McGuigan Zero Rose Alcohol Free Review

McGuigan Zero Rose Alcohol Free Wine i bought and drank for this review

The McGuigan Zero range is one of the best selling alcohol free wine ranges in the world. I have to admit I’m a bit of a fan. Alcohol free and non alcoholic wines are hard to make taste good but McGuigan has done well in my past reviews.

Will their McGuigan Zero Rose Alcohol Free follow on where the others have left off?

The Nutrition

For a full review of calories and sugar in all non alcoholic wines, read my article on it here.

I love the nutrition part of a review. You can often tell if a winemaker is backing their wine or needing a big sugar hit. Sometimes it needs sugar tho!

Without alcohol the mouthfeel and flavour can be difficult to replace. Sugar is one way, however you are more happy to drink a sweeter rose than a red. Hence reds are very difficult to make alcohol free.

Fre Merlot is a prime example of a red not being drinkable when too sweet, my review here.

These are the McGuigan Zero Rose Alcohol Free stats…

Values per 100ml
Added Sugar6.9g
Nutrition of McGuigan Zero Rose Alcohol Free

This would be on the high side of a rose in terms of calories and sugar although the overall calories is still less than half that of an alcoholic rose.

Will they be able to hid the sugar so it isn’t overly sweet?

Is McGuigan Zero Rose Alcohol Free really alcohol free?

Yes, McGuigan Zero Rose Alcohol Free is really alcohol free

Labelling in the non alcoholic and alcohol free world are very confusing, with different countries having different rules.

You can read my entire article on how to tell how much alcohol is in a non alcoholic wine here

McGuigan Zero Rose Alcohol Free has less than 0.05% alcohol by volume which is about as alcohol free as you can get. Bread will contain more alcohol that that from its yeast.

The Look

You get the classically styled label in the whole “Zero” range. They have done well with it as it looks clean and like you’d want to pick it up and buy. I think it says, “this is affordable but tasty”

The wine colour itself is a pale pink and pours with some bubbles which was slightly unexpected. The bottle says “lightly spritzed” so there you go, the bubbles are meant to be there. I wonder why?

The Aroma

I find these bits of reviews hard. Often there isn’t massive smells, especially if the wine is chilled but there is some to pick out here. You can smell strawberry with a hint of citrus.

It isn’t unlike their Zero Sauvignon Blanc but a bit toned down and mellow. Not huge amounts tho but nothing nasty which is a bonus.

You can read my review of their Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Sparkling wines by clicking on the links.

The Taste

I know why they have added the fizzy. The light bubbles certainly help with the overall mouthfeel but you can taste the sugar, this is very sweet. The fizz masks this fact somewhat and they’ve done it reasonably well.

Once you get past the sweet start, there is actual flavours to be tasted. The easy ones to pick out are strawberry, peach, maybe a bit of melon.

Actually the strawberry flavour is quite strong, you can’t miss it. I like strawberry so naturally that is a good thing for me.

I think it gets away with the sweetness where others wouldn’t. I think the fizz, lightness and the fact they have nice flavours contribute.

Most of the flavour is on the tongue but it does linger quite nicely at the end and longer than a lot of the non alcoholic wines.

It is quite “wine like”, not fizzy grape juice and in a party situation I can see this being a hit.

The Zero range in total are pretty good if not a bit sugary.

The Verdict

One of the better alcohol free rose wines I’ve tried. Yes there is plenty of sugar but a pleasing light spritz with beautiful strawberry notes makes it quite drinkable.

The Score

7.5/10 – If you don’t mind the sugar it’s decent. Certainly worth a try.

McGuigan zero rose alcohol free which i bought and drank for this review

Is McGuigan Zero Rose Alcohol Free Halal?

As a wine that contains zero alcoholic i think McGuigan Zero Rose Alcohol Free can be considered as halal.

As a general rule, alcohol free wine can be Halal. The beer needs to be 0.0% ABV for the strict Islamic Law to deem it Halal. Nearly all the major beer brands are producing zero alcohol beers.

Not all non or low alcoholic wines are 0.0%, meaning it is critical to read the label.

Some wines have gone the extra step of gaining a halal certification. For this an Islamic Council test the wine to ensure it really is 0.0%. You can read about that process here

I have written extensively about if alcohol free beer is halal and you can read my article here

Is McGuigan Zero Rose Alcohol Free gluten free?

Non alcoholic wine is gluten free as it is not made from any grains. Even if any grains are used in part of the manufacturing, the distillation process would remove any gluten from the finished wine.

Is McGuigan Zero Rose Alcohol Free vegan?

McGuigan Zero Rose Alcohol Free is vegan friendly. It is listed as such on with the following email clip from the company…

“We are pleased to announce that our Zero range has just moved to vegan status, we should see stock arriving in the UK in the next six months or so. Our hope is that the entire wine range will be vegan within the next 5 years”

For more on vegan wines see my article on the matter. Why beers may or may not be and how to check.

Where to buy?

You can check out the latest price on Amazon by following this link

You can try these at Wise Bartender as well, a brilliant non alcoholic retailer

For Australian readers, Craft Zero has a range of products, if you use code OPENINGTHEBOTTLE you get an additional 10% off

*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

Review Overview

If you don't mind the sugar it's decent. Certainly worth a try.


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