McGuigan Zero Sparkling Non Alcoholic Wine Review.

McGuigan zero sparkling wine i bought and drank for this review
McGuigan Zero Sparkling

McGuigan is a big name in the Australian wine business. Neil McGuigan was IWSC Winemaker of the Year-2009/11/12/16 & IWC White Winemaker of the Year-2009/12/13/19. High praise.

How will their Zero Sparkling Non Alcoholic wine taste?


For a full overview of wine, calories and sugar see my in-depth article here

Alcohol – 0.0%

Calories – 33kcal per 100ml

Carbohydrates – 8g per 100ml

Sugars – 6.7g per 100ml

This is not a low calorie or low sugar option. In fact this is right up there in the non alcoholic wine world as high in calories and sugar. If having a low calorie drink is important to you, you may want to consider an alternative.

The Look

Light sparking wine, there are plenty of bubbles from the off and they keep coming.

The Aroma

You get a decent apple hit on the nose, it smells like it will be sweet.

The Taste

There is loads of fizz in the mouth and loads of sugar too. Too much sugar? That is up for debate and personal choice.

For me, it would be too sweet if i was drinking a bottle but when do you do that. If you were popping this to give everyone a glass then it’s not too much in my opinion.

In terms of flavours on the palate, i got apples and pears and maybe a hint of lime. It was actually quite pleasant flavours.

I tried this at a family get together and the feedback from everyone was pretty positive. Everyone agreed it was sweet but for a glass that didn’t matter. They would buy again.

The Verdict

This is a decent attempt from McGuigan albeit with plenty of added sugar. That reduces it down a touch as if you had 2 or more glasses you’d be feeling your teeth!

The Score

6.5/10. Not terrible, it would fit the bill to be shared out and its cheap. There are some better ones out there tho.

Where to buy

You can click this link to see the latest prices on Amazon.

If you are in the UK you can look on the excellent Dry Drinker and see if it beats Amazon

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*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

McGuigan Notes

Elegant and refreshing, featuring crisp pear and green apple, lively bubbles with an attractive zesty crisp finish.

Pairs perfectly with a waldorf salad, smoked salmon or just as delicious on its own

Review Overview

Not terrible, it would fit the bill to be shared out and its cheap. There are some better ones out there tho.


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