Pierre Chavin Zero Rose Review

What type of wine is Pierre Zero Rose?

This Rose is a blend of 80% Chardonnay and 205 Merlot.

Pierre Chavin say they collect these grapes from all over the south of France so they aren’t form a single vineyard or area.

Merlot is a soft tannin red with cherry and chocolate notes. It is often described as a donut wine as you only really taste it in the middle of your mouth.

Chardonnay is originally from the famous Burgundy region in France but is now grown all over the world as it is particularly easy to grown. It is a green skinned grape with apple and lemon tastes with some edging into tropical fruits like papaya.

Is Pierre Zero Rose really alcohol free?

Yes all the Pierre Zero wines have an alcohol by volume of 0.0%. The have even gone an extra step and ensured their wines have a Halal Certificate to prove they are alcohol free for a Muslim to drink.

For more information on how that certification is obtained you can red my article on it here

They manage to remove all the alcohol from their wines by a process called spinning cone columns.

This is the most efficient method for dealcoholisation. It is designed to extract and recover volatile compounds (the delicate flavours in the wine) using steam, under vacuum conditions. Compared to some of the other dealcoholisation techniques, it proves to be a lot more gentle and helps keep more of the volatile aromatic compounds in the finished wine.

My full article on how non alcoholic wine and alcohol free wine is made can be found here

The Nutrition

A huge reason to switch to non alcoholic wines is the calories savings versus an alcoholic wine. Alcohol is particularly calorie dense and despite non alcoholic wines being higher in added sugar, they still remain a lot lower in calories overall.

Pierre Zero Rose includes…

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 21kcal
Pierre Zero Rose Nutrition Stats

At 21kcal/100ml, this is a big saving against an alcoholic rose, even with a higher sugar content. A rose wine lends itself to tasting sweeter than say a red wine.

It is difficult to replace the body that alcohol brings. Sparkling wines have bubbles but sugar and carbohydrate can certainly help. The tricky wine is a red wine as if it tastes too sweet it is ruined.

My full article on the calorie and sugar differences in alcoholic and non alcoholic wine can be read here

The Look

The wine label is pretty standard for the Pierre Zero range but i don’t think it screams class and expensive to me.

The wine itself is a nice pink colour which you are going to expect for a rose. Although the southern french rose wines are usually a bit darker.

The Aroma

Unfortunately i get basically nothing on the nose. It smells almost neutral or like water. I am honestly struggling to find a smell to write about here.

The Taste

It tastes the same as it smells, like its been watered down by half.

There doesn’t seem to be a prestige version of this with might have been more concentrated.

A good thing is that it doesn’t taste too sweet at least. The added sugar isn’t particularly high for a rose or white non alcohol wine.

There is nothing offensive but just like a nicely flavoured water. No huge fruity hit, thin feeling and its away from the palate quickly.

It is a refreshing summer drink but if you wanted lots of wine flavours then you are not going to get them here.

The Verdict

A nice enough drink but not a brilliant wine. How they manage to get so little flavour is impressive in it’s own right

The Score

6/10 – you would be able to drink a lot of this if you wanted. There is nothing inoffensive and it is really easily drank when chilled but it just isn’t hugely flavourful.

Where to buy?

Follow this link to buy these from Dry Drinker in the UK

To buy Halal Wine in the USA, follow this link for Halal Wine Cellar and use code OPENINGTHEBOTTLE for 10% discount.

*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

Is Pierre Rose vegan?

Yes, this wine is vegan, natural and unfiltered.

To find out more about why a wine may or may not be vegan, read more about it on my article, available here

Review Overview

You would be able to drink a lot of this if you wanted. There is nothing inoffensive and it is really easily drank when chilled but it just isn't hugely flavourful.


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