The 50 Lowest Sugar Non Alcoholic Beers. And what to try.

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In todays world, everyone is one a diet or trying to lose weight, or just trying to be a bit more healthy. That often means reducing sugar, which can be hidden in drinks. 

The USDA state the average alcoholic beer has 0g of sugar per 100ml and 0g of sugars in a 12fl oz serving. Now, there are a decent amount of beers with higher than 0g in my experience, but in general, alcoholic beers are close to zero sugar.

I conducted a study into how much sugar is in non alcoholic beer. I found the average non alcoholic beer has 2g of sugar per 100ml and 7.2g of sugar per 12fl oz.

Clearly non alcoholic beer has more sugar than alcoholic beer but what are the lowest sugar non alcoholic beers to buy?

The 50 lowest sugar non alcoholic beers

Below is a list of the 50 lowest sugar non alcoholic beers in the world. Some have zero sugar, most will have a tiny, almost insignificant amount. They all have considerably less sugar than the average non alcoholic beer.

BeerScore/10TypeABV %Sugar/100mlSugar/12fl oz
Partake Pale7Pale ale0.300
Bitburger 0.0%9Pilsner000
Lucky Saint 0.5%8.5Lager0.50.010.0355
Carlsberg 0.08.5Pilsner00.10.355
Budweiser Zero5.5Lager00.10.355
Rothaus Tannenzäpfle 0.4%9Pilsner0.40.10.355
Nanny State9Ale0.50.10.355
Drop Bear Tropical IPA5.5IPA0.50.10.355
Drop Bear Yuzu Pale Ale6.5Pale Ale0.50.10.355
Nirvanan Hoppy Pale Ale6.5Pale Ale0.50.10.355
Fieldhopper6Golden Ale0.50.10.355
Drop Bear New World Lager4India Pale Lager0.50.10.355
Pine Trail8.5Pale Ale0.50.10.355
Ghost Ship 0.5%6.5Pale Ale0.50.10.355
Furstenberg Pils 0.0%7Pilsner00.160.568
Becks Blue8Pilsner00.20.71
Drop Bear Bonfire Stout7.5Stout0.50.20.71
Southwold Pale Ale5.5Pale Ale0.50.20.71
Esmeralda4Cerveza with Tequila0.50.31.065
Infinite Session IPA9IPA0.50.41.42
Infinite Session Lager8.5Helles Lager0.50.41.42
NEIPA The Cosmic Turtle8NEIPA0.50.41.42
Infinite Session Best7Best Bitter0.50.41.42
Are Wheat There Yet5.5Wheat0.50.41.42
A Ship Full Of IPA8IPA00.51.775
Drink’in in the sun 8Wheat0.30.51.775
Incel “Skippers”9Pilsner0.50.51.775
Incel “Surfers”9Summer Ale0.50.51.775
Incel Swimmers7Saison Ale0.50.51.775
Incel Snorkelers5Salt IPA0.50.51.775
Guinness 0.09Stout00.72.485
Corona Cero7Lager00.72.485
Stella Artois Alcohol Free7.5Lager00.82.84
Coba Maya8.5Lager0.513.55
Super Bock7Lager0.513.55
Doom Bar Zero8Ale01.13.905
Free Star4.5Lager01.13.905
Leffe Blond 0.07.5Belgian Abbey Ale01.13.905
Birra Moretti Zero6.5Lager01.24.26
Run Wild9IPA0.51.24.26
Heineken 0.06Lager01.34.615
All Out6.5Porter0.51.34.615
Pica Nova7West Coast IPA0.31.44.97
Upside Dawn7Golden Ale0.51.44.97
Schneider Weisse Tap39.5Wheat0.51.55.325

The 10 best low sugar non alcoholic beers to try

There is no point in buying an extremely low sugar non alcoholic beer, if it then tastes terrible. You are still supposed to enjoy you beer.

The list below is my top 10 no/low sugar non alcoholic beers to try. I have reviewed 9 of them personally and you can see how all the 100+ beers i have reviewed fit into my overall ranking by checking out my “Best Non Alcoholic Beers” page.

1. Bitburger Drive 0.0

Bitburger Drive has 0g of sugar per 100ml and 0g of sugar per 12fl oz.

Ah Bitburger Drive. I love this beer. In fact, i ranked it #7 in my list of best non alcoholic beers.

It is a quite fantastic pilsner. Clean and crisp like a typical pure German lager and for my money, was nearly indistinguishable from an alcoholic lager. 

If you want a zero sugar beer and like a classic German pils, i can hearty recommend this beer. It is brilliant.

BeerABVScoreSugar/100mlSugar/12fl oz
Bitburger Drive0.0%90g0g

2. Partake Pale

Partake Pale has 0g of sugar per 100ml and 0g of sugar per 12fl oz.

Partake Pale is the only beer in my top 50 that I’ve not have the pleasure to drink myself. It simply had to be included tho, as it has zero sugar. As well as zero sugar, it has zero carbs and a record low calorie count of only 10kcal per 12fl oz serving. Quite amazing.

The don’t export to my region but i have read a lot of other reviews on it so I’m pretty comfortable to give it at least a 7/10 rating and have it in my top 10 to try. It has got zero sugar after all!

BeerABVScoreSugar/100mlSugar/12fl oz
Partake Pale0.3%70g0g

3. Lucky Saint

Lucky Saint has 0.01g of sugar per 100ml and 0.0355g of sugar per 12fl oz.

Lucky Saint is a German brewed lager available in many of the big UK supermarkets. Now, normally that means it might not be very good but it really is. 

Like any good lager, it is clean, crisp and not chemically taste about it. As it is widely available to me and anyone near me, it was an easy inclusion in the top 3. The amount of sugar it contains is negligible. 

BeerABVScoreSugar/100mlSugar/12fl oz
Lucky Saint0.5%90.01g0.0355g

4. Brewdog Nanny State

Nanny State has 0.1g of sugar per 100ml and 0.355g of sugar per 12fl oz.

Nanny State is one of the original low carb, low sugar, non alcoholic beers. You might think a lot of new beers would have appeared and eclipsed this but Nanny State still holds its own. 

They mix 8 different malts and 5 different hops to create a flavour bomb of an ale and you do not think for one second this is too thin or watery.

BeerABVScoreSugar/100mlSugar/12fl oz
Nanny State0.5%90.1g0.355g


UNLTD. IPA has 0.1g of sugar per 100ml and 0.355g of sugar per 12fl oz.

To get around the lack of sugar and carbs causing lack of body, UNLTD deploy an ingredient called maltodextrin. It basically adds the body with no side effects, a neat trick and it certainly works.

I loved this beer and it is definitely worth putting on you to do list.

BeerABVScoreSugar/100mlSugar/12fl oz
UNLTD. IPA0%90.1g0.355g

6. Rothaus Tannenzäpfle

Rothaus Tannenzäpfle has 0.1g of sugar per 100ml and 0.355g of sugar per 12fl oz.

I could nearly rewrite my review of Bitburger Drive for Rothaus. The hallmark of a German lager is clean and crisp and my word, it certainly is that. 

In general or if in doubt, by a German beer. Thank me later.

BeerAVBScoreSugar/100mlSugar/12fl oz
Rothaus Tannenzäpfle0.4%90.1g0.355g

7. Aegir Minus

Aegir Minus has 0.1g of sugar per 100ml and 0.355g of sugar per 12fl oz.

If you weren’t a Norwegian beer fan before trying this, you will be afterwards. It tastes exactly like an alcoholic IPA, i could barely tell the difference.

There is loads of flavour and more body than is should given its skinny credentials.

BeerABVScoreSugar/100mlSugar/12fl oz
Aegir Minus0.5%90.1g0.355g

8. Carlsberg 0.0

Carlsberg 0.0 has 0.1g of sugar per 100ml and 0.355g of sugar per 12fl oz.

The first truly big brand on my list. Carlsberg have a lager with green label (which isn’t great) and a pilsner in blue. Their pilsner is excellent.

Easily available and basically no sugar, this is the dieter friend and still tastes like a great beer.

BeerAVBScoreSugar/100mlSugar/12fl oz
Carlsberg 0.00.0%8.50.1g0.355g

9. Big Drop Pine Trail

Pine Trail has 0.1g of sugar per 100ml and 0.355g of sugar per 12fl oz.

For a long time, this was my reference non alcoholic IPA. I loved it that much. Big Drop Brewing Co have a lot of great beers but this is in the top 2 (with Galactic Milk Stout).

Huge pine and citrus flavour, this could be a extra hoppy APA but brewing semantics aside, you will enjoy this beer.

BeerAVBScoreSugar/100mlSugar/12fl oz
Pine Trail0.5%8.50.1g0.355g

10. Becks Blue

Beck’s Blue has 0.2g of sugar per 100ml and 0.71g of sugar per 12fl oz.

Becks’s Blue has double the amount of sugar of the beers above but double of hardly anything is still hardly anything.

I had to include Beck’s Blue as i think a lot will overlook it and think it is a dinosaur in the non alcoholic beer world, i know i did.

When i finally got around to trying and reviewing this, it was shocked at how good it was. It holds its own vs most great pilsners. There is enough hops to add decent bitter flavour but still an easy malty finish.

BeerABVScoreSugar/100mlSugar/12fl oz
Beck’s Blue0.0%80.2g0.71g

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