How Many Carbs Are In Non Alcoholic Lager? Big data set

Lagers are the most widely drank type of beer, both alcoholic and non alcoholic. They have a nice malty, easy drinking smoothness with some pilsner styles giving a bit more of a sweet hoppy hit for those that want it. But how many carbs are in non alcoholic lager?

I have shown just how much lower in calories non alcoholic beer is versus alcoholic beer and even when comparing the calories in non alcoholic lager. The question is, does this translate into the carbs as well?

Many diets want you to limit carbs so knowing just how many carbs are in different styles of non alcoholic beer is important.

How many carbs are in non alcoholic lager?

In my study of 32 non alcoholic lagers, i found, on average, they contained 4.34g of carbs per 100ml and 15.4g of carbs per 12fl oz.

The range per 12fl oz serving was from 4.97g of carbs at its lowest, to 22.72g of carbs at its highest. That means the highest is x4.57 the lowest in terms of its carb load, which is quite a big range.

Is non alcoholic lager low in carbs?

This is a good question and it can be difficult to answer. It depends on what you are comparing them to and what your benchmark for low carb is.

In general, non alcoholic lagers are slightly lower in calories than non alcoholic beers as a group but have more carbs than an average alcoholic beer.

There is a large range in carbs over the whole of the non alcoholic beer lager so if you want to pick a lower carb lager there are a variety to pick from.

How many carbs are in non alcoholic beer?

From my study of 110 non alcoholic beers, i found the average was 4.75g of carbs per 100ml and 16.85g of carbs per 12fl oz.

The range of carbs per 12fl oz in the whole non alcoholic beer group is even bigger than just the lager subsection. The lowest carb beer has 0g of carbs (zero carbs) whereas the highest has 73.84g of carbs. That range is very extreme.

How many carbs are in alcoholic beer?

You might think that an alcoholic beer would have more carbs than a non alcoholic beer. They have twice as many calories so you would be forgiven for thinking that a lot of the calories must come from more carbs.

The USDA state the average alcoholic beer has 3.55g of carbs per 100ml and 12.6g of carbs in a 12fl oz serving.

Carbs comparison in non alcoholic beers and alcoholic beers

Comparing non alcoholic beer, non alcoholic lager and alcoholic beer shows that the highest carbs on average is non alcoholic beer as a whole.

The lowest carbs of the three is actually the alcoholic beers meaning their increase in calories comes solely from the calories in alcohol.

Non alcoholic lager has about 8.6% less carbs than the average non alcoholic beer but about 24% more carbs than the average alcoholic beer.

Type of BeerCarbs per 100mlCarbs per 12fl oz
Non alcoholic lager4.34g15.4g
Non alcoholic beer4.75g16.85g
Alcoholic beer3.55g12.6g
Carbs in beers

Why are non alcoholic lagers lower in carbs than a general non alcoholic beer?

So why exactly are non alcoholic lagers slightly lower in carbs than the general non alcoholic beer market?

The answer is because some type of non alcoholic beer have significantly higher carb levels, often in the form of added sugar.

Stouts and porters are heavier beers with more body and sweetness, usually from extra carbs and some sugar. Fruit beers and sour beers have significantly more carbs and sugar which drags up the overall non alcoholic beer average.

Type of Beercarbs per 100mlcarbs per 12fl oz
Alcoholic beer3.5512.6
Non alcoholic beer4.7516.85
0.0% beer5.419.1
0.5% beer4.515.8
Non alcoholic lager4.3415.4
Non alcoholic IPA4.616.7
Non alcoholic ale4.515.9
Non alcoholic dark beer5.419.1
Non alcoholic wheat beer4.616.4
Non alcoholic fruit beer6.121.8
Non alcoholic sour beer6.623.3
Carbs in all types of non alcoholic beer

Table of non alcoholic lagers and their carbs

Below is a list of all the non alcoholic lagers i have reviewed with how may carbs they have per 100ml and 12fl oz serving.

BeerTypeABVCarbs/100lmCarbs/12fl oz
Infinite Session LagerHelles Lager0.51.65.68
Furstenberg Pils 0.0%Pilsner01.86.39
Coba MayaLager0.52.27.81
Lost AFLager0.5310.65
Budvar NealkoLager0.53.111.005
Becks BluePilsner03.111.005
Carlsberg 0.0Pilsner03.211.36
Budweiser ZeroLager03.311.715
Lucky Saint 0.5%Lager0.53.512.425
Rothaus Tannenzäpfle 0.4%Pilsner0.43.512.425
Corona CeroLager03.913.845
Stella Artois Alcohol FreeLager04.214.91
Birra Moretti ZeroLager04.415.62
Free StarLager04.515.975
Free DammLager04.716.685
Super BockLager0.54.716.685
Estrella GaliciaPilsner04.716.685
Heineken 0.0Lager04.817.04
Bitburger 0.0%Pilsner05.118.105
Perlenbacher 0.0Lager05.218.46
Peroni LiberaLager05.318.815
San Miguel 0.0Pilsner05.519.525
Clausthaler Unfiltered Dry HoppedLager0.45.619.88
Clausthaler OriginalLager0.55.619.88
Cobra ZeroLager05.820.59
Bavaria 0.0Lager05.820.59
Baltika lager 0.5%Lager0.5621.3
Special EffectsLager0.46.322.365
Veltins Pils 0.0%Pilsner06.322.365
Incel "Skippers"Pilsner0.56.422.72

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