Is There A Non Alcoholic Pimm’s? ANON English Garden Review

There are few quintessentially English things than a drink of Pimm’s at Wimbledon with a punnet of strawberries. But your options are severely limited if you want a passable attempt at a non alcoholic version of Pimm’s.
ANON are a non alcoholic craft distiller who think they have cracked it, right in time for summer. This is my review of their English Garden, a non alcoholic Pimm’s alternative.

What type of spirit is Anon English Garden?

English Garden is basically an attempt at a non alcoholic Pimm’s.

Pimm’s itself is a flavoured gin or gin liqueur. So ANON English Garden will be along those kind of lines with a distilled gin spirit and botanicals then flavoured with mint, cucumber and fruit.

What is Pimms?

Pimm’s is a world famous English gin liqueur with their most famous product line their No. 1.

It was first produced by James Pimm in 1823.

Today the classic serving is in a tall glass with lemonade, soda, tonic or even sparkling wine and a host of different fruit garnishes.

What is a Pimm’s cup?

A Pimm’s cup is just the name for the Pimm’s cocktails above. Simply serve the Pimm’s over ice, in a tall glass with your choice of mixer and a lot of fruit/cucumber garnish.

Which glass to serve Pimm’s or ANON English Garden in?

You should serve these drinks in a highball glass. The one in my pictures below is by far my favourite from just about the best glassware producer, Riedel.

You can check out this particular highball glass on Amazon here

How is Anon English Garden made?

In general, non alcoholic gin like spirits are made in the same way as traditional gin. Botanicals are macerated in a 96% ABV neutral alcohol or the alcohol is infused through them in a vapour. 

Over multiple rounds of distillation the alcohol is removed leaving just the botanical flavours and aromatic compounds in water.

ANON English Garden Ingredients

Unlike a beer ingredients list or even some other spirits, the ingredients list in a gin or botanical spirits usually looks a bit barren. The secret sauce is the list of botanicals they use to make the spirit and then flavour the final product

ANON English Garden include…

  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Flavouring
  • Colouring

The “flavouring” adds cucumber, mint, orange, apple and strawberry. It is hard to know just how much actual fruit goes into it or the exact process involved.

ANON English Garden Nutrition

Many of the pure non alcoholic spirits have next to no calories, carbs or sugar. By pure i mean a direct alcohol free or non alcoholic equivalent of a gin, whiskey, vodka etc.

However, the new craft non alcoholic spirit, with many fruit flavourings, usually have a bit of a higher sugar and therefore calorie component.

Below is the outstanding nutrition profile of a 50ml serving of ANON English Garden.

Per 100ml Per 50ml serving
Calories 48kcal24kcal
Anon English Garden Nutritional Data

These figures are on the high side for a non alcoholic spirit but still less than say Three Spirit Nightcap or Martini Vibrante so not the worst by any means.

For a full review of calories in non alcoholic and alcohol free gin, you can read my article on it here

The Look

I am not a huge fan of the labelling and styling. This is quite clearly marketing itself as a non alcoholic Pimms but Pimms has an understated and classy label whereas ANON has gone down the “best of British” route and it feels a little cheap. If you were a Wimbledon Pimms drinker, you might recoil from the vulgarity! Flags on labels are not often upper class.

The spirit itself is a red/brown, quite a lot like Pimms.

The Aroma

Well it doesn’t really smell like Pimms out of the bottle but a lot of non alcoholic spirits have a deceiving nose and you only get the real flavour on drinking.

You can smell a lot of strawberry, apple with a hint of mint. It does smell very sweet however so I hope the drink doesn’t taste too sweet with the high sugar and carb load.

The Taste

It is amazing how these non alcoholic spirits can transform from an underwhelming aroma in the bottle to something completely different when mixed and drank.

ANON English Garden has morphed from a sweet strawberry smell into a quite delicious summer cocktail.

Once the tonic is in, I do not get any sense of this being too sweet, much to my surprise. 

I anticipated a big hit of strawberry and apple but when I got initially was mint, a bit of spice on the tongue and cool cucumber. 

The strawberry, apple and orange then come in a second or two later to make for a quite surprising drink.

Is this as complex and aromatic as an alcoholic Pimms? Not quite. Is this a unique and interesting drink in its own right? I think it is.

What to compare this to is the question. I guess that Seedlip Garden 108 might be the closest I have drank. Seedlip Garden is very heavy on the peas and mint but would have more flavour overall, even if it is a bit of a strange drink.

ANON English Garden is more delicate with its flavours and I think I prefer it for a summertime thirst quencher.

The Verdict

This is perfect for a big pitcher and a summer garden party or a glass with some strawberries to watch the tennis at Wimbledon. Don’t judge this on the label, have a drink and enjoy. 

If you have snobby friends over then just hide the bottle and present a big pitcher of this with lots of summer fruit in it.

The Score


A surprisingly good take on a non alcoholic Pimm’s. This beats out Seedlip Garden 108 as a must have drink for any hot summer garden party.

I have written 11 reasons you should try non alcoholic gin, an overview of why the market is so popular now.

Non alcoholic gin also has a number of surprising health benefits if you needed any more reasons to get trying today.

Where to buy ANON English Garden?

You can buy this on Amazon, if you would like to see the live price then click on this link.

I can’t really find it in any supermarkets at the minute.

You can check out additional stockists in your area via the ANON website

*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

Is ANON English Garden really alcohol free?

Not quite.

There is a distinction between non alcoholic and alcohol free. You can read all about it on my article here, including how to read the labels.

ANON English Garden has 0.5% alcohol by volume which classifies it as “non alcoholic”. An alcohol free drink has to have less than 0.05%.

However, 0.5% ABV is still extremely low and many foods and drink have similar alcohol contents.

For context, an orange juice will have about 0.5% alcohol by volume as can some breads.

To read about the surprising alcohol in common foods and drink, click here

Can you get drunk on ANON English Garden?

To get drunk, you need to drink x320 1.5fl oz shots of ANON English Garden in less than 2 hrs.

This equals 480fl oz of ANON English Garden, 3.5 gallons of ANON English Garden or 14.2 litres of ANON English Garden in 2hours. 

Anther way to look at it is you will have to drink x8 1.5fl oz shots of ANON English Garden, every 3mins, for 2 hours, to get drunk.

It is not possible to drink 480fl oz of ANON English Garden in 2 hours, so it is not possible to get drunk on ANON English Garden.

Is ANON English Garden gluten free? 

Yes, ANON English Garden is gluten free. No grains are used and if they were, the gluten would not survive the distillation process.

I have an entire article on non alcoholic beers and gluten if you want more information on gluten in drinks

Is ANON English Garden vegan?

I am unable to confirm if ANON English Garden is vegan. It doesn’t not say on the website and it is not on

For more on vegan gins see my article on the matter. Why gins may or may not be and how to check.

Review Overview

A surprisingly good take on a non alcoholic Pimms. This beats out Seedlip Garden 108 as a must have drink for any hot summer garden party.


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