Three Spirit Nightcap Non Alcoholic Spirit Review.

What type of drink is Three Spirit Nightcap?

What type of drink are any of the Three Spirit drinks? The simple answer is they are a non alcoholic spirit, but nothing is very simple is it.

You cant put Nightcap into a nice box like “gin” or “rum”. It is not based from a traditional spirit. The closest kindred spirit is probably the gins as they have a lot of botanical flavourings too.

Three Spirit, along with the likes of Seedlip, are leading the non alcoholic spirit market in new directions with new and unique flavours and aromas.

Three Spirit Nightcap Ingredients

Brace yourself for a plethora of exotic and made up sounding ingredients! Kudos if you have heard of all these and could pick them out of a line up.

Nightcap includes…

  • Pure maple syrup
  • Hüll Melon hoops
  • Botanical extracts – lemon balm, turmeric root, ashwagandha, white willow bark, vanilla, valerian, liquorice root, ginger.

Ok, so there are some standard flavours i know well, like ginger and liquorice but just how they interact with valerian and ashwagandha to produce this liquor, is anyones guess. I cant wait to find out tho as the other Three Spirit drinks are very good indeed.

How is Three Spirit Nightcap made?

Three Spirit sustainably source a huge array of plants, flowers, fungi, spices, roots and aromatic herbs from across the globe.

Usually in a spirit, the ingredients are infused and macerated before being distilled. In the non alcoholic versions the alcohol is then distilled out and water added back in.

Three Spirit seem to do something similar but spin it as “these ingredients are then ground, infused, distilled or fermented to best extract flavour, aroma and function”

How to serve Three Spirit Nightcap?

Serve 50ml over ice with an orange twist.

Three Spirit Nightcap Nutrition

One of the few negatives about the Three Spirit range is the nutrition. The are higher in sugar and therefore calories than most other non alcoholic spirits.

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 60kcal
Three Spirit Nightcap Nutritional Data

12.7g per 100ml of sugar is a lot, especially in a non alcoholic spirit. However a measure is only 50ml and i dont think you are going to be drinking multiple a night so it is probably acceptable .

Three Spirit Nightcap Look

The bottle and gold labelling oozes class. The styling and font are simple but eye catching and like all the Three Spirit bottles, set you in mind of alchemy and make you want to try whatever is in it.

The spirit itself is a dirty pale brown which ordinarily wouldn’t be appealing.

Three Spirit Nightcap Aroma

Of all my reviews, the Three Spirit trilogy are the hardest to describe. Their smells are diverse and come from a blend of exotic and unusual ingredients.

Nightcap smells of a sweet, liquorice, vanilla woodland, if that is a thing. It does smell oddly comforting and soothing. There is a rounded mellowness to it.

Three Spirit Nightcap Taste

The first sip is a very sweet liquorice type flavour but a less harsh liquorice than you might expect. However, a second into the sip, a burning develops which continues to build. I can only assume it is the ginger. Mother root, ginger switchel, has a bigger bite but not by much.

The flavours all roll into one and overlap, I can see why they have this as a “nightcap” but I would probably like the ginger burn toned down a touch for it to be truly relaxing.

There is a definite wet woodland type characteristic to it and whilst I do like this, I probably had more pleasure from the more watered down with mixer, Livener and Social Elixir.

Three Spirit Nightcap Verdict

Another very interesting and only understood when tired drink from Three Spirit. I think it is my least favourite of the 3 but only just.

Perhaps as it is gone too soon as they don’t recommend a mixer. The ginger burn keeps on burning

Three Spirit Nightcap Score

7.5/10 – I think if you have the opportunity to buy the three, Three Spirit drinks as a job lot, then do so. They are all so interesting and different. You will not have experienced anything like them before.

Where to buy Three Spirit Nightcap?

To see what the latest prices are on Amazon, you can click through on this link

You can try these at Wise Bartender as well, a brilliant non alcoholic retailer

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*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

Is Three Spirit Nightcap gluten free? 

Three Spirit Nightcap is indeed gluten free.

Is Three Spirit Nightcap vegan?

Yes, Three Spirit Nightcap is vegan friendly. They pride themselves on being plant based and sustainably sourced and mention so in their literature.

To read more about why a non alcoholic spirit might not be vegan, you can read this article

Review Overview

I think if you have the opportunity to buy the three, Three Spirit drinks as a job lot, then do so. They are all so interesting and different. You will not have experienced anything like them before.


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