What Is A Chuck Norris Shot? And the easy recipe

Chuck Norris. The name conjures up a figure larger than life and twice as strong. It is not surprising that this hero of folklore has a shot named after him. It is hugely popular with students across America but what exactly is it? What is a Chuck Norris shot?

What is a Chuck Norris shot?

A Chuck Norris shot is a little more than just a shot. You drop a 1.5fl oz shot of UV cherry vodka into 4fl oz of Liquid Ice energy drink and then drink it all at once. Although there is dispute over which is the official shot.

Who is Chuck Norris?

Norris is an American martial arts expert and actor. He has a black belt in numerous different martial arts, impressive stuff.

He has stared in many movies but is perhaps best known for his long running “Walker, Texas Ranger”

How is he portrayed in popular culture now?

Norris is now the star in many jokes based on his superhuman strength and menace.

Some examples of the jokes are…

  • Time waits for no man. Unless that man is Chuck Norris
  • When God said, “Let there be light!” Chuck said, “Say Please.”
  • Since 1940, the year Chuck Norris was born, roundhouse kick related deaths have increased 13,000 percent.
  • On the 7th day, God rested … Chuck Norris took over.
  • Chuck Norris does not use spell check. If he happens to misspell a word, Oxford will change the spelling.

You get the idea!

Why is it called a Chuck Norris shot?

A very good question.

One legend is that the drink is so smooth you won’t even know it has kicked you in the face. The next you will know you will be on the ground drunk.

Who invented the Chuck Norris shot?

According to urban dictionary, the Chuck Norris shot originates from Fargo ND and is very popular in Grand Forks ND college bars.

Although with any of these types of popular drinks, it can be nearly impossible to pin point where they started.

How do you make the Chuck Norris shot?

The Chuck Norris shot is very easy to make.

  • Fill a regular 1.5fl oz shot glass with UV cherry vodka
  • Pour around 4fl oz of Liquid Ice energy drink into a tumbler
  • Drop in the shot glass of cherry vodka into the tumbler
  • Down the drink

This type of shot “bomb” is extremely popular with many variations, perhaps the most famous is a Jagerbomb. In this, a shot of Jagermeister is dropped into Red Bull energy drink and then you down the whole lot.

What is UV cherry vodka?

There will be no surprises for guessing that this is a vodka brand from UV and the key ingredient is fresh cherries.

It is 30% ABV which is a bit weaker than the usual 37.5% or even 40% pure vodkas.

Overall, UV cherry vodka is highly rated and popular.

What is Liquid Ice energy drink?

Liquid Ice is an artic berry flavoured energy drink, packed with caffeine.

With the addition on the red cherry vodka, the blue Liquid Ice makes for a nice contrast.

How many Chuck Norris shots to get you drunk?

The only alcohol part of the Chuck Norris shot is the UV Cherry Vodka. It has an ABV of 30% (60% proof).

I have shown that for a 40% ABV vodka shot, you would need to take 4 to get you drunk. You can read my full article here

You would therefore need to drink 5-6 Chuck Norris shots to get drunk. The exact number is 5 1/3 but no one drinks a third of a shot!

What other shots are also called the Chuck Norris shot? Why?

There is dispute over what the official shot is.

Another version is equal parts bourbon and 151 bacardi rum. You can add as much Tobasco as you can handle.

Yet another is equal parts vodka and grenadine syrup with a splash of Tobacco.

I’m sure there are many more other there?

Is there any other shots with the Chuck Norris name?

Aside from the “Chuck Norris shot” you can also sample the “Chuck Norris Roundhouse Kick To The Face”. If you dare.

It is a special beast that i have never and likely will never try. If you are man (or woman enough), here it is…

  • 1 part Sambuca
  • 1 part Jägermeister
  • 1 part Absinthe
  • 5 Drops Hot Sauce (Sriracha) 

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