Is Vizzy Hard Seltzer Kosher? How to check?

Finding out if you chosen food or drink is allowed under your specific dietary laws, like Kosher, can be difficult. This is especially so in new and emerging trends. 

One of the biggest at the moment is the rise of the “hard seltzers”. These are flavoured seltzer waters, spiked with alcohol. The main appeal is their low carbs and low calorie count. But are your favourite hard seltzers Kosher? Is Vizzy hard seltzer Kosher?

Is Vizzy Hard Seltzer Kosher?

Vizzy hard seltzer is Kosher and has been certified by OU Kosher. This means it is safe to drink if your are an observing Jew and for other religions and diets you know it has no non-Kosher ingredients or manufacturing processes.

What is “Kosher”?

The term “Kosher” applies specifically to Jewish dietary laws, other religious and secular groups have a dietary regimen much akin to that of Judaism. The entire Kosher food industry is a multi-billion dollar worldwide market and it can cater to a diverse constituency.

Kosher can appeal to the Islamic world, vegetarians, Seventh Day Adventists, and others, who look for a Kosher symbol on the foods they purchase. A Kosher emblem can add value to a product.

What are the Kosher rules?

The Bible lists the basic groups of foods which are not considered kosher. These include different animals, fowl and fish. Examples would include rabbit, pork, owls, sturgeon or catfish, most insects, and any shellfish or reptile. 

In addition, kosher species of meat and fowl must be slaughtered in a specific way, and meat and dairy products may not be manufactured or consumed together.

Who certifies a product as Kosher?

There are organisations who issue Koster certificates after inspecting the supply chain, manufacturing and ingredients of a food or drink to ensure they comply with Kosher law.

Some of the biggest and best known are..

OU Kosher


Kosher Supervison of America (KSA)

OU Kosher approved symbol

Who has certified Vizzy as Kosher?

The certification company that has certified Vizzy is called OU Kosher

OU Kosher provides Kosher certification for over 1 Million products in more than 13,000 plants worldwide.

What is the Kosher certification process?

“Kosher Certification is the stamp of kosher approval by a rabbinic Agency verifying they have checked the products ingredients, production facility and actual production to ensure all ingredients, derivatives, tools and machinery have no trace of non kosher substances. The Kosher Certified symbol assures consumers that both the actual product and its production adhere to all Kosher Law requirements”

via OU Kosher

What makes a hard seltzer Kosher or not?

There isn’t too much that may make a hard seltzer not Kosher but it may depend on where the drink is made, what type of sugar is used or what the alcohol is made from.

Are all hard seltzers Kosher?

Not all hard seltzers on the market are Kosher certified and in fact the biggest out there isnt!

You can check at this kosher list

Which other hard seltzers are Kosher?

This is a list of some of the best selling and most popular brands which have got a Kosher certification…

  • Vizzy
  • Truly
  • Smirnoff Hard Seltzer
  • Coors Hard Seltzer
  • Topo Chico

Which hard seltzers are not Kosher certified?

Perhaps the biggest and best known is actually the market leader, White Claw.

Below is a tweet reply from the company when asked about this very point.

So it would appear that it is likely White Claw would be Kosher, given the others in the same space are. It is a bit strange they haven’t gone out and got a certificate to prove it tho, especially as it would likely pay for itself in sales.

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