How Many Beers Equals A Bottle Of Wine. The numbers crunched.

Picture the scene, a common on on a weekend. One night you are drinking beers and after 5 you felt quite drunk, the next you are drinking some wine and getting towards the end of the bottle and might feel more or less drunk. Just how does wine and beer compare, how many beers equals a bottle of wine?

How many beers equals a bottle of wine?

5 “standard” beers according to the USDA, equals one bottle of standard wine. A standard beer is 5% ABV and 12fl oz. A standard bottle of wine is 750ml or 25fl oz and 12% ABV. That means they both provide 70g of pure alcohol.

If you are comparing a light beer to a heavy red wine then the ratio is more likely to be 6 or 7 beers to equal that bottle of wine.

What is a standard beer?

Beers come in lots of different shapes, sizes and strengths. There is no point in me saying “standard beer” and you imagining some 14% Imperial Stout when i mean a 5% Pilsner.

Luckily for everyone, the USDA have devised a list of “standard” alcoholic drinks. Each one contains the exact same amount of alcohol – 14g of alcohol (0.6 ounces).

Below is a list of the standard drinks, volumes and ABV that all give 14g of alcohol.

Drink and volumeAlcohol content
12fl oz Beer5%
5fl oz Wine12%
1.5fl oz Spirit40%
Standard drinks

So as you can see, a standard beer is a 12fl oz and 5% alcohol by volume beer. I will be using these figures for the calculations.

What is a standard glass of wine?

As you can see from the table above, a standard glass of wine is defined as 5fl oz and 12% ABV.

In reality, many wines will differ from this ABV. Whites and sparkling wines can come in around 12% but a really heavy red will certainly be a higher ABV and could get up to 15% ABV and above.

How many standard glasses of wine in a bottle of wine?

Wine bottles are 750ml or 25fl oz.

Standard sized glasses of wine are 150ml or 5fl oz so that equates to 5 glasses of wine in a bottle if you go by standard servings.

How many glasses of wine to get drunk?

The CDC states it takes the average 160lb adult male, 4 standard wines to get drunk. A standard glass of wine is 5fl oz and 12% ABV. The 4 wines have to be drank over 1-2 hours. If you are a female or lighter then it will take less wine, if you are a significantly heavier male, it may take 5+ glasses of wine to get drunk.

You can see the full math here

How many cans of beer to get drunk?

The same rules apply from the CDC. It would take 4 standard cans of beer to get drunk.

Will wine or beer get you drunk quicker?

If you are going to drink 5 beers or a bottle of wine, which will get you drunk quicker?

They both contain the same amount of alcohol (70g) so it comes down to which you can drink quicker and which you can absorb the alcohol from faster.

5 standard beers is 60fl oz or 1675ml whereas a bottle of wine is only 25fl oz or 750ml. You may be able to drink the smaller volume quicker or the others might be able to drink the lower ABV liquid quicker.

You stomach is likely to be able to process the smaller volume wine quicker and pass that into your bloodstream.

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