Gordon’s 0.0 Alcohol Free Pink Gin Review. Class act.

It the world of gin, you don’t get any bigger than Gordon’s. They have piled in to the alcohol free market and their Gordon’s 0.0 is brilliant. Now they are branching out even further.

Gordon’s new “Premium Pink” 0.0 alcohol free gin is so new, it hasn’t even been added to the Gordon’s website yet.

Just in time for summer 2022, this pink gin looks the part and if the taste is on a power with the regular 0.0 gin, then this will be a huge winner for them. The big question is, will it be?

What type of gin is Gordon’s 0.0 Pink?

Pink gins are traditionally based off Plymouth sweet gin (as opposed to London Dy gin) with the addition of Angostura bitters.

These days, a pink gin will be a gin with some red fruit flavours rather than the juniper heavy standard gin. You might get a host of strawberry/raspberry and redcurrant such as this gin or even just rhubarb like Clean Co Clean G Rhubarb.

The sweetness should remain tho, so a modern pink gin will taste a bit sweeter than the mouth drying clear gins.

How is Gordon’s 0.0 Pink made?

In general, non alcoholic gin is made in the same way as traditional gin. Botanicals are macerated in a 96% ABV neutral alcohol or the alcohol is infused through them in a vapour.

Over multiple rounds of distillation the alcohol is removed leaving just the botanical flavours and aromatic compounds in water.

Gordon’s 0.0 Pink Ingredients

Unlike a beer ingredients list or even some other spirits, the ingredients list in a gin usually looks a bit barren. The secret sauce is the list of botanicals they use to make the gin and then flavour the final product.

Gordon’s 0.0 Pink includes…

  • Water
  • Natural flavourings
  • Acids

We know a gin has to be predominantly juniper based and this pink gin is flavoured with strawberry, raspberry and some tart redcurrant.

Gordon’s 0.0 Pink Nutrition

Apart from the obvious no alcohol, they next biggest plus point in my book for the alcohol free gins is the absolutely huge calorie savings on offer.

Below is the outstanding nutrition profile of a 50ml serving of Gordon’s 0.0 Pink

Per 100ml Per 50ml serving
Calories 11kcal6kcal
Gordon’s 0.0 Pink Nutritional Data

If we compare this calorie count to what a standard measure of gin will contain you will see just how big a saving you are getting…

GinKcal count per 1.5 fl oz% of calories 
Standard USDA measure gin97100%
Gordon’s 0.0% Pink55%
Gordon’s 0.0%55%
Tanqueray 0.0%55%
Clean Co Clean G Rhubarb 0.5%12.413%
Non alcoholic gin comparison – “full”

Gordon’s 0.0 Premium Pink has about 5% of the calories compared to a full alcoholic gin and it even has about half the calories than a comparable non alcoholic pink (rhubarb) gin from Clean Co.

For a full review of calories in non alcoholic and alcohol free gin, you can read my article on it here

The Look

The bottle is unmistakably Gordon’s with lots of strawberries and raspberries on the label. The tell us it is a “premium pink” and I would tend to believe them

The gin itself is just on the red side of pink I would suggest but it does scream summer red berry fruits. It is one of the prettier looking alcohol free drinks on the market as the usual gins are colourless.

Once you add tonic then the colour does lighten significantly and would be a pale pink at that point.

The Aroma

Much like the regular Gordon’s 0.0 gin, you smell this and you can’t believe it is alcohol free. There seems to be a pungent push of gin then a bouquet of strawberry and raspberry.

As you would imagine from the ingredients and flavourings, I does smell a bit sweeter than the Gordons 0.0 gin.

The Taste

As with all my gin reviews, I am tasting this with FeverTree Light tonic water.

My very first sip is all gin, that mouth drying juniper flavour that would normally build and keep going takes a right turn into sweet beery flavours.

The berry sweetness is perhaps a bit more subtle than the huge juniper gin hit from the regular 0.0. The flavour is quite big, it does last for a good length in the mouth but I would not say it is as strong or a like for like replacement as the usual 0.0 is to regular gin.

That said, I do like the subtleness. You find yourself concentrating on it more and savouring the flavours rather than them come and jump into your mouth.

The end is the same as the beginning. Strawberry and raspberry make way for a juniper gin base until the flavour disappears.

The Verdict

This is a highly enjoyable, if a bit more refined and subtle a gin from Gordon’s. 

Does it leave you wondering if it really is 0.0% like the regular Gordon’s 0.0 or the Tanqueray 0.0? No. Is it delicious and refreshing? Yes

The Score


This is more a summer, hot sunny day drink, than a year round standard gin. The flavours are slightly muted but I think it was designed that way.

If you like a pink gin then I would suggest you will very much like this one.

I have written 11 reasons you should try non alcoholic gin, an overview of why the market is so popular now.

Non alcoholic gin also has a number of surprising health benefits if you needed any more reasons to get trying today.

Where to buy Gordon’s 0.0 Pink ?

You can buy this on Amazon, if you would like to see the live price then click on this link.

Alternatively, this is available in all the big supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsburys and i would be surprised if it is not in a lot of local off sales over the summer.

*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

Is Gordon’s 0.0 Pink really alcohol free?

Yes, to be called alcohol free there can not be more than 0.05% alcohol by volume and Gordon’s 0.0 range comes in under this.

For context, an orange juice will have about 0.5% alcohol by volume.

Can you get drunk on Gordon’s 0.0 Pink?

To get drunk, you need to drink x3200 1.5fl oz shots of Gordon’s 0.0 Pink in less than 2 hrs.

This equals 4800fl oz of Gordon’s 0.0 Pink, 35 gallons of Gordon’s 0.0 Pink or 142 litres of Gordon’s 0.0 Pink in 2hours. 

Anther way to look at it is you will have to drink x80 1.5fl oz shots of Gordon’s 0.0 Pink, every 3mins, for 2 hours, to get drunk.

It is not possible to drink 4800fl oz of Gordon’s 0.0 Pink in 2 hours, so it is not possible to get drunk on Gordon’s 0.0 Pink.

Is Gordon’s 0.0 Pink gluten free? 

Yes, Gordon’s 0.0 Pink is gluten free. No grains are used and if they were, the gluten would not survive the distillation process.

I have an entire article on non alcoholic beers and gluten if you want more information on gluten in drinks

Is Gordon’s 0.0 Pink vegan?

Gordon’s 0.0 Pink gin is indeed vegan, as are all their gins, both alcoholic and alcohol free.

For more on vegan gins see my article on the matter. Why gins may or may not be and how to check.

Review Overview

This is more a summer, hot sunny day drink, than a year round standard gin. The flavours are slightly muted but I think it was designed that way.


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