Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin Review. Fantastic or flop?

The world of the non alcoholic spirit is undergoing a huge expansion. A leading light in the field is Lyre’s. They have an absolutely huge array of different non alcoholic spirits to make all sorts of drinks but an ever popular spirit will always be gin. But how does it compare to the big boys? This is my Lyre’s non alcoholic gin review.

What type of gin is Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin?

This gin is a “London Dry Gin”

London dry gin is defined as a gin that is infused with botanical flavour through re-distillation. It has to be clear with no added flavours post distillation and the main flavouring is juniper.

A Plymouth gin on the other hand can be less dry and have slightly different flavour profiles.

How is Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin made?

In general, non alcoholic gin is made in the same way as traditional gin. Botanicals are macerated in a 96% ABV neutral alcohol or the alcohol is infused through them in a vapour. 

Over multiple rounds of distillation the alcohol is removed leaving just the botanical flavours and aromatic compounds in water.

Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin Ingredients

Unlike a beer ingredients list or even some other spirits, the ingredients list in a gin usually looks a bit barren. The secret sauce is the list of botanicals they use to make the gin and then flavour the final product.

Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin include…

  • Water
  • Glucose syrup
  • Natural flavouring

The interesting ingredient is the glucose syrup. A London Dry gin is supposed to be dry with little sugar so this is certainly out of keeping. You would not see this with Gordon’s 0.0 or Tanqueray 0.0

Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin Nutrition

Apart from the obvious no alcohol, they next biggest plus point in my book for the alcohol free gins is the absolutely huge calorie savings on offer.

Below is the outstanding nutrition profile of a 50ml serving of Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin

Per 100ml Per 50ml serving
Calories 10kcal5kcal
Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin Nutritional Data

Of note, i have included 50ml as a serving but the recommendation on the Lyre’s bottle is for a 30ml serving. I don’t think this is realistic as i will come onto in the tasting.

If we compare this calorie count to what a standard measure of gin will contain you will see just how big a saving you are getting…

GinKcal count per 1.5 fl oz% of calories 
Standard USDA measure gin97100%
Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin55%
Gordon’s 0.0%55%
Tanqueray 0.0%55%
Clean Co Clean G Rhubarb 0.5%12.413%
Non alcoholic gin comparison – “full”

So despite including glucose syrup and having a slightly higher sugar level than Gordon’s 0.0 or Tanqueray 0.0, the overall calories are the same.

Will the taste be the same too?

For a full review of calories in non alcoholic and alcohol free gin, you can read my article on it here

The Look

The usual substantial Lyre’s bottle that looks and feels far more than 700ml. It is styled in line with the Lyres range with a London gentleman looking pigeon with a monocle.

They have went with a blue label which shouts refreshment and coolness.

The gin itself is crystal clear as you would want.

The Aroma

This does not smell like a typical London Dry Gin. If you are comparing it to Gordon’s 0.0 or Tanqueray 0.0, there are immediate differences. 

Of course there is the juniper hit of a gin, it can’t be absent, but then it takes a very tropical citrus twist and I am smelling sweet pineapple and now I don’t know what I am about to drink!

The Taste

The immediate thing is measure of measure, there is a lot less flavour than Tanqueray or Gordons. Even Sipsmith Freeglider has a bit more about it. How they expect you to only pour a 30ml serving is beyond me, I have 50ml in and it is lacklustre.

You half get the mouth drying effect of juniper gin but after that the flavours die a little and the sweet citrus never really gets much more than a nod of the head. 

If you were blindfolded it isn’t unreasonable to think you might not immediately think this is a pure gin.

The price point is massively inflated to the uber premium range and for the life of me, I don’t know how they justify this.

Ive 2 ice cubes and a 150ml tonic with the 50ml Lyre’s gin and by the end, it is tasting a bit watery to be honest. 

There is basically no reason to buy this over Gordon’s or Tanqueray 0.0 if you are able to source them in your region.

The Verdict

A pretty insipid but hugely expensive gin from Lyre’s. This is a miss from a brand that usually has winners, so the disappointment is heightened.

Most other non alcoholic and alcohol free gins I have tried are better, even Clean Co Clean G, which I wasn’t the biggest fan of.

A comparable “premium” priced gin might be Sipsmith FreeGlider. I found this a bit disappointing too but it was much better than the Lyre’s offering.

The Score


If it was half the price I might have given it a 7, but if you are pricing as the best in the market, it needs to deliver. This delivers disappointment and lacklustre flavour. 

I have written 11 reasons you should try non alcoholic gin, an overview of why the market is so popular now.

Non alcoholic gin also has a number of surprising health benefits if you needed any more reasons to get trying today.

Where to buy Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin?

You can buy this on Amazon, if you would like to see the live price then click on this link.

Alternatively you can go straight to Lyre’s website, here

*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

Is Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin really alcohol free?

Not quite.

There is a distinction between non alcoholic and alcohol free. You can read all about it on my article here, including how to read the labels.

Lyre’s gin has 0.5% alcohol by volume which classifies it as “non alcoholic”. An alcohol free drink has to have less than 0.05%.

However, 0.5% ABV is still extremely low and many foods and drink have similar alcohol contents.

For context, an orange juice will have about 0.5% alcohol by volume as can some breads.

To read about the surprising alcohol in common foods and drink, click here

Can you get drunk on Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin?

To get drunk, you need to drink x320 1.5fl oz shots of Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin in less than 2 hrs.

This equals 480fl oz of Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin, 3.5 gallons of Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin or 14.2 litres of Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin in 2hours. 

Anther way to look at it is you will have to drink x8 1.5fl oz shots of Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin, every 3mins, for 2 hours, to get drunk.

It is not possible to drink 480fl oz of Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin in 2 hours, so it is not possible to get drunk on Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin.

Is Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin gluten free? 

Yes, Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin is gluten free. No grains are used and if they were, the gluten would not survive the distillation process.

I have an entire article on non alcoholic beers and gluten if you want more information on gluten in drinks

Is Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin vegan?

Lyre’s Non Alcoholic Gin is indeed vegan, as are all their gins, both alcoholic and alcohol free.

For more on vegan gins see my article on the matter. Why gins may or may not be and how to check.

Review Overview

If it was half the price I might have given it a 7, but if you are pricing as the best in the market, it needs to deliver. This delivers disappointment and lacklustre flavour. 


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