Uptime Craft Lager Review. A low calorie Big Drop beer.

Uptown craft lager i bought and drank for this review

What type of beer is Uptime?

Uptown is a lager

A lager is a bottom fermenting beer with a specific yeast. They are generally mild on malt and like on hops with a low IBU -bitterness score

Lagers can be amber, pale or dark and this appears to be on the amber side.

Uptime Craft Lager Ingredients

I am always interested to see what ingredients a brewery uses to produce a beer. In Germany, under purity laws, a lot of beers are just water, barley, hops and yeast. They are usually the better for it. The modern way is to use lots of different grains and novel ingredients, especially in the non alcoholic beer world where replacing the alcohol body is important.

Uptime Craft Lager has…

  • Water
  • Barley
  • Rye
  • Wheat
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • Maltodextrin

Rye and wheat can add distinctive tastes to a lager. It is a little unusual to see barley, wheat and rye all in a lager.

Maltodextrin is a white powder made from corn, rice, potato starch, or wheat. It has been added here as it is flavourless and doesn’t contain calories but will add to the body and mouthfeel of the beer. For them to have added this, the carbohydrate count as well as the alcohol must be very low.

Uptime Craft Lager Nutrition

Certainly with the addition of maltodextrin but also using 3 grains is a sign that they are struggling for body so i would expect a skinny calorie beer with little carbohydrates.

Uptime’s nutrition stats are…

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 11.8kcal
Uptime Craft Lager Nutrition Profile

Interesting, as suspected from the maltodextrin addition, the carbohydrate count is tiny. In fact I’ve only ever seen the famously low calorie, Brewdog Nanny State, with a lower carbohydrate level.

Similarly then the calorie count is ultra low as is the sugar level. If they can back this up with a flavourful beer then it is game on for Fieldhopper.

For a full article on the calories, carbs and sugar in non alcoholic beers then read my article on it here

Is Uptime Craft Lager really alcohol free?

You can see from my picture, the can says “alcohol-free” but that doesn’t mean it is 0.0% ABV due to different labelling laws. 

UK and US law says only beers with an ABV of less then 0.05% can use alcohol free terminology. Big Drop are likely using EU laws here where anything up to 0.5% ABV can be called alcohol free. Clear as mud, eh?

0.5% ABV is still “non alcoholic” by law tho.

Lots of foods actually have a similar or higher ABV, such as orange juice or a ripe banana.

You can read my entire article on how to tell how much alcohol is in a non alcoholic beer here

If you would like to find out why breweries like this go for a 0.5% beer rather than a 0.0% beer then read my full article on that here

The Look

As with all Big Drop Brewing Co beers, each beer has its own colouring. This label is browns and oranges which puts you more in mind of an ale than a lager to my mind.

The beer does match the bottle with the colour being a bit darker than youd expect from a lager. Little to no head tho which isn’t really an issue.

The Aroma

There is a slight aroma of malt and toasted cereal. Not much hops or bitterness and crucially not any big sweetness to smell. Nothing worst than a weak, sugary beer imho.

The Taste

First impression is that it is an ok lager. The malty, lagery flavours start low but build up over a few seconds but then stop far too early. You are left with some lingering taste on your tongue but it isn’t 100% in balance and a taste you don’t actually want to linger.

It is a bit thin, as you would expect from the nutrition but it has marginally more body than Fieldhopper but not by much.

It tastes like a lager that has been brewed to be skinny and low in calories rather than one that is full of flavour. It is relatively earier to have more mouthfeel and body with more carbs which leads to more calories but it isn’t impossible to make a tasty, low calorie lager. 

Big Drop are just a little of the mark here.

If you were new to non alcoholic beers and this was your first one after some persuading then you wouldn’t be coming back for lots more, it isn’t a great advert for non alcoholic beers. If, like me, you’ve tried over 100 and a “hardened” non alcholic beer drinker then you can compartmentalise and see its ok, it has a place but maybe not as a true like for like alcoholic beer replacement.

For some of my top picks which taste like alcoholic beers then have a read of this article and review here.

The Verdict

It is a skinny calorie lager with in the main, light and inoffensive flavours. Is that all you want from your beer tho?

The Score

6.5 – benchmarking it vs Fieldhopper I think it is marginally better so will add on a 0.5

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Where to buy

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Is Uptime Craft Lager Free?

Uptime Craft Lager is gluten free as confirmed by the company.

I have an entire article on non alcoholic beers and gluten if you want more information.

Is Uptime Craft Lager Vegan?

Uptime Craft Lager is indeed suitable for vegans, as confirmed but the company

For more on vegan beers see my article on the matter. Why beers may or may not be and how to check.

Review Overview

It is a skinny calorie lager with in the main, light and inoffensive flavours. Is that all you want from your beer tho?


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