Non Alcoholic Vs Alcoholic Beer Brand Calories. Full Comparison

All the big global beer brands have produced a non alcoholic version of their flagship beers. The non alcoholic beer market is undergoing double digit compound growth annually so it is simply a must for the big breweries like AB InBev.

But are these new non alcoholic equivalents of alcoholic beers lower in calories and if so by how much?

For my full overview of use how much lower all non alcoholic beers are compared to alcoholic ones, you can read my full article based on the biggest data set on the internet, here

Are non alcoholic beer versions of alcoholic beers lower in calories?

Yes, non alcoholic beers are lower in calories that their alcoholic equivalents but what are the exact amounts and by how much?

How many calories are in a standard alcoholic beer?

The main source of information in a standard amount of calories in an alcoholic beer comes from the USDA. They state the average alcoholic beer has 43kcal per 100ml and 153kcal per 12fl oz.

This provides a great reference point to see if my data set is accurate and to refer back to.

How many calories are in alcoholic beers with a non alcoholic equivalent?

I have compiled a list of 34 alcoholic beers which have a direct non alcoholic equivalent. They cover lagers, pilsners, ales, IPAs, wheat beer, kolsch, stout and belgian abbey so the range of beers covered is good.

I found that the average calories per 100ml was 43.2kcal and 153.4kcal per 12fl oz. This is very similar to the USDA average beer so i am confident my data set is representative of beers as a whole.

How many calories are in non alcoholic beers with an alcoholic equivalent?

From my data set of 34 beer pairs, the non alcoholic beers average calories per 100ml was 21.7 and 77kcal per 12fl oz.

This number is broadly similar to my overall non alcoholic beer calorie average from well over 100 beers here. In that article i found the overall average was 22.6kcal per 100ml and 80.1kcal per 12fl oz.

This average is likely lower than the overall average because there is only 1 low calorie stout and no fruit beers or sours which have much higher calories and drag the overall average up.

How much less are non alcoholic beers in calories compared to their alcoholic equivalent?

These results show there is an overall average calorie reduction of 49.7% for non alcoholic equivalents of big brand alcoholic beers. That is a huge calorie saving.

That works out at 76.3kcal per can. Another way to look at that is after swapping to non alcoholic big brands as opposed to alcoholic beer, you would weigh 1lb less after drinking 46 beers.

A pound of fat is about 3500kcal so after drinking 46 non alcoholic beers vs alcoholic ones, you would have saved 3500+kcal. You can see how many weeks beers that would be for yourself but it is not to be sniffed at.

Which pair has the highest difference?

The pair with the biggest difference in calories was in the BrewDog Lost lager pair.

BeerCalories per 100mlCalories per 12fl ozPercentage difference
Lost Lager39138.4574%
Lost AF Lager1035.574%
Brewdog Lost lager pair

I actually really liked the BrewDog Lost AF lager and gave it an 8/10, so this is a no brainer swap for large calorie savings.

Which pair has the lowest difference?

The pair with the lowest difference in calories is Krombacher pilsner.

BeerCalories per 100mlCalories per 12fl ozPercentage difference
Krombacher pils37131.3527%
Krombacher pils 0.02795.8527%
Krombacher pils pair

Even though this is the smallest percentage calorie saving it is still significant. 27% less calories is good, as long as you like the beer that is.

Why are they so much lower in calories?

So why are these non alcoholic beers so much lower than their alcoholic equivalent beers, nearly 50% fewer calories in fact?

The answer, not surprisingly is due to alcohol.

Alcohol is very calorie dense. In terms of pure calories per gram it is much higher than either fat or sugar.

SubstanceKCal per gram
Calories per gram

The outcome of losing basically all the alcohol is a massive calorie saving. Even if the non alcoholic beer then has a bit more carbs or sugar, the overall saving will still be vast.

Full table data of 34 beer pairs

Alcoholic beerCalories (kcal) per 100mlNon Alcoholic BeerCalories (kcal) per 100mlCalories saved %  
Doom Bar36Doom Bar 0.01363.9
Guinness 37Guinness 0.01656.8
Krombacher pils37Krombacher 0.02727
Carlsberg37Carlsberg 0.01462.2
Bevertown Neck oil37Lazer Crush2532.4
Becks 38Becks Blue1463.2
Veltins Pils38Veltins Pils 0.02631.6
Cobra38Cobra 0.02436.8
Budweiser39Budweiser Zero1464.1
Adnams Ghost Ship 39Ghost Ship 0.5%2341.0
BrewDog Lager 39Lost AF1074.4
Heineken 40Heineken 0.02147.5
Rothaus Tannenzapfle40Rothaus Tannenzapfle 0.4%1855
Bavaria40Bavaria 0.02440
Zunft Kolsch40.5Zunft Kolsch2343.2
Fruh Kolsch40.5Fruh Kolsch1660.5
Schneider Weisse41Schneider Weisse Alkoholfrei2343.9
Peroni 41.5Peroni Libera2247
Paulaner 42Paulaner 0.02442.9
Corona42Corona Cero1759.5
Stella Artois42Stella Artois Liberte1857.1
Maisel’s weisse44Maisel's Weisse alkoholfrei2543.2
Erdinger44Erdinger alkoholfrei2543.2
San Miguel45San Miguel 0.02446.7
Super Bock Black 47Super Bock Preta2644.7
St Peters47St Peters Without2644.7
Brooklyn lager47Brooklyn Special Efects2938.3
Budweiser Budvar48Budvar Nealko3135.4
Estrella Damm 50Damm Free2060
Brewdog IPA 52Punk AF1571.2
Old Speckled Hen52Old Speckled Hen Low Alcohol2257.7
Bitburger52Bitburger Drive2257.7
Birra Moretti 56Birra Moretti Zero2064.3
Leffe61Leffe 0.04034.4

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