St Peter’s Without Review

St peters without beer i bought and drank for this review

I had not heard of this brewery but i picked this up in Tesco so i presume it must be a reasonable size. As ever with beers that turn up in a supermarket, does that mean mass produced or lovingly crafted?

St Peter’s Without review

Brewery – St Peter’s

Country – UK

Style – Amber Ale

ABV – 0.0%

KCal – 26 (100ml)

Sugar content – 2.6g (100ml)

Carbohydrate content – 6.2g (100ml)

Taste – Oh. My. God. Shall i leave it there?

First of all i sort of half expected a lager. It’s clearly not. Amber to dark colour when it comes out. You immediately smell loads of roasted hops.

Then the taste. Now i recognise this might not appeal to everyone but its right up my street. Really heavy roasted malt taste. Caramel hit that coats the tongue. At no point do you wonder where the alcohol is cos you are so knocked down by the flavours.

Ok, i’ve calmed down and truth be told by the end of the beer it’s nearly too much.

Verdict – This is difficult. I think for a single beer this is 9/10 but if you want 3-4 you’ll struggle. I’ll drop it to 8.5 on that. 8.5/10

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St Peter’s Notes

A delicious alcohol free, full-bodied ale, that’s dark amber in colour. It boasts a rich and malty taste that is bursting with lasting flavour, followed by a refreshing and delicate bitterness.

Proudly certified by The Vegan Society.

Contains Barley and Rye (Gluten).

About St Peter’s

St. Peter’s Brewery is one of England’s original craft breweries, founded in 1996 in former traditional agricultural buildings alongside the moated St. Peter’s Hall, deep in the picturesque Suffolk countryside.

The location, in the village of St. Peter South Elmham, near Bungay, is ideal for the excellent water quality used in the brewing process – all beers brewed at St. Peter’s Brewery use water filtered through chalk deep beneath the brewery, obtained from our own deep bore-hole.

Review Overview

Really heavy roasted malt taste. Caramel hit that coats the tongue.


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