Lindeman’s Alcohol Free Cab Sav Review. The best yet?

Lindemans alcohol free wine i bought and drank for this review
Lindeman Alcohol Free Cab Sav

Lindeman wine is a huge export from Australia. The Aussies are trailblazers in the alcohol free wine market. Will their alcohol free cabernet sauvignon be in winner in the very tricky red wine space? Ive tasted many alcohol free reds and this is good.

About Lindeman’s

According to their website, Lindeman’s is enjoyed 80 million times a year in over 100 countries around the world. These are not rookie numbers.

Lindeman’s global popularity has been driven by the positive philosophy of Dr Henry Lindeman, who established Lindeman’s in the Hunter Valley in 1843.

They have a large range of alcoholic wines, 25 in total, but i’m only interested in their 3 non alcoholic wines. Today’s review is their cabernet sauvignon.

Non alcoholic red wine

By now i’ve drank plenty of different non alcoholic and alcohol free red wines. If you are hoping to have a direct replacement for your favourite red then you will be left disappointed. They are a different drink. It is very hard to replicate that 12-15% ABV and mouthfeel that comes with alcohol.

White wines are less alcoholic, sweeter and lighter, sparkling wines can have plenty of sugar and bubbles for mouthfeel but the reds can be lacking.

Also, if you are trying to replicated your favourite $30 bottle with a $5-10 bottle you will of course be disappointed, just like you might with an alcoholic version.

Lindeman’s cabernet sauvignon “Alcohol free”


Alcohol – 0.5% ABV

Calories – 17kcal per 100ml

Sugar – 3.5g per 100ml

A pretty decent set of figures from Lindeman. Low calorie and not too much sugar added in the grand scheme of things

The Look

Its a deep red and purple, nice and clear. It does leave a bit of a clinging film on the glass.

The Aroma

There is actually quite a lot of black fruits and some red. Cassis is in there and i like that in my reds! More wine type smells than usually in a non alcoholic red.

The Taste

Nice! Cassis and blackcurrent in spades. The tasting notes state “Concentrated blackberries and bright red fruits are evident immediately”. There certainly is blackberries and now i’m thinking of it, strawberry.

Often there is no tannins to be fun but with this there is round mouth drying tannins. The end note is nice, its all in balance and i’m left thinking this is like an actual wine and not a grape juice. Chapeau to Lindeman’s.

The Verdict

This is easily one of the best non alcoholic or alcohol free reds i’ve tried to date. It’s not overly expensive, it’s not too sweet, its not like vinegar.

You could reasonably drink this as a red wine replacement. I did so with a Sunday roast and it went very well.

Compare this with my review of the reds from Pierre Chavin to see how much better it is

The Score


Winemaker Comments: Mark Thwaites

Vintage Conditions: Non-vintage Grape Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon

Colour: Deep dense red with purple hues
Nose: Choc-mint and blackberries emanate from the glass. Hints of cassis,

cinnamon and pepper spices are evident

Palate: Concentrated blackberries and bright red fruits are evident immediately. Balanced firm and rounded tannins add structure. Soft, balanced palate with natural fruit sweetness and spiciness is evident

Review Overview

Definitely one of the better non alcoholic red wines out there.


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