Pierre Chavin Zero Range – Halal wines review

Pierre Zero range i bought and drank for this review
The Pierre Chavin Zero Range

The Pierre Chavin Zero range is one of the premier alcohol free wines on the European market. They have gone as far as getting a Halal Certification to prove they have 0.0% ABV and are suitable for Muslims. The wines are also natural and vegan. However as we know, its what they taste like that is important!

Ive been blogging extensively on alcohol free wines and why you should try them. I created a list of 13 reasons to try alcohol free wines and linked to many individual blogs from that

So there are lots of reasons to try alcohol free wines and lots of reasons to keep you drinking them but the number one reason to buy a specific wine is the taste.

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What is Pierre Chavin wine?

The Pierre Chavin brand and range is the brainchild of a wine marketing expert, Mathilde Boulachin. “Mathilde had the idea of creating a product that encompasses everything that a wine represents, but with 0.0% alcohol” from their website. The grapes aren’t from a single estate but sourced from all over the south of France.

Their grapes are fermented the usual way, then it is dealcoholised via a Spinning Cone Column. This technique is more effective than vacuum distillation and reverse osmosis at achieving a truly 0.0% ABV wine.

The Pierre Chavin Zero Range

  • Pierre Zero Prestige Merlot
  • Pierre Zero Merlot
  • Pierre Zero Prestige Chardonnay
  • Pierre Zero Chardonnay
  • Pierre Zero Rose
  • Pierre Zero Sparkling Rose
  • Pierre Zero Sparkling Chardonnay

Pierre Zéro is a range of non-alcoholic wines designed for those who are looking for something new. The range offers a choice of highly aromatic whites, red and rosés and there really is something to suit every occasion. Delicately sparkling whites and rosés make the perfect choice for your most memorable occasions and promise unlimited pleasure without the alcohol.


Pierre Zero Prestige Merlot

Pierre Zero merlot i bought and drank for this review
Prestige Merlot

Calories – 19kcal per 100ml

Sugar – 4.3g per 100ml

Alcohol – 0.0% ABV

We are told to consider this wine like a Medoc because of its “deep color, body and oak barrels aging”. I thought Medoc, Left Bank Bordeaux was mostly Cab Sav and Cab Franc, is it not the Right Bank thats famous for Merlot?

The website tasting notes include nice red fruits, spices and vanilla. So what can my unsophisticated palate detect? Im not one for trying to pick obscure fruits and spices, i normally just say if i like it or not!

When you pour it out its cloudy, which immediately makes you think this isn’t wine. Then again its a natural, vegan unfiltered wine so there you go. It’s a cloudy purple colour you’d never see in a wine tho. Its smells like a grape juice

Taste – its not unpleasant. It’s a bit sweet, not a lot of body, some complexity. You can tell its not just a grape juice. Equally you can tell instantly its not wine. It doesn’t look, smell or taste of wine. If you were a heavy wine drinker (not unlike myself) and wanted a glass of something post dinner to savour than this is not for you.

I think it just needs to be considered as a drink in its own right. When you consider it as that then it’s actually not too bad. Is it bad to say it’s like an adult grape juice? I’m sure thats not what they want.

Alcohol free wines much less calories, retain all their heart benefits even during cooking, allows you to drink and drive and are even Halal. My specific blogs on all these topics are packed with science and explained to you

Verdict – Not a red wine taste replacement not in its own right, not too bad 6/10

Pierre Zero Merlot

Calories – 16kcal per 100ml

Sugar – 4.1g per 100ml

Alcohol – 0.0% ABV

I’ll keep this one extremely short and sweet. Im not sure if its meant to or not but this just tastes like a watered down Prestige. I wonder is it? Think of everything i posted above but dilute it 50%.

Verdict – Watered down poor substitute for red wine in my book. If you are buying one, get the Prestige for the same or not much more money. 4/10

Pierre Zero Prestige Chardonnay

Pierre zero prestige i bought and drank for this review
Prestige White

Calories – 54kcal per 100ml

Sugar – 13g per 100ml

Alcohol – 0.0% ABV

Look – golden yellow like an apple juice or dessert wine (I should have twigged on at this, oops)

Taste – oh dear, this tastes like a sweet apple-grape juice. I gave my 4 year old daughter some and she said “it is apple juice”. Its not unpleasant but its not something youd have more than a glass off and its certainly not like a glass of wine. 

I looked it up and its got 13g sugar /100g vs all the others at 4.5g. This has 54kcal/100ml vs 16-18kcal in the others. 

Ah ha. The penny drops, it is meant to be like a dessert Sauternes, late harvest. I do love a small amount of dessert wine. However this has nowhere near the complexity of flavours of a dessert wine, especially not a Sauternes. This is an adulty sweet grape juice and I struggle to think when youd want this. Maybe if its chilled at a picnic for everyone including the kids?

My 4 year old and 2 year old love it!!

Verdict – A sweet wine that loses some of the alcohol free benefits. A bit too sweet to have too much of. I can see the odd occasion i’d drink this i suppose. 5/10

Pierre Zero Chardonnay

Calories – 21kcal per 100ml

Sugar – 5g per 100ml

Alcohol – 0.0% ABV

Can you guess what i think of this one??? Thats right, it’s like a watered down and a bit less sweet version of the Prestige. What more to say? It’s got ok apple and grape flavours, its not unpleasant.

Verdict – A bit disappointing. Im not sure when i’d want to drink this. 4/10

Pierre Zero Rose

Pierre Zero Rose i bought and drank for this review
Zero Rose

Calories – 21kcal per 100ml

Sugar – 4.5g per 100ml

Alcohol – 0.0% ABV

Not a lot of nose. It tastes like its been watered down 50%, where is the Prestige version i wonder? Not too sweet which is a bonus. There is nothing offensive but just like a nicely flavoured water. No huge fruity hit, thin feeling and its away from the palate quickly. Again, youd not confuse with wine but a pleasant refreshing low kcal drink. If I was drinking alcohol free for the heart benefits id drink this over the red. 

Verdict – Drinkable, certainly in more volume than the previous ones. 6.5/10

Pierre Zero Sparkling Rose

Pierre Zero sparkling rose i bought and drank for this review
Sparkling Rose

Calories – 19kcal per 100ml

Sugar – 4.5g per 100ml

Alcohol – 0.0% ABV

Ah ha! This is actually pretty good. I drank this with my wife and sister in law. Everyone loved this, especially after the previous wines.

It tastes peachy and light, sweet but not a long linger sweet taste like prestige white. Nice sparkle and refreshing. You maybe could pass this for a sparkling wine just about. I think I would definitely use this at parties for anyone not drinking for any reason. Its much better than offering someone a coke or juice when the Champagne is flowing.

Sister in law – refreshing, light, easy to drink

Wife – delicate and balanced with a bit of fizz

You could actually drink a bottle of this. It feels like an adult drink and not a kids grape juice.

Verdict – very pleasantly surprised and i think we will be using this. 8.5/10

Pierre Zero Sparkling Chardonnay

Calories – 19kcal per 100ml

Sugar – 4.5g per 100ml

Alcohol – 0.0% ABV

Again this is a decent wine. The sparkling pair have really out performed the still ones. I think the Rose had a bit more fruit and we enjoyed it just a little bit more but it was close.

As a substitute for Prosecco or Champagne, this is more than passable. Its light, fizzy, just the right sweetness and not empty feeling on the palate.

Verdict – much the same as the Rose but i think it just pips it. 8/10

Overall Scores

Sparkling Rose8.5/10
Sparkling Chardonnay8/10
Prestige Merlot6/10
Prestige Chardonnay5/10
Scores on the doors.
Review Overview

Some hits and some misses in this Range. Sparkling massively superior to the reds.


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