Is Budweiser Zero Low In Calories?

Budweiser Zero i bought and drank for this article

If you are making a switch to non alcoholic and alcohol free beers, i would say one of the chief reasons (along with the no alcohol) is the fact they are usually a lot lower in calories.

Is Budweiser Zero low in calories or have the put in lots of carbs and sugar to negate the gains?

Budweiser Zero is a low calorie, alcohol free beer. It has 64% less calories than Budweiser at only 14kcal per 100ml or 70kcal per pint. In general, non alcoholic and alcohol free beers are lower in calories than alcoholic beers but some alcohol free beers have significant added sugar.

How many calories are in Budweiser Zero?

When looking at a nutrition profile on a bottle or can, the go to number if often the calorie count. It gives an easy and quick overview of how all the ingredients combine into an over number. You can then use it to compare other drinks and products.

You need to compare like of like in different products so i have included how many calories are in Budweiser Zero for various quantities you may come across.

In general i like to use calories (kcal) per 100ml as i can apply it to every beer and i am now used to looking at it. I know quickly if a calorie number is high or low for it’s value per 100ml.

Amount Calories in kcal
1 Pint80
2 Pints160
1 fl oz4.2
12 fl oz50
20 fl oz83
Calories in Budweiser Zero

Most people won’t have studied the calories in non alcoholic and alcoholic beers so these raw numbers might not mean much without comparing them to other beers and drinks.

After looking at all these beverages we can really see where Budweiser Zero is.

How many calories are in other AB InBev beers?

Budweiser is a huge brand in its own right but it is owned by the brewing giant AB InBev.

The first comparison we will look at is for some of the beers in the AB InBev range around the world. 

The table below is the calories per 100ml for a selection of their most popular beers…

Type of GuinnessCalories per 100ml in kcal
Budweiser Zero14
Corona Extra42
Leffe Blonde58
Modelo Especial42
Calories in Budweiser range

Well that is telling isn’t it. Budweiser Zero is head and shoulders above (or below) all the other alcoholic beers listed. In fact Budweiser Zero is under half the calories than all of them and a huge 76% fewer calories than Leffe!

How will that compare to other beers tho? Perhaps the AB InBev beers are particularly high in calories.

Budweiser Zero vs other beers.

Next, we can look at a few other giant beer brands and also some “light” beers to see if Budweiser Zero can measure up vs them.

Below is a table of some big brands and light beers.

Type of BeerCalories per 100ml in kcal
Budweiser Zero14
USDA standard beer43
Heineken 42
Bud Light 29
Coors Light29
Brewdog Nanny State6
Calories in various beers.

Again, Budweiser Zero is dominating all the other beers, it is even under half the calories of Bud Light. All except Nanny State, which is a bit nasty on my part.

I have included BrewDog Nanny State in as a reference. It is the lowest calorie, non alcoholic beer i have found and i think exists. My full review of it is here

Nanny State is an ale and can pack in lots of hops (they have 7-8 varieties) and bitterness to give flavour. Budweiser Zero is a lager, which can struggle for flavour and mouthfeel without some extra carbs and sugar.

However Budweiser Zero has not added very much at all, as we will see.

Budweiser Zero vs other drinks.

Lastly lets see how Budweiser Zero compares to some non beer drinks you will commonly drink. Where does it stack up vs Coca Cola or just plain orange juice?

Type of drinkCalories per 100ml in kcal
Budweiser Zero14
Coca Cola37
Orange Juice47
WKD Blue83
Red Bull45
1% Milk44
Ginger Ale34
Calories in different drinks

I suppose it is’nt a huge shock the fruit juices and fizzy drinks are high in calories. WKD is a fizzy sweet alcopop as it’s calories are extremely high due to both sugar and alcohol. Maybe best to avoid that if on a diet.

Budweiser Zero is again well under 50% of the calories of these common drinks. The same would be true for nearly all non alcoholic or alcohol free beers beers.

Is Budweiser Zero low in carbohydrate?

Budweiser Zero, along with most non alcoholic beers, has more carbohydrate than alcoholic beers. However Budweiser Zero has a lot less than most. It has 3.3g of carbohydrate per 100ml which is only 10% higher than Budweiser at 3g per 100ml.

If we again compare Budweiser Zero to the other beers in the AB InBev range…

Type of GuinnessCarbohydrate per 100ml in kcal
Budweiser Zero3.3
Corona Extra4.0
Leffe Blonde5.4
Modelo Especial4.0
Carbohydrate in Budweiser Zero

Budweiser Zero stack up very well vs these alcoholic beers coming in mid to low in the pack. That is impressive as in general, a non alcoholic or alcohol free beer will have more carbohydrate and certainly more added sugar than an alcoholic beer.

What about comparing to some other beers in the AB InBev and outside the AB InBev range?

Type of beerCarbohydrate per 100ml in kcal
Budweiser Zero3.3
Erdinger Alkolholfrei5.3
Leffe Blond 0.09.8
Galactic Milk Stout 0.5%6.7
Guinness 0.03.5
Budweiser 3
Heineken 0.04.8
Carbohydrate load of beer

This is getting a bit predictable isn’t it?! Budweiser Zero is really low in carbohydrate, even vs alcoholic beers but when you look at some non alcoholic ones you can see just how impressive it is.

I’ve written all about the calories and carbohydrate in Heineken 0.0 and Guinness 0.0 if you follow the links.

Is Budweiser Zero low in sugar?

The sugar part of nutrition profile is not in addition to carbohydrate, but a level of added sugar that makes up the overall carbohydrate weight. It is rapidly digested and can cause spikes in blood glucose and is turned into fat readily.

Added sugar goes hand in hand with the carbohydrate load for non alcoholic beers. They are both usually raised. An alcoholic beer will in general have 0g/100ml of added sugar. All the sugar has been used to make the alcohol.

The table below shows some of different sugar levels in alcoholic and non alcoholic beers.

Type of beerSugar per 100ml in kcal
Budweiser Zero0.1
Erdinger Alkolholfrei 0.5%3.6
Leffe Blond 0.01.1
Galactic Milk Stout 0.5%3.1
Guinness 0.00.4
Heineken 0.01.3
Sugar in different beers.

There is a big range isn’t there. As i explained, an alcoholic beer will in general have 0g of sugar as it has all been turned into alcohol. Budweiser Zero comes in at 0.1g/100ml which is incredibly impressive when you look at the likes of Erdinger and Galactic Milk Stout.

In general i have a finger in the air 2g of add sugar per 100ml that i would like a light beer to have under. Some of the cheap, nasty supermarket on brand ones have higher carbs and sugar and little to no flavour to carry it. Clearly Budweiser Zero is under this threshold.

Why are non alcoholic beers lower in calories than alcoholic beers?

So non alcoholic beers have more sugar but fewer calories, how is this?! The answer is alcohol is calorie dense. A gram of alcohol has nearly 7 kcal, which is nearly as much as a gram of fat. 

A 12 fl oz glass of 5% beer will have most of its calories coming from the alcohol and not nearly as much from the sugar. 

SubstanceKCal per gram
Calories per gram

Alcohol is even much more calorie dense than sugar. So the reduction in alcohol more than offsets the increase in sugar in terms of calories.


Budweiser Zero is a very low calorie alcohol free beer. It is lower calorie than nearly all non alcoholic beers and well as all alcoholic beers by quite some way. Even vs common drinks it has an impressively low amount of calories.

If you are looking for an alcohol free beer with will be good on a diet, then Budweiser Zero may be the one for you.

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