlCarbs per 12fl oz
Henry and His Science 20.8g73.85g
Average non alcoholic beer4.75g16.85g
Carbs in beer

How does Henry And His Science compare to other alcoholic beers?

The USDA state the average alcoholic beer has 3.55g of carbs per 100ml and 12.6g of carbs in a 12fl oz serving.

So comparing this to Henry And His Science, it has nearly x6 the amount of carbs or nearly 500% more carbs. That is just a mindblowingly huge increase.

What does Henry And His Science taste like?

You would hope with the world leading amount of carbs, sugar and calories that Henry And His Science would be the best tasting beer in the world? Well, no.

In my review, here, i found it to be a flat, bland, mildly citrus flavoured, completely underwhelming beer. If it had a normal or low nutritional profile i may have given it a 6/10 but with the mentally high numbers i dropped it to 3.5/10. Only to be tried for novelty reasons.

What are the 4 highest carb beers in the world?

So Henry is the number one but what comes close?

Omnipollo is a Swedish brewer which, not by coincidence is also brewed at De Proefbrouwerij, it comes the closest but i have not bought or reviewed this.

The closest mainstream and easiest to source beer is Leffe Blond 0.0.

With just under half the carbs of Henry and his Science, Leffe 0.0 is comparatively low carb! However is is still over twice the non alcoholic beer average. It does however use the carbs well to create a huge body and creamy mouthfeel of a Belgian Abbey beer.

Non Alcoholic BeerCarbs per 100mlCarbs per 12fl oz
Henry And His Science20.873.85
Omnipollo Nyponsoppa15.454.67
Leffe Blond 0.09.834.79
Shallow Passion Pool8.931.6
Highest carb non alcoholic beers.

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