Mother Root – Ginger Switchel Review. Fiery and fierce!

What type of drink is Mother Root?

Mother root is a ginger switchel.

A ginger switchel is a traditional drink made from mixing water with vinegar, then flavouring it with ginger. It is often sweetened with honey, molasses, brown sugar or even maple syrup.

They are becoming increasingly popular given the health benefits of vinegar and ginger and the fact they are fantastically refreshing.

It is relatively easy to knock up a home version of a switchel but something like Mother Root is a superior and stronger product.

Mother Root Ingredients

Switchels have a relatively prescribed list of ingredients. Water, vinegar, ginger and something sweet.

Mother Root includes…

  • Organic apple cider vinegar
  • Blossom honey
  • Organic ginger juice
  • Ginger extract
  • Capsicum extract

Apple cider vinegar is all the rage for its weight loss and blood sugar lowering properties so that is certainly a plus point.

They have gone for organic blossom honey as the sweetener which will be nice flavour but will make the drink not vegan.

Having both ginger juice and extract will ensure there is no lacking in ginger punch but the capsicum extract will supercharge the heat.

Mother Root Nutrition

Mother Root is different from my other non alcoholic spirit reviews in that it isn’t a non alcoholic spirit!

It has never undergone fermentation and no alcohol has been produced in its making. It is completely free of alcohol.

The main ingredient that will be adding to the sugar load and calorie count is the honey and how much of it they use. Although apple cider vinegar has about 22kcal per 100ml on its own.

Values per 25ml servingValues per 100ml
Calories 34kcal136kcal
Mother Root Nutritional Data

Very interesting. On the one hand, a 25ml serving with 100ml of soda water will only be 34kcal (soda water has no calories), on the other, a value of 26.4g or sugar per 100ml is very high.

I think the diluted down values aren’t too bad and they are far better than an alcoholic spirit.

Mother Root suggested serving

The recommended pour is 25ml of Mother Root with either 100ml of soda or tonic water over plenty of ice. 25ml doesn’t sound like a lot but trust me, less is more here.

The bottle has about 20 servings at 480ml

Mother Root Look

The bottle and label is clean and easy to read, nicely styled indeed. The browns, oranges and yellows make it look earthy and natural.

The switchel pours a pale yellow colour and dilutes down paler again

Mother Root Aroma

There is no denying this has a powerful smell of apple cider vinegar as soon as you open the bottle. It stings the nostrils!

The next thing you smell is fiery ginger and you are in little doubt it will taste hot.

I am intrigued and a bit scared.

Mother Root Taste

With a lot of non alcoholic spirits, it is usually a good plan to go a little heavy handed on the pouring but not so here. A little goes a huge way.

The apple cider vinegar is diluted down nicely in the soda water and the main flavour is of the fierce ginger which is quite brilliant.

The ginger keeps on burning for a while after you swallow. That is probably a mixture of the ginger and capsicum extract.

This is a highly refreshing but definitely adult styled drink. I don’t think my kids would like it but I am looking forward to having this on a blazing hot summers day.

They have included honey for sweetness and I suppose it works. I don’t think this is a sweet drink but probably without it, the acidic vinegar and burny chilli and ginger might be too much.

Mother Root Verdict

A quite brilliant fiery ginger based switchel. As hot a ginger drink as I’ve ever had and I really like it. Not one to guzzle down but to sip and savour. Not least because you might regret a big gulp.

Mother Root Score

9/10 – This is definitely going to be ordered again. There is little more refreshing than a sparkling hot ginger drink and nothing is hotter than this.

Where to buy Mother Root?

You can buy this on Amazon and if you click this link you can see the live price. It is worth it, honestly.

You can also order it via the Mother Root website but usually Amazon is cheaper.

*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

Is Mother Root gluten free? 

Mother Root is gluten free as there are no gluten containing grains used in it.

Is Mother Root vegan?

As Mother Root uses honey, it is not vegan friendly. They do state they source their honey from ethical and sustainable suppliers.

Review Overview

Fiery hot ginger switchel. Hugely refreshing and a must for the summer


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