Is There A Sugar Free Non Alcoholic Beer?

In todays health conscious would, reducing sugar is a priority. Many diets or just wellbeing lifestyles target reducing sugar for a number of medical and health benefits.

The common belief is that non alcoholic drinks are just packed full of sugar and that is what replaces the alcohol so is there a sugar free non alcoholic beer you can buy?

Is there a sugar free non alcoholic beer?

Yes, there are in fact two zero sugar non alcoholic beer which i can find. There are up to 20 non alcoholic beers which have tiny amount of sugar (0.01-0.1g per 100ml). Whilst theses values are tiny, they are not ZERO

The two sugar free non alcoholic beers are Bitburger Drive and Partake Pale.

Before looking further at these two sugar free beers, it is worth reviewing just how much sugar is in non alcoholic beers and general and in alcoholic beers?

How much sugar is in non alcoholic beer?

I undertook a study of 106 non alcoholic beers i had reviewed and found that the average non alcoholic beer has 2g of sugar per 100ml and 7.2g of sugar per 12fl oz serving.

There was a large range of results from 0g of sugar per 100ml, right up to 9.9g of sugar per 100ml.

The style of beer i found to have the lowest sugar was the non alcoholic lagers.

Unsurprisingly, the most sugary non alcoholic beers were the fruit beers and radlers, which are designed to be sweet and indeed need to be made that way.

Type of BeerSugar (g) per 100mlSugar (g) per 12fl oz
Non alcoholic beer27.2
0.0% beer27.1
0.5% beer27.2
Non alcoholic lager1.45.1
Non alcoholic IPA27.2
Non alcoholic ale1.55.5
Non alcoholic dark beer2.27.9
Non alcoholic wheat beer27.1
Non alcoholic fruit beer4.415.6
Non alcoholic sour beer3.913.8
Sugar in all types of non alcoholic beer

How much sugar is in alcoholic beer?

On their website, the USDA state the average alcoholic beer has 0g of sugar per 100ml and 0g of sugar in a 12fl oz serving. 

Alcoholic beers do not have sugar due to the fermentation process. They start off life as a very sugary “wort” from the grains but the yeast turns all the sugar into alcohol. The more sugar there is to start with, the more alcohol there will be at the end.

Now, there are beers with some sugar in them. Often stouts and porters will have sugar due to the addition of the animal sugar, lactose.

Lactose is not fermented and adds sweetness and body to the beer as well as a creamy texture. It will however, render the finished beer non vegan.

Now for a closer look at the two sugar free non alcoholic beers…

Bitburger Drive 0.0

Bitburger Drive has 0g of sugar per 100ml and 0g of sugar per 12fl oz.

Bitburger Drive’s full nutrition profile is…

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 22kcal
Bitburger Drive Nutrition Profile

I have rather more than a soft spot for German beers and especially ones which subscribe to the German Purity Law.

The Purity Law states that the lager can only be made from 4 ingredients…

  • Water
  • Malt
  • Hops
  • Yeast

This set of ingredients, or rather lack of ingredients, makes for a pure, clean and crisp beer.

Bitburger Drive is a quite fantastic pilsner and i ranked it #7 in my list of best non alcoholic beers. Clean and crisp like a typical pure German lager and for my money, was nearly indistinguishable from an alcoholic lager.

If you want a sugar free beer and like a classic German pilsner, i can highly recommend this beer. It is brilliant.

BeerABVScoreSugar/100mlSugar/12fl oz
Bitburger Drive0.0%90g0g

Partake Pale

Partake Pale has 0g of sugar per 100ml and 0g of sugar per 12fl oz.

Partake Pale’s full nutrition profile is…

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 2.8kcal
Partake Pale Nutrition Profile

Partake Pale is the only beer in my 106 beer study that I’ve not been able to review personally.

Unfortunately Partake do not distribute to my area but i am actively trying to find a work around.

As 1 of only 2 sugar free non alcoholic beers, it simply had to be included tho.

Not only does it have zero sugar and hit the record books for that, it has zero carbs and a record low calorie count of only 10kcal per 12fl oz serving. How amazing is that? It is top of the charts for all three.

Despite not having drank Partake Pale, i have read just about every review going and chatted to fellow non alcoholic beer fans on social media. It seems to be widely loved so i think i am on pretty safe grounds to award it a 7/10 until i have the pleasure of testing it myself.

BeerABVScoreSugar/100mlSugar/12fl oz
Partake Pale0.3%70g0g

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