Rothaus Tannenzäpfle Alkoholfrei 0.4% Review

Tannenzaple beer i bought and drank for this review

Tannenzäpfle alcohol free review

Brewery – Rothaus

Country – Germany

Style – Pilsner

KCal – 18 (100ml)

ABV – 0.4%

Sugar content – 0.09g (100ml)

Carbohydrate content – 3.49 (100ml)

Tasting – This is a 0.5% non alcoholic pilsner from Rothaus. It’s a low sugar and low calorie beer. Its appearance is golden yellow and to cut straight to the chase, it is lovely!! Its a bit fruity which wouldn’t be typical of a clean cut German pilsner. There is also a really nice bit of hops there, like an IPA light. Compared to a regular beer, there is a normal amount of fizz and sweetness. The flavour goes right to the end and crucially stays nice to the end. It really doesn’t taste empty as some early or big name non alcoholic beers can taste. It tastes like a normal beer. Sorry it doesn’t, it tastes like a really great beer. I will be buying more of this one.

Verdict – 9/10. Cracking beer. Low sugar option too.

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Notes from Rothaus

During the production of the Alcohol-Free Tannenzäpfle, the alcohol is extracted through a very special process. The beer aroma is thus retained. Our system removes the alcohol with steam under vacuum. In the following, the aromas are recovered particularly gently and remain in the beer. In order to achieve this, the Black Forest master brewers traveled all over the world to Australia to find a system that ultimately won them over.

We are convinced that you can taste the difference immediately: You don’t notice the non-alcoholic beers in the beers. Refreshing suppository pleasure – without alcohol.

Rothaus Tasting

Appearance – Radiant golden yellow and a fine, long-lasting head of foam.

Smell – Freshly harvested straw and a spicy fruit note

Taste – The malt note in the initial taste is fine-pearly, so it is immediately replaced by a strong spice. Then there is a fruity hop note.

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Review Overview

Cracking beer. Low sugar option too.


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