How Many Calories Are In Non Alcoholic Beer? 100+ beers sampled.

How Many Calories Are In Non Alcoholic Beer?

From well over 100 different non alcoholic beers i have reviewed, i gathered all their nutritional data to work out the averages…

The average amount of calories in 100ml of non alcoholic beer is 22.6kcal. This works out at 80.1kcal in a 12fl oz measure.

The USDA say that the average alcoholic beer has 43kcal per 100ml which works out at 153kcal in a 12fl oz serving, this mirrors my own findings.

I took a sample of 35 alcohol beers and found that the average calorie count was 43.2kcal per 100ml and 153.3 in a 12fl oz serving.

Type of BeerKcal per 100mlKcal per 12fl oz
Non alcoholic beer22.680.1
USDA Alcoholic beer43153
Calories in non and alcoholic beer

In terms of weight watchers, the average beer has 5% ABV which is 5 smartpoints.

Both the mode and median calories in non alcoholic beer from my data set is 22kcal per 100ml and 78.1kcal per 12fl oz, which is slightly lower than the median. This is because of an outlier in the the highest calorie beer value.

How much less calories are in non alcoholic beer?

An average alcoholic beer has 153kcal per 12fl oz and an average non alcoholic beer has 80.1kcal per 12fl oz. This means that the average non alcoholic beer has a whopping 72.9kcal less, which is very impressive.

This equates to the average non alcoholic beer having just 52.24% of the calories of an average alcoholic beer and you save 47.76% of the calories.

Perhaps the best way to think of it is to round it to 50%. A non alcoholic beer will have around half the calories of an alcoholic beer, give or take.

I have further broken down the different non alcoholic beer categories below…

Type of Beerkcal per 100mlkcal per 12fl oz
Alcoholic beer43153
Non alcoholic beer22.680.1
0.0% beer23.182.2
0.5% beer21.576.2
Non alcoholic lager20.271.7
Non alcoholic IPA21.375.7
Non alcoholic ale20.673.1
Non alcoholic dark beer2485.2
Non alcoholic wheat beer21.576.3
Non alcoholic fruit beer27.999
Non alcoholic sour beer28.3100.5
Calories in all type of non alcoholic beer.

Full a full in depth review of just how low in calorie non alcoholic beers are then you can read my article on it here

How many calories are in 0.0% alcohol free beer?

In the alcohol free and non alcoholic market, there are two branches. One is the 0.0% beers which are widely accepted as “alcohol free”. Although different jurisdictions have different laws, you can read about that here.

The 0.0% beers are also most likely to be called halal, i have studied this myself and my arguments for and against can be read here.

From all the beers that i have reviewed, the 0.0% alcohol free beers, had on average 23.1kcal per 100ml and 82.2kcal per 12fl oz serving.

This puts them slightly above the wider non alcoholic group on average. This is because of how they are had and why they are made 0.0. My article on that is available here

How many calories are in <0.5% non alcoholic beer?

The other arm of the non alcoholic beer world is the <0.5% beers but >0.0%. They are usually made by smaller, craft producers and have a very different brewing process which limits the fermentation to 0.5% ABV or less.

From my beer reviews, the <0.5% non alcoholic beers had on average 21.5kcal per 100ml and 76.2kcal per 12fl oz serving.

This puts them slightly under the general non alcoholic average, which is pulled up by the 0.0% beers. This is because of their particular brewing process which can lead to less carbs and sugar in the final beer.

Ive written about which of the 0.0% or 0.5% beers is lower in calories and the full reasons why here.

How many calories is in non alcoholic lager?

Lagers are the biggest selling beer in the world, regardless of alcohol or not.

31 of my reviews are non alcoholic lagers and pilsners, of these, the average calories per 100ml was 20.2kcal and 71.7kcal per 12fl oz serving.

This means the non alcoholic lagers are quite a bit lower in calories than the average non alcoholic beer. They will contain less carbs and less sugar, resulting in a lower calorie load.

For further reading about the calories and calorie saving in non alcoholic lager, you can read my full article here

How many calories are in non alcoholic IPAs?

IPAs or India Pale Ales, are one of the fastest growing types of beer and the darling of craft breweries across the globe. Hailing from London in the 1800s, they were made particularly hoppy and alcoholic to last on the voyage to India.

My beer reviews had 18 non alcoholic IPAs and the average calories per 100ml was 21.3kcal and 75.7kcal per 12fl oz serving.

Again, this is lower than the overall non alcoholic beer average.

To see how the non alcoholic IPAs compare to the alcoholic IPAs and alcoholic beers in general then you can read my article here

How many calories is in non alcoholic ale?

Ales are usually a more traditional beer, especially in the UK, but even the ales are undergoing change. There are more pale ales and American pale ales sprouting up as people like a hop heavy ale but perhaps more easy drinking or less alcoholic than an IPA.

25 of my beer reviews come from ales (non IPA ales) and the average calories per 100ml was 20.6kcal and 71.1kcal per 12fl oz serving.

This is an 8.8% reduction in calories vs the generic non alcoholic beer calorie count.

The overall non alcoholic beer average is brought up by the stouts/porters, sours and fruit beers.

How many calories are in non alcoholic stouts and porters?

I really over a dark beer. Porters were the original and then they branched off into stouts, stout porters as they used to be know. Stouts now have many different types with milk, oatmeal, dry irish and the heavy and alcoholic imperial all increasing in popularity.

F9 of my non alcoholic beer reviews were from stouts or porters and the average calories per 100ml was 24kcal and 85.2kcal per 12fl oz serving.

This is an 6.2% increase in calories vs the average non alcoholic beer. Stouts and in particular porters are sweeter and need more body, which generally comes from carbs. They might also have additional sugars, which dont undergo fermentation, added to them.

These sugars, such as the milk sugar lactose, add a creamy and sweet texture and flavour.

How many calories is in non alcoholic wheat beer?

I have came completely full circle on wheat beers. Before this website and all my reviews, i had thought i didn’t like wheat beers. I hadn’t tried them in 10 years +. Boy was that a mistake.

My top ranked beer of all time is Schneider weisse, you can see my complete list of best beers here

8 of my beer reviews have been wheat beers and the average calories per 100ml was 21.5kcal and 76.3kcal per 12fl oz serving.

The German wheat beers are often advertised as isotonic, and Erdinger also markets itself as a sports drink, with its own triathlon team! To read what an isotonic beer is and why it might be good you can click here to read my article on it

How many calories are in non alcoholic fruit beers?

Fruit beers and radlers (a shandy in the UK) are really great additions to the beer world. The extra fruit flavour is great, especially in the summer. The German radler, mixes 50% beer with 50%fruit lemonade, usually lemon or grapefruit. However this fruit comes at a sugar and calorie cost.

9 of my beer reviews were fruits or railers and the average calories per 100ml was 27.9kcal and 99kcal per 12fl oz serving.

This is a huge 23.5% increase in calories vs the average non alcoholic beer. This is squarely due to to the added sugar involved in them

How many calories are in non alcoholic sour beers?

If i had to pick one type of beer never to drink again, the choice would be easy, sour beers. They just don’t agree with me and i don’t enjoy them, as you will see from any of my reviews! A salty, sour, gose is not easy drinking to my palate and like the fruit beers, the are significantly higher in calories.

I could only manage 4 sour beers to review but the average calories per 100ml was 28.3kcal and 100.5kcal per 12fl oz serving.

This is an 25.2% increase in calories vs the average non alcoholic beer and like the fruit beer this is due to the added sugar that needs to go in to balance the acid.

BeerScore out of 10Type of beerABV %Calories (kcal)/100mlCalories (kcal)/12fl oz   
Nanny State9Ale0.5621.3
Nirvanan Hoppy Pale Ale6.5Pale Ale0.5931.95
Infinite Session IPA9IPA0.51035.5
Infinite Session Lager8.5Helles Lager0.51035.5
NEIPA The Cosmic Turtle8NEIPA0.51035.5
Lost AF8Lager0.51035.5
Are Wheat There Yet5.5Wheat0.51035.5
Infinite Session Pale8.5America Pale Ale0.51139.05
Coba Maya8.5Lager0.51139.05
Furstenberg Pils 0.0%7Pilsner0.01139.05
Fieldhopper6Golden Ale0.512.444.02
Doom Bar Zero8Ale0.01346.15
Southwold Pale Ale5.5Pale Ale0.51346.15
Carlsberg 0.08.5Pilsner0.01449.7
Becks Blue8Pilsner0.01449.7
Upside Dawn7Golden Ale0.51449.7
Budweiser Zero5.5Lager0.01449.7
Punk AF 5.5IPA0.51553.25
Budvar Nealko7.5Lager0.515.555.025
Guinness 0.09Stout0.01656.8
Lucky Saint 0.5%8.5Lager0.51656.8
Drink’in in the sun 8Pale Ale0.31656.8
Pica Nova7West Coast IPA0.31656.8
Fruh5.5Kolsch 0.01656.8
Double Strike4Sour0.51656.8
Rothaus Tannenzäpfle 0.4%9Pilsner0.41863.9
Stella Artois Alcohol Free7.5Lager0.01863.9
Pine Trail8.5Pale Ale0.518.565.675
Paradiso5.5Citra IPA0.518.565.675
Run Wild9IPA0.51967.45
Free Star4.5Lager0.01967.45
A Ship Full Of IPA8IPA0.02071
Nirvana Stout7.5Stout0.02071
Free Damm7Lager0.02071
Birra Moretti Zero6.5Lager0.02071
Nirvana Porter4.5Porter0.52071
Estrella Galicia7.5Pilsner0.02174.55
Sam’s Brown Ale6.5Brown Ale0.42174.55
Heineken 0.06Lager0.02174.55
Kloster andechs Weissbeir 0.5%4.5Wheat0.52174.55
Bitburger 0.0%9Pilsner0.02278.1
No Worries Pineapple8Fruit IPA0.52278.1
Woodcutter7Brown Ale0.52278.1
Grainwave6.5Belgian White0.52278.1
Peroni Libera6.5Lager0.02278.1
No Worries6.5IPA0.52278.1
Old Speckled Hen Low alcohol6.5Ale0.52278.1
No Worries Grapefruit5Fruit IPA0.52278.1
Henry Gose Lightly2Gose0.32278.1
Schneider Weisse Tap39.5Wheat0.52381.65
Super Bock7Lager0.52381.65
Ghost Ship 0.5%6.5Pale Ale0.52381.65
Zunft Kolsch 0.5%6Kolsch0.52381.65
Lidl IPA5Pale Ale0.52381.65
Perlenbacher 0.03Lager0.02381.65
Paulaner Weissbeir 0.09Wheat0.02485.2
San Miguel 0.07.5Pilsner0.02485.2
Cobra Zero4.5Lager0.02485.2
Bavaria 0.02.5Lager0.02485.2
Maisel’s Weisse9Wheat0.52588.75
Erdinger Grapefruit8.5Fruit0.52588.75
Erdinger Lemon8.5Fruit0.52588.75
Venture point five 0.5%8Ale0.52588.75
Erdinger Alkoholfrei8Wheat0.52588.75
Lazer Crush7.5IPA0.32588.75
All Out6.5Porter0.52588.75
St Peters Without8.5Ale0.02692.3
Off-Piste Hazelnut Porter8.5Porter0.52692.3
Clausthaler Unfiltered Dry Hopped8Lager0.42692.3
Veltins Pils 0.0%7Pilsner0.02692.3
Clausthaler Original6Lager0.52692.3
Galactic milk stout 0.5%8.5Stout0.52795.85
Limbo Series Yuzu5Fruit0.32795.85
Krombacher Weizen 0.5%9Wheat0.52899.4
Special Effects8Lager0.429102.95
Clausthaler Grapefruit6.5Shandy0.529102.95
No Worries Mango6Fruit IPA0.529102.95
No Worries Lemon4.5Fruit IPA0.529102.95
Lola9Coffee Porter0.3432113.6
Le Chauffeur9IPA0.3432113.6
Incel “Skippers”9Pilsner0.532113.6
Incel “Surfers”9Summer Ale0.532113.6
Incel SwimmersSaison Ale0.532113.6
Incel Snorkelers5Salt IPA0.532113.6
Esmeralda4Cerveza with Tequila0.532113.6
Lust For Life6DDH IPA0.033117.15
Brulo Dry Hopped Stout5.5Stout0.033117.15
Coast Hazy IPA4IPA0.033117.15
Coast Idaho 74IPA0.033117.15
Brulo Sabro Galaxy3.5DDH IPA0.033117.15
Limbo Series Raspberry6Fruit0.334120.7
Baltika lager 0.5%7.5Lager0.535124.25
Brulo 5 Fruit Gose6.5Gose0.037131.35
Brulo Mango Guava4.5IPA0.037131.35
Shallow Passion Pool4Fruit Gose0.238134.9
Leffe Blond 0.07.5Belgian Abbey Ale0.040142
Henry And His Science3.5Ale0.389315.95

Calories in Non Alcoholic Beers

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