The 6 Best Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wines For Christmas

Christmas time is coming. That means party season and bubbles!

However there is a list as long as your arm why you may not be able to drink alcohol at a function this Christmas.

Maybe you are working, driving, looking after the kids, pregnant, breastfeeding, abstaining for religious reasons, on a diet etc etc etc. These are some of the best alcohol free and non alcoholic wines you can buy at the minute.

Ive tested them all and there will certainly be something for everyone here. There is no need not to have bubbles at Christmas!

I have 3 Sparkling Rose and 3 Sparkling White.

WineColourAlcohol Content
Pierre ChavinRose0.0%
Sutter Home FreWhite0.5%
St RegisWhite0.5%
McGuigan ZeroWhite0.0%
Wines, colour and ABV

There are some brilliant non alcoholic wines on Amazon, you can check them out via this link.

Freixenet Rose

freixenet 0.0 rose i bought and drank for this review

Winery – Freixenet

Country – “From EU” on the bottle

Style – Sparkling white

KCal – 25 (100ml)

ABV – 0.0%

Sugar content – 5.4g (100ml)

Carbohydrate content – 6g (100ml)

This is one of if not the favourite alcohol free sparkling wine my wife and i have tested.

It is a lovely Rose colour.

On smelling get some red fruit and a bit of sweetness.

When you actually taste it, it is one of the best out there. I know that is a big shout but I’ve had just about every non alcoholic sparkling wine going, has has my wife and family!

This one tastes like beautiful Spanish Cava. There is a nice full flavour on your palate. You get some some strawberry and apples on the palate.

The fizz keeps going pleasingly and the after taste is excellent and you don’t end on a poor note. It is sweet and tastes sweet but it’s good in this case

Where to buy

Most of the big supermarkets will have this

Pierre Chavin Rose Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rose Wine

pierre zero sparkling rose i bought and drank for this review

Calories – 19kcal per 100ml

Sugar – 4.5g per 100ml

Alcohol – 0.0% ABV and Certified Halal

I drank this with my wife and sister in law, they are my usual sparkling wine testers. Absolutely everyone loved this. I wasn’t a fan of the whole Pierre Chavin range but this sparkling rose was great.

It tastes peachy and light, there is some sweetness there but compared to most non alcoholic sparkling wines it certainly isn’t too sweet

It has a nice sparkle and is very refreshing. You maybe could pass this for a sparkling wine in a blind testing. I think I would definitely use this at parties for anyone not drinking for any reason. Its much better than offering someone a coke or juice when the Champagne is flowing!

You could actually drink a bottle of this. It feels like an adult drink and not a kids grape juice.

Where to buy

To buy Halal Wine in the USA, follow this link for Halal Wine Cellar and use code OPENINGTHEBOTTLE for 10% discount.

For Pierre Chavin on Amazon then click here

Sutter Home Fre Brut Non-alcoholic Champagne Wine


Alcohol – 0.5%

Calories – 34kcal per 100ml

Total Carbohydrate – 8.9g per 100ml

Fre is one of the best selling, non alcoholic wine brands in the world. Their sparkling white brut is no exception either.

It has got one of the higher calories, carbohydrate and presumably sugar contents out of the sparkling wines here but it is Christmas!

There is still a good 50% saving vs a regular sparkling wine in terms of calories so you are still being good, honest.

There are lots of green fruits on the palate here. Apples and pears spring into your mouth with just a hint of red fruits like strawberry to keep you guessing.

Where to buy

For the latest prices or to buy on Amazon then click on this link to have a look.

St Regis Sparkling Brut

st regis i bought and drank for this review

Alcohol – 0.5%

Calories – 40kcal per 100ml

Carbohydrate – 9g per 100ml

Another best seller on Amazon, this is most likely going to suit someone with a sweet tooth. It does taste sweet, especially vs some of the others and the calorie count reflects that.

However, the best way to recreate that alcohol mouthfeel is with sugar so this tastes like the real thing.

This has some higher floral and citrus notes if you prefer that to the peaches and strawberries of the roses.

Where to buy

To buy this or check out the price on Amazon then click through on this link

Nosecco Rose

nozeco rose and nozeco white i bought and drank for this review

As you can see from the photo, i tried both the Rose and White Sparkling Nozeco and compared them to a standard Prosecco from my local shop.

The Sparkling Rose was the clear winner

VariableNozeco Sparkling RoseProsecco
Alcohol0.5% ABV12% ABV
Calories20kcal per 100ml60kcal per 100ml
Carbohydrate5g per 100mlNot on label
Of which sugar5g per 100ml1.1g
Nozeco Rose vs Prosecco

The Rose was immediately much nicer than the white. The white had a very strange taste at the start, whereas the rose gave a very pleasant peach and strawberry note.

My other tasters concurred. They got flavours of red fruits, peach and despite having the exact same sugar content it somehow didn’t taste as sweet.

Perhaps there was more structure and flavour to wrap that sweetness around so it wasn’t just as in your face as the white.

Where to buy

You can check out the white version and the rose version prices on Amazon now by clicking through on the links.

McGuigan Zero Sparkling

McGuigan zero sparkling i bought and drank for this review

On for the Australian and European market only i think.

McGuigan is a big name in the Australian wine business. Neil McGuigan was IWSC Winemaker of the Year-2009/11/12/16 & IWC White Winemaker of the Year-2009/12/13/19

Alcohol – 0.0%

Calories – 29kcal per 100ml

Carbohydrates – 7g per 100ml

Sugar – 3.9g per 100ml

There is loads of bubbles giving a great mouthfeel but you can taste a lot of sugar too. It is actually has one of the lowest just pure sugar loads but a high overall carbohydrate count. Does it make it too sweet ? That is up for debate and personal choice.

For me, it isn’t too sweet for a glass or 3. If you were popping this to give everyone a glass then it’s not too much in my opinion. If you try to drink it all on your own, that is a different matter

In terms of flavours on the palate, i got apples and pears and maybe a hint of lime. It was a very pleasant set of flavours.

I tried this at a family get together and the feedback from everyone was pretty positive. Everyone agreed it was sweet but for a glass that didn’t matter. They would buy again.

Where to buy

You can click this link to see the latest prices on Amazon.

If you are in the UK you can look on the excellent Dry Drinker and see if it beats Amazon

In Australia click through to CraftZero and get 10% off with code OPENINGTHEBOTTLE

*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

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