Is Non Alcoholic Beer High In Sugar?

Is non alcoholic beer high in sugar?

No, non alcoholic beer is not high in sugar. In fact, the average non alcoholic beer would be classed as low sugar in food labelling laws.

The UK has a traffic light system for nutritional values.

A low-sugar drink contains less than 2.5g of sugar per 100ml 

A medium-sugar drink contains 2.5g to 11.25g of sugar per 100ml

A high-sugar drink contains more than 11.25g of sugar per 100ml

The average non alcoholic beer comes un under the low-sugar level, meaning the the average non alcoholic beer is low sugar.

How much sugar is in non alcoholic beer?

Now for the exact amount of sugar in the average non alcoholic beer. I conducted a study

into over 100 beers that i have reviewed on this website.

 I found the average non alcoholic beer has 2g of sugar per 100ml and 7.2g of sugar per 12fl oz.

So you can see, at 2g per 100ml, the average non alcoholic beer comes in as a low sugar drink according to the UK traffic light system.

But averages only tell you so much don’t they? What about some other interesting values of non alcoholic beer and sugar.

What is the range of sugar in alcoholic beer?

The lowest sugar non alcoholic beers actually are sugar free. That’s right, they contain zero sugar. You can read my article on them by clicking the link.

From zero, the highest sugar non alcoholic beer i drank has 9.9g of sugar per 100ml and 35.1g per 12fl oz. This puts it into the top end of the medium sugar drink but still not into a high sugar drink level.

Bitburger Drive is sugar free

Are there many low sugar non alcoholic beers?

There are indeed a lot of really low sugar non alcoholic beers. The general non alcoholic beer sugar average is dragged up by fruit beers and sour beers which do contain quite a bit of sugar, but there are plenty of really low sugar options, if not sugar free.

I wrote an article highlighting 50 super low sugar non alcoholic beers and they top 10 to try, it is worth a look if you want a low sugar non alcoholic beer.

Below is the table of the 50 lowest sugar non alcoholic beers.

BeerScore/10TypeABV %Sugar/100mlSugar/12fl oz
Partake Pale7Pale ale0.300
Bitburger 0.0%9Pilsner000
Lucky Saint 0.5%8.5Lager0.50.010.0355
Carlsberg 0.08.5Pilsner00.10.355
Budweiser Zero5.5Lager00.10.355
Rothaus Tannenzäpfle 0.4%9Pilsner0.40.10.355
Nanny State9Ale0.50.10.355
Drop Bear Tropical IPA5.5IPA0.50.10.355
Drop Bear Yuzu Pale Ale6.5Pale Ale0.50.10.355
Nirvanan Hoppy Pale Ale6.5Pale Ale0.50.10.355
Fieldhopper6Golden Ale0.50.10.355
Drop Bear New World Lager4India Pale Lager0.50.10.355
Pine Trail8.5Pale Ale0.50.10.355
Ghost Ship 0.5%6.5Pale Ale0.50.10.355
Furstenberg Pils 0.0%7Pilsner00.160.568
Becks Blue8Pilsner00.20.71
Drop Bear Bonfire Stout7.5Stout0.50.20.71
Southwold Pale Ale5.5Pale Ale0.50.20.71
Esmeralda4Cerveza with Tequila0.50.31.065
Infinite Session IPA9IPA0.50.41.42
Infinite Session Lager8.5Helles Lager0.50.41.42
NEIPA The Cosmic Turtle8NEIPA0.50.41.42
Infinite Session Best7Best Bitter0.50.41.42
Are Wheat There Yet5.5Wheat0.50.41.42
A Ship Full Of IPA8IPA00.51.775
Drink’in in the sun 8Wheat0.30.51.775
Incel “Skippers”9Pilsner0.50.51.775
Incel “Surfers”9Summer Ale0.50.51.775
Incel Swimmers7Saison Ale0.50.51.775
Incel Snorkelers5Salt IPA0.50.51.775
Guinness 0.09Stout00.72.485
Corona Cero7Lager00.72.485
Stella Artois Alcohol Free7.5Lager00.82.84
Coba Maya8.5Lager0.513.55
Super Bock7Lager0.513.55
Doom Bar Zero8Ale01.13.905
Free Star4.5Lager01.13.905
Leffe Blond 0.07.5Belgian Abbey Ale01.13.905
Birra Moretti Zero6.5Lager01.24.26
Run Wild9IPA0.51.24.26
Heineken 0.06Lager01.34.615
All Out6.5Porter0.51.34.615
Pica Nova7West Coast IPA0.31.44.97
Upside Dawn7Golden Ale0.51.44.97
Schneider Weisse Tap39.5Wheat0.51.55.325
Low sugar non alcoholic beers

How much sugar is in alcoholic beer?

So how does alcoholic beer compare to non alcoholic beer? Which one is the highest in sugar to do you think?

The USDA state the average alcoholic beer has 0g of sugar per 100ml and 0g of sugar in a 12fl oz serving. 

Now, i am sure you will be able to find alcoholic beers with some fraction of sugar in them. Not least the stouts and porters of this world which can have the animal sugar, lactose added. Lactose does not undergo fermentation so is in the finished beer as sugar. It adds sweetness, body and a silky finish.

But, overall, alcoholic beers have little to no sugar and certainly have less sugar than the average non alcoholic beer.

Why is there usually no sugar in alcoholic beer?

How exactly do alcoholic beers manage to have no sugar? The answer is in how they are made.

At a certain point in the brewing process, the “wort” contains a lot of sugar from the barley (or other grain). However during fermentation, the yeasts turn to sugars into alcohol. The more sugar you start with, the higher the concentration of alcohol will be at the end.

In general, the yeasts keep turning sugar into alcohol until there is no sugar left, hence, most alcoholic beers are sugar free.

How do the sugar in non alcoholic beer compare to other drinks?

We have seen that non alcoholic beer does have more sugar than alcoholic beer but still stays in the “low sugar” bracket.

For soem more context, we can look at how much sugar is in other popular drinks and you can make your own mind up as to what is low sugar or not.

Below is a list of other common drinks…

Type of DrinkSugar per 100mlSugar per 12fl oz
Non alcoholic beer2g7.2g
Alcoholic beer0g0g
Coca Cola9g32g
Coca Cola Zero0g0g
1% milk5g17.75g
Orange juice8g28.4g
Ginger Ale9g31.95g
Sugar in drinks comparison

I think that non alcoholic beer, in moderation, can certainly be looked on as low sugar and if you go to the trouble of picking one of the lower sugar options, then they are definitely at the bottom of the low sugar zone.

Happy drinking!

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