What is Nozeco? Or is it Nosecco?

If you have been to a supermarket recently, to buy wine, you can’t have failed to see the absolutely huge rise in alcohol free and non alcoholic equivalents. One of the biggest and taking over the most shelf space is Nozeco. But what is Nozeco? How much alcohol is in it and should you be trying it?

I will explore exactly what this brand new fizz actually is.

What is Nozeco?

It may come as no surprise, given the name, that Nozeco is designed to be and marketed as a alcohol free Prosecco. It isn’t actually fully alcohol free, but you can read about that below.

The question then is, “What is Prosecco?” before we can consider Nozeco.

What is Prosecco?

Prosecco is the Italian version of France’s Champagne or Spain’s Cava. It is a white wine and Prosecco is designated a Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC). That means it is produced in a certain area under certain conditions and also means the name is protected (see Nosecco case above). It is produced in the Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia regions of Italy.

The main grape variety is glera, which has to make up 85% plus, of the total grapes in the wine. Prosecco can be can be labeled as spumantefrizzante or tranquillo (still) and best served chilled in a tulip glass.

My top pick for a Prosecco/Nozeco tulip glass is from Riedel. Riedel are my favourite glassware provider for any drink really. You can check out their tulip glass on Amazon by clicking this link

How sweet is Prosecco?

Prosecco comes in 3 sweetness levels…

  • Brut
  • Extra Dry
  • Dry

These are their corresponding sugar levels.

SweetnessSugar Content
Brut0-12g sugar per litre
Extra Dry12-17 sugar per litre
Dry17-32 sugar per litre
Prosecco sweetness levels

And Nozeco?

Nozeco is a vegan, non alcoholic version of Prosecco, attempting to imitate the non bottle fermented Prosecco. Prosecco is slightly sweeter than Cava and Champagne but it would be rare that a fizzy non alcoholic wine doesn’t taste sweet.

Nozeco comes in two different varieties, Rose and White. On looks alone the Rose is the stand out but i undertook a tasting of the two Nozeco versus a standard Prosecco. Read on for how they compare.

Was is called Nosecco before?

You might have heard of “Nosecco” previously or think that a better name for a no alcohol prosecco would be “nosecco”. The company certainly did and it started out life and on the shelves as Nosecco.

The UK High Court made a ruling in 2020 that the Nosecco name infringed on the DOC of Prosecco. They felt that the use of ‘Nosecco’ created a “sufficiently serious risk” that consumers would be deceived regarding its geographical origin (i.e. that consumers would erroneously believe that ‘Nosecco’ had been produced by the makers of ‘Prosecco’, as an alcohol-free alternative.

So “Nozeco” was born and we all move on with our lives!

How is Nozeco made?

Nozeco is made by dealcoholising a base alcohol wine.

They don’t tell us the exact process but there are only a few to choose from. I explore them all in my article on making non alcoholic wine here.

My educated guess, for the price point and alcohol content, is that Nozeco is dealcoholised via method called vacuum distillation.

To boil off alcohol from wine, you need to heat it to high temperatures and you start to lose the aromatic flavour compounds leaving a bland non alcoholic wine. When you introduce a vacuum, the temperature can be reduced, keeping more of the flavour from he original wine.

Firstly the wine is put through a distillation column at just 30°C.  It is possible to distill the wine at this temperature due to the vacuum it is put under. The highly volatile compounds (aromas) are removed in a small quantity of alcohol.

The second stage is to re run the distillation in the column for a second time, to remove the alcohol. 

Is Nozeco really alcohol free?

Nozeco clearly displays “Alcohol Free” on the label so you would be entirely forgiven for thinking it was therefore alcohol free. By alcohol free i mean 0.0% ABV or more accurately, <0.05% ABV.

However, thanks to the EU and various laws that contradict the UK ones, Nozeco actually has 0.5% ABV and if it was produced and labelled in the UK, would have to be called “non alcoholic”.

The world of non alcoholic and alcohol free labelling laws is a bit complicated but i have written an entire article on it here

What does Nozeco taste like?

This is the big question isn’t it.

I have written a comprehensive article on the taste of the two types of Nozeco and compared them to a generic Prosecco. You can read the full article here

In my tasting, with my wife and her friends, the unanimous winner was the Rose. It had red fruits, peach and despite having the exact same sugar content it somehow didn’t taste as sweet as the White.

The White, whilst pleasant, tastes more like a sparkling elderflower cordial than a Prosecco.

Where can i buy Nozeco?

Nozeco is freely available in most of the big UK supermarkets but if you want to order it online right now you can.

You can check out the white version and the rose version prices on Amazon now by clicking through on the links.

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