Lowtide Brune-DMC Non Alcoholic Beer Review

Lowtide Brune-DMC Beer i bought and drank for this review

Lowtide are one of the top non alcoholic craft breweries in the UK.

Belgian beers are known the world over and can come from Trappist Abbeys. They have a distinctive malty taste so how will Lowtide recreate this in an a non alcoholic beer?

What type of beer is Brune-DMC?

Brune-DMC is a Belgian Ale.

Usually hailing from an abbey or Trappist abbey, they have a sweet and fruity aroma, prepare for a malty, nutty, caramel taste. Rather nice.

The Nutrition

Alcohol – 0.5%

Calories – Not provided

Carbohydrates – Not provided

Sugar – Not provided

A bit surprisingly, Lowtide don’t give any nutrition information other than the alcohol content. This is their new trend. I guess we will have to guess.

Belgian abbey beers can have some sugar, especially the non alcoholic ones. Leffe Blond has one of the highest carbohydrate and calories counts i’ve seen. Read my review here.

The Look

As always with Lowtide, the artwork on the can is great. Here we have a play on the Brune name and the DJ “Run DMC” to create Brune-DMC. We have an old school gettoblaster on the can.

The beer itself looks like an ale. It is dark and has a darker head than a lager.

The Aroma

Some malty barley and Caramel. Toffee and slight licoroce maybe if I’m guessing? More on the nose than say, their West Coast Hop Lock

The Taste

A lot more flavour than West Coast Hop Lock too!

I do like an ale, how can you not like malt, caramel, coffee and toffee?

In Brune-DMC you have plenty of them all. It has quite a bit of body and depth. Not watery or thin by any stretch of the imagination.

In saying that it makes me think that it probably has a fair amount of carbs and sugar, producing a relatively high calorie count.

Or it might not, there is limited ways to tell if they don’t tell us.

The Verdict

This tastes like a full alcoholic beer but i would love to know the nutrition. That said, it is one of my top Lowtide beers. Really good.

The Score

8.5/10 – I will be stocking up on these.

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Where to buy

For UK readers, Light Drinks has this and others, if you use code OPENINGTHEBOTTLE you get an additional 5% off

You can try these at Wise Bartender as well, a brilliant non alcoholic retailer

*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

Lowtide website notes

oin us on a socially-distanced trip to the continent by tucking into Brune-DMC, our take on a traditional Belgian abbey beer. This dark and aromatic ale is reminiscent of European hijinx and times past, sporting both Saaz and Goldings hops with a sweet, fruity aroma.

For those lucky enough to get their hands on a can, check out the QR code and turn it up to 11 while you kick back and enjoy the tastes and sounds of Lowtide Brewing Co Radio

Review Overview

This tastes like a full alcoholic beer but i would love to know the nutrition. That said, it is one of my top Lowtide beers. Really good.


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