Kopparberg Alcohol Free Pear Cider Review

Kopparberg are one of the biggest players in the cider market. They don’t just do the standard apple cider tho, they are masters at all sorts of fruit cider and have a huge following around the world.

They have moved head long into the alcohol free market now as well. They have this mixed fruits as well as a pear cider. This is my review of the Kopparberg alcohol free pear cider cider.

What type of cider is Kopparberg Alcohol Free Pear Cider ?

With such a long title you could probably guess what this is.

Most of the Kopparberg range is made on a base of fermented apples (that is what a traditional cider is).

However, this cider is based from fermented pears, also known as a Perry.

Is Kopparberg alcohol free pear cider really alcohol free?

If you have read some of my posts about the alcohol free labelling laws (such as my cider article here), you will know that not all EU alcohol free drinks are strictly alcohol free. 

Kopparberg confirm that their alcohol free ciders have less than 0.05% ABV, meaning they are what the rest of the world think of as alcohol free.

A typical orange juice will have x10 the amount of alcohol that an alcohol free cider will have.

Kopparberg alcohol free pear cider ingredients

Along with beers, you can tell a lot about a cider by the ingredients they list, sometimes by the ones they dont!

The ingredients include…

  • Carbonated water
  • Fermented pears
  • Pear juiceSugar

The carbonate water will be a feature of how they remove the alcohol via vacuum distillation. They need to add the water they boil off.

A simple set of main ingredients usually means a great tasting drink. I have not listed all the extra acids and stabilisers tho, which are a pity to see.

Kopparberg alcohol free pear cider nutrition

They second part of the label of an alcohol free cider that can be telling to the flavour is the nutritional data. 

Kopparberg alcohol free pear cider has…

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 42kcal
Kopparberg alcohol free pear cider nutrition data

42kcal per 100ml is high for an alcohol free beer or cider, extremely high in fact. It is that high due to the huge amount of sugar.

10.2g of sugar is even higher than their Mixed Fruits, and that tasted far too sweet indeed. I am very worried

The Look

The bottle and label are identically styled to their alcoholic range, so much so, at first glance you might miss the “alcohol free” writing. There is a big pear on the label so I am hoping for a big pear taste to compliment it.

The cider itself is a very pale yellow colour with plenty of fizz

The Aroma

Much like the mixed berries version, the sweetness is the immediate smell or sensation. You can almost pick up a pear drops type of aroma but when you bring it to your nose it is properly pear smelling.

Have you ever had a pear ice lolly? That’s what this smells like

The Taste

Holy pears Batman! This is a crazy mix of supercharged pear flavour and massive sweetness.

The sweetness is on a par or even more than the mixed fruits, but where the mixed berries lacked a bit of flavour, this hits you about the mouth with pears.

I think it is too sweet to even drink one glass of it but you certainly are not going to complain about an insipid and meek pear cider.

The sugar levels are a pity. If they could find a way to keep the flavour and fullness but reduce the sugar by 50% then this is a very decent drink. As it is, it is difficult to even drink one.

The Verdict

There is certainly pear flavour but it is nearing a syrup level of sweetness. I couldn’t take more than a few mouthfuls and I can still taste the sugar

The Score


If Kopparberg can cut out half the sugar, this score jumps to a 7 or 8, the pear is lovely but the overall drink is a pass.

Where to buy Kopparberg alcohol free pear cider?

To be honest, you are just going to get these via the supermarket or local off sales but these are some of my affiliates…

You can try these at Wise Bartender as well, a brilliant non alcoholic retailer

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Is Kopparberg alcohol free pear cider gluten free? 

Kopparberg confirm all their ciders are gluten free with less than 5ppm of gluten

I have an entire article on non alcoholic ciders and gluten if you want more information.

Is Kopparberg alcohol free pear cider vegan?

Kopparberg confirm all their ciders are vegan friendly. they use plant based fining material.

For more on vegan drinks see my article on the matter. Why beers/ciders may or may not be and how to check.

Review Overview

If Kopparberg can cut out half the sugar, this score jumps to a 7 or 8, the pear is lovely but the overall drink is a pass.


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