Pierre Chavin Zero Prestige White Chardonnay Review

What type of wine is Pierre Zero Prestige White?

This is a chardonnay.

As well as being a chardonnay grape this is also a sweet white wine in the style of a Sauternes (from the company literature). Sweet wines can be made in a variety of ways but the end result is a high residual sugar content and plenty of sweetness.

I would note that wines from Sauternes are made with semillon, sauvignon blanc and usually muscadelle grapes, not chardonnay as we have here.

Is Pierre Zero Prestige White really alcohol free?

Yes all the Pierre Zero wines have an alcohol by volume of 0.0%. The have even gone an extra step and ensured their wines have a Halal Certificate to prove they are alcohol free for a Muslim to drink.

For more information on how that certification is obtained you can red my article on it here

They manage to remove all the alcohol from their wines by a process called spinning cone columns.

This is the most efficient method for dealcoholisation. It is designed to extract and recover volatile compounds (the delicate flavours in the wine) using steam, under vacuum conditions. Compared to some of the other dealcoholisation techniques, it proves to be a lot more gentle and helps keep more of the volatile aromatic compounds in the finished wine.

My full article on how non alcoholic wine and alcohol free wine is made can be found here

The Nutrition

This wine is a sweet white, which isn’t actually obvious reading the label. The company claim it to be like a “Sauternes without alcohol“.

With that in mind, one of the big benefits of non alcoholic wine is likely to be lacking. I imagine the sugar will be through the roof and will significantly increase the calorie count.

Pierre Zero Prestige White includes…

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 54kcal
Pierre Chavin Prestige White nutrition stats

Ok, there we have it. About x3 the sugar and calories of the rest of the range. That is quite the jump and to justify it, this needs to taste great.

My full article on the calorie and sugar differences in alcoholic and non alcoholic wine can be read here

The Look

The wine itself golden yellow like an apple juice, i even pours slightly syrupy.

The Aroma

You can certainly pick up that this is sweet. I get some peach and apple on the nose but not too much else.

The Taste

*please note i wrote this prior to writing the nutrition part – all will become clear*

Oh dear, this tastes like a sweet apple-grape juice. I gave my 4 year old daughter some and she said “it is apple juice”. It doesn’t taste awful by any means, i really like apple juice and if it as sweet as this it tastes even better – for a few mouthfuls. But do you want apple juice when you have bought an expensive wine?

I looked it up and its got 13g sugar /100g vs all the others at 4.5g. This has 54kcal/100ml vs 16-18kcal in the others. 

Ah ha. The penny drops, it is meant to be like a dessert Sauternes, late harvest. I am actually a fan of desert wines and have a number of late noble harvest Boekenhoutskloof for a rainy day. This however, can’t hold a candle to the complexity of any dessert wine especially not a Sauternes. Sacré bleu!

Seemingly this is an adult, sweet grape or apple juice but i just dont know when you are meant to drink it. Maybe if its chilled at a picnic for everyone including the kids?

My 4 year old and 2 year old love it!! I’ve turned all French

The Verdict

A sweet wine that loses some of the alcohol free benefits. A bit too sweet to have too much of. I can see the odd occasion i’d drink this i suppose. It does need to be super chilled.

The Score

5/10 – I love sweet wines for dessert but they are complex and have fantastic flavours. This is just a patch on them with all the sugar thrown in.

Where to buy?

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*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

Is Pierre Zero Prestige White vegan?

Yes, this wine is vegan, natural and unfiltered.

To find out more about why a wine may or may not be vegan, read more about it on my article, available here

Review Overview

I love sweet wines for dessert but they are complex and have fantastic flavours. This is just a patch on them with all the sugar thrown in.


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