Pine Trail Alcohol Free Pale Ale Review

pine trail beer i bought and drank for this review

Pine Trail Pale Ale is one of the top selling beers from specialist non alcoholic brewers Big Drop Brewing Co.

Their entire range is brilliant, honestly. If you are new to the non alcoholic beer world then they are a great place to start.

Let’s have a look at their award winning Pine Trail, non alcoholic pale ale.

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Alcohol – 0.5%

Calories – 18.5kcal per 100ml

Carbohydrate – 3.6g per 100ml

Sugar – 0.1g per 100ml

IBU – 42

Can you tell i get impressed if the flavour is there but the calories aren’t? This is another great example.

Type of beer

Pine Trail is a Pale Ale. A pale ale is a usually a golden to amber colour ale, which is brewed using an ale yeast and mostly pale malt.

The Look

The colour is just shy of a “golden amber” but a touch darker than a lager would be.

The Aroma

I got a nice big hops and citrus hit. Plenty on the nose is a good start.

The Taste

You get a lovely citrus first hoppy hit. Just what you want from anything in the PA/IPA area. There is maybe more lime than a lemon notes on this one. The high bitter tone at the tail end is very pleasing.

This is a low cal, basically no sugar beer. As such needs loads of falvour to get over then no alcohol or sugar. It does it brilliantly.

Not short of flavour at all. It definitely feels its getting towards a more hop heavy IPA than pale ale but the semantics don’t matter. 

The Verdict

This a a citrus hop and malt heavy pale ale that skirts the non alcoholic and low calorie tightrope brilliantly.

The Score

8.5/10. This is a top of the Pale Ale section type of beer. A must try.

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Where to buy

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Big Drop Notes

A delight for the senses, this beer delivers on all levels. Rosy floral aromas are immediate as you pour, with a light and limey citrus bite on the palate and a balanced but obvious bitterness to finish.

Review Overview

his is a top of the Pale Ale section type of beer. A must try.


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