Free Star Primetime Alcohol Free Beer Review.

About Free Star

Free Star have 2 interesting things going on…

  1. The are not actually brewing the beer, it is not fermented with any yeast. The malted barley is just blended with hops and water to make this. They add some other flavouring and hey presto a beer is made. However i’m struggling to believe just mixing hops and malt makes a beer with no fermentation at all. Will it taste like a beer?
  2. They make a big song and dance about being sustainable. They no fermentation method emits 90% less CO2, uses 80% less water, 80% less energy and creates 70% less waste than all other methods. Is it worth is?

What type of beer is Free Star Primetime

Free Star Primetime is a lager. Although they claim it is an “IPA style lager”

Lagers and ales are fundamentally different with different yeasts, one is top fermenting and one is bottom fermenting. One is cold brewed and the other warm. So im not getting this IPA styled lager.

Do they mean this is a bit more hoppy like a pilsner styled lager? Unsure really but a red flag.

The fact they don’t use any yeast or brew at a temperature etc makes it difficult to call this a lager or an IPA.

The Ingredients

So what is this IPA styled lager going to give us?

Free Star Primetime includes…

  • Water
  • Malted barley
  • Perle Hops
  • Natural ingredients

Not many beers name their hops in the ingredients list. Perle is a German hops that is known for orange and spice flavours. I suppose that can be nice in a lager.

When i see “natural ingredients” i often hate it. What are they and why are they needed? Well in this case, without any fermentation and yeast they might be. Apparently they add bergamot, pomelo, lemon and lime to the beer. Im not sure i would put all those in a pale lager to be honest.

The Nutrition

So they are not brewing the beer and adding lots of fragrant ingredients. How will the nutrition reflect it?

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 19kcal
Free Star Primetime Nutrition stats

Middle of the road really. Ok calorie count, slightly high carbs and reasonably low sugar. They are relying on all these flavours to produce seemingly.

The Look

The orange can certainly grabs the eye and there is a star on it for the name.

The beer is classically pale lager coloured and an ok head

The Aroma

There is a very hoppy fragrant smell. It is floral, very perfumed and it is quite unusual. I would say it is like the Heineken 0.0 smell but on steroids.

I cant decide if I like it or not. On the to taste test.

The Taste

No, that is just strange. It doesn’t taste like any lager I have had or want to drink. There is limited barley malt and if this taste is the hops they are using I would think again

It does taste orange so the perle hops have added something. The orange can is a nod to the flavour

The added natural ingredients are just to spiced and floral for me. They don’t work in a beer.

On the positives you cant say it lacks body or is on the thin side. It is certainly a meaty style of alcohol free lager that can be difficult to produce but I would liken the taste to a really strong version of the lidl beer. 

It is overly sweet somehow and no real beer tastes coming to the fore. If you had bought this wanting a lager then you would be disappointed.

Ive not tried many no fermentation beers but they are never good. They just don’t taste like beer.

The Verdict

I cant get behind this one.

Sustainable or not I don’t like the flavours and it just doesn’t even taste like a beer to me.

The Score

4.5/10 – big miss for me im afraid. If you like floral, fruity, sweet lagers then give it a try

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Where to buy?

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Is Free Star Primetime gluten free?

Free Star Primetime is gluten free and confirmed by the company

I have an entire article on non alcoholic beers and gluten if you want more information.

Is Free Star Primetime vegan?

Free Star Primetime is vegan friendly as well.

For more on vegan beers see my article on the matter. Why beers may or may not be and how to check.

Review Overview

Big miss for me im afraid. If you like floral, fruity, sweet lagers then give it a try


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