Lervig No Worries Non Alcoholic IPA Review

What type of beer is Lervig No Worries?

Lervig No Worries is an IPA, India pale ale.

This means it is a hoppy and when alcoholic, would have a high ABV. It is top fermented and warm brewed.

The name comes from back in the 1800s when extra hops and alcohol was added to beer so it could survive the trip from London to India in a slow boat.

The Ingredients

Ingredients in beer fascinate me. The small craft breweries tend to go for the simple ones whereas you are more likely to see non core grains and ingredients from the big giants.

Lervig No Worries includes…

  • Water
  • Barley
  • Wheat
  • Hops
  • Yeast

Not a bad set, 2 grains and hops, no funny natural flavouring type nonsense

The Nutrition

As i’ve reviewed more and more, the nutrition section really stands out and you can tell a lot about a beer and its brewery from the alcohol, calories, carbs and sugar

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 22kcal
Lervig No Worries Nutrition Stats

22kcal/100ml would be right about in the middle of the non alcoholic beer world so no real issues there. However, 4.5g/100ml of sugar is very high for a pale beer and as a percentage of the carb load, it is also very high.

This runs the risk of tasting far too sweet. I tend to find any pale beer (think lager, pilsner, IPA) with a sugar load of over 2g/100ml, runs the risk of the beer being ruined. The exceptions are the Belgian whites and German wheats, as they can get away with a higher level die to huge body and mouthfeel.

To read more about what isotonic is and how it affects beers, you can read about that here

The Look

Lervig have certainly found their styling. All their cans have the same general space man or alien art. It is quite striking and you are in no doubt of the brand.

The beer itself is a dirty yellow or pale orange and unfiltered colour. There was a reasonable head for a non alcoholic IPA.

The Aroma

You get quite a big nose of sweet tropical and citrus fruits. It does smell like tropical lemonade type drink so I hope it doesn’t taste quite as sweet as that.

The Taste

This is a strange one. It doesn’t taste fully like a beer but it equally is not as sweet as I thought it would be somehow. Im not really sure how with the very high added sugar level.

The hops are giving quite a nice bitterness that doesn’t overpower and the tropical and citrus fruit flavours are toned in gently and not rushing to the top of the billing.

You can appreciate a bit of malty cereal in the background.

The overall body is quite big and it has a full mouthfeel due to the high carbs and sugar levels.

I don’t think it has quite enough hops and bitterness to be a classic IPA and certainly not enough malted grain to be in the pilsner lager category. This leads it to being a little bit caught in the middle and master of nothing.

The Verdict

A pleasant enough beer but for the sugar involved there will likely be better options that will tick more beer like boxes for you.

The Score

6.5/10 – Not horrific, I finished most of the can in the tasting but im probably not in a huge rush to go and buy it again.

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Where to buy?

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Is Lervig No Worries gluten free? 

No, none of the Lervig beers are gluten free

I have an entire article on non alcoholic beers and gluten if you want more information.

Is Lervig No Worries vegan?

No, none of the Lervig beers are vegan friendly

For more on vegan beers see my article on the matter. Why beers may or may not be and how to check.

Review Overview

Not horrific, I finished most of the can in the tasting but im probably not in a huge rush to go and buy it again.


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