Martini Vibrante Review. Non alcoholic aperitif

What type of drink is Martini Vibrante?

Martini Vibante is a non alcoholic sweet red vermouth. I’m going to guess that a lot of you will need more information than that tho.

Is red vermouth is a type of fortified wine that has been sweetened and flavoured with botanicals (sort of like a gin is). Martini describe this a citrusy Aperitivo.

An Aperitivo or aperitif is a pre dinner drink to whet the appetite. It is usually champagne, vermouth (such as this), beer or a cocktail.

How is Martini Vibrante made?

Martini tell us they start with “quality wine” (of course) which is then slowly dealcoholized.

There are only a few methods to dealcoholize wine so they will have to be using one of these…

  • spinning cone column
  • cold filtration – reverse osmosis
  • vacuum distillation

The purpose of them all is to try to remove the alcoholic without also removing the delicate aromatic compounds. This can be done in a vacuum, under pressure or with special spinning columns, all to avoid heat, which tends to lead to aromatic compound loss.

After they have a dealcoholized wine, they infuse a range of botanical which will definite include citrus fruits but the exact list seems to be a secret.

In much the same way as say, Seedlip macerates there botanicals into the liquid, Martini seem to let they stew to infuse flavour.

Colouring is added to get the bright and striking red and then it is good to go

Martini Vibrante Ingredients

A non alcoholic vermouth is a bit different from my usual reviews to I’m not sure what to expect from the ingredients.

Martini Vibrante list of ingredients includes…

  • Sugar
  • Water
  • Natural flavouring
  • Colouring

These are the ingredients listed on the bottle which is highly unimpressive and not going to excite you to buy but we know it isn’t the full list.

To begin with they start with wine, the dealcoholize it before infusing botanicals. None of these seem to make it to the official ingredients but they are the main flavours in the drink.

Martini Vibrante Nutrition

A sweet red vermouth isn’t going to be short on sugar i would imagine but I’ve no concept of just how much it will have.

Values per 100ml
Calories 60kcal
Martini Vibrante Nutrition stats

When combined with 100ml of Fever Tree Light Tonic Water you get…

Values per 100ml Per 200ml drink
Calories 37.5kcal75kal
Martini Vibrante with Light Tonic Nutrition stats

The Martini Vibrante on it’s own is very high in sugar and calories but when it is diluted 50% with relatively low sugar, light tonic, the end calories per 100ml and total calories are not too bad.

This isn’t a diet drink but it isn’t designed to be. Nor are you supposed to drink 10 of these in a row. It is a aperitif before dinner and as such, it is just fine on the nutrition front.

Martini recommend a 50/50 mix of 75ml of Martini Vibrante with 75ml of tonic water in a large glass with plenty of ice.

Ive made mine with 100ml of both so i can calculate the nutrition easier and my can on tonic is a bit bigger and i don’t want to waste it.

Martini Vibrante Look

The bright red colour with the classic Martini label is certainly striking. It screams the summer and flavour.

The drink itself is as seen in the bottle. It holds its colour really well despite being diluted with tonic

Martini Vibrante Aroma

It is a really unique smell. There is floral, fragrant and citrus smells along with other red fruits.

It really smells like summer at the Amalfi coast

Martini Vibrante Taste

Oh my, that is the taste of summer indeed. I can just imagine myself sitting on a wooden motor boat at Capri in the summer heat, sipping on this with impossibly beautiful people all around.

Ok, maybe not exactly that but it is nice and rather unique in terms of what I have tried before.

The botanicals mix with the tonic to create the gin drying mouthfeel but with heavy citrus and strawberry favours. 

If you didn’t know this was made from wine I don’t really think you could guess it.

This is not a diet drink or a low sugar option but for a highly refreshing, fruity and adult tasting drink, there are not many better.

Martini Vibrante Verdict

An excellent non alcoholic red vermouth aperitivo or aperitif. Pretend you are at Lake Garda in your finest whites and sipping away beside the great and the good.

Martini Vibrante Score

8.5/10 – A summer tipple for a hot day to transport you on holiday.

Where to buy Martini Vibrante?

The big supermarkets in the UK, like Tesco, have this.

To check these out and the sister product, Martini Floreale, on Amazon, follow this link

You can try these at Wise Bartender as well, a brilliant non alcoholic retailer

For UK readers, Light Drinks has this and others, if you use code OPENINGTHEBOTTLE you get an additional 5% off

*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

Is Martini Vibrante gluten free? 

Yes, Martini Vibrante is gluten free.

There are no gluten containing grains used in this drink.

Is Martini Vibrante vegan?

No, all the wine based Martini drinks are fined with either gelatin or Isinglass (which are animal produces). Fining is removing particles from the drink to ensure it is clear.

For a full review of why a wine might not be vegan, what fining is and the truth about what isinglass is, you can read my article here. You will be surprised.

Review Overview

Italian summer in a glass. Very good indeed


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