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Seedlip is the first distilled non alcoholic spirit and one of the most premium on the market.

However as a new drink in a relatively new market (non alcoholic), many people have questions they need answered. Hopefully i will provide the answer to some of the common questions below.

What type of drink is Seedlip?

Seedlip is a non alcoholic spirit. It would have most in common with a non alcoholic gin but it isn’t one.

Gin must have juniper berries as its main flavour, along with other botanicals. The Seedlip range isn’t flavoured with juniper so gets labelled as a non alcoholic spirit.

Does Seedlip taste like Gin?

I think the closest type of spirit to Seedlip would be a gin. Even without the Juniper, all 3 Seedlip drinks are highly aromatic and reminiscent of a gin.

If you like gin and non alcoholic gin like i do, the mouth feel and botanicals of Seedlip are a very good fit for your palate.

Where is Seedlip from?

Seedlip was founded in 2015 by Ben Branson. It is billed as the worlds first distilled non alcoholic spirit.

It is made and bottled in England

What is Seedlip nutrition profile?

All 3 Seedlip Drinks (Grove 42, Spice 94 and Garden 108) have the same nutrition profile

Calories – 0kcal

Carbohydrate – 0g

Sugar – 0g

Alcohol – <0.5% ABV

Clearly that is very impressive numbers meaning all the calories you consume will come from your mixer.

Lets look at a few FeverTree Tonics on the market…

FeverTree TonicKcal per 150ml mixerSugar per 150ml mixer
Elderflower Tonic Water5111.7g
Light Indian Tonic Water234.4g
Premium Indian Tonic Water4210.7
Aromatic Tonic Water5611.7g
FeverTree mixers

You can see there is a big variation in calories and added sugar form the mixers so your healthy choices not only has to include your spirit but also the mixer.

What are the ingredients in Seedlip?

Let’s take the 3 different drinks separately as they have unique ingredients and flavour profiles. According to Seedlip, they have…

Seedlip garden 108, grove 42 and spice 94 i bought and drank for this review
Seedlip collection

Seedlip Spice 94

  • Cascarilla
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemon
  • Seedlip Grove 42

  • Blood orange
  • Lemongrass
  • Lemon
  • Mandarin
  • Ginger
  • Seedlip Graden 108

  • Peas
  • Hay
  • Spearmint
  • Rosemary
  • Hops
  • Thyme
  • As you can see there is quite the range of flavours and combinations. To be honest it is hard to guess what the drinks taste like until you do.

    How do you drink Seedlip?

    Seedlip have recommended servings for their drinks. They also have a wide variety of “NoLo” cocktails to make what are delicious.

    Seedlip Spice 94

    To make the signature Seedlip & Tonic, pour 50ml over ice, top w/ tonic & garnish w/ a twist of Grapefruit peel.

    Seedlip Grove 42

    Simply serve 50ml over ice, top w/ a premium tonic & garnish w/ a twist of Orange peel.

    Seedlip Garden 108

    Pour 50ml of Seedlip Garden 108 over ice, top w/ tonic & garnish w/ a Sugar Snap Pea or Mint sprig.

    Is Seedlip healthy?

    Considering Seedlip has zero calories and zero sugar it should be considered healthy!

    Im slightly suspect of Seedlip having absolutely no calories tho, it can have up to 0.5% alcohol by volume which will give a calorie or two but we won’t fall out over it.

    If you are looking for an adult style spirit or gin and want to loose weight or reduce your sugar intake then this should be near the top of the list.

    Ive written a full article on non alcoholic gins in relation to calories and sugar available here

    How is Seedlip made?

    They are naturally a bit coy with the entire distillation process but we are told that it takes 6 weeks in total.

    It involves bespoke maceration, distillation in a copper pot then the blending & filtration for each individual ingredient. Lastly they blend and bottle it all in England.

    Why is Seedlip so expensive?

    Seedlip tell us they source only the finest ingredients from across the globe. Their production and maceration also takes 6 weeks which is longer than most spirits take to make.

    Seedlip is priced based on three things:

    1. The costs of these high quality ingredients, flown in from all over the world.
    2. The 6 weeks making it, expertise, equipment etc
    3. The fact using alcohol requires lots of taxes and licenses etc.

    They basically make a very high quality distilled spirit drink and then have to do an additional process to remove the alcohol from it, hence they price themselves accordingly.

    Is Seedlip really alcohol free?

    Not quite, which is slightly irritating.

    Seedlip say their drinks will have a trace amount of alcohol but not more than 0.5% ABV, which is still considered non alcoholic, but not alcohol free.

    You may want to take this into account with various medical conditions and religious beliefs.

    You can read my entire article on how to tell how much alcohol is in a non alcoholic gin here

    What do the illustrations mean on the Seedlip bottles?

    The illustrations are designed by Raku Inoue and contain the 6 key ingredients found in each drink. The animal depicted can be found on the founder, Ben Branson’s family farm.

    What do the numbers mean on the Seedlip bottles?

    Seedlip Spice 94

    The 94 is a nod to the year 1494 when Europeans first came across Allspice berries in Jamaica.

    Seedlip Grove 42

    42 is from the date 1542 when oranges first made it to Europe

    Seedlip Garden 108

    Peas take on average, 108 days from when you plant them to when you harvest them, hence Garden 108.

    Can i drink Seedlip on medication?

    Seedlip tell us “We are unable to advise if Seedlip is safe for consumption with specific medications”

    In reality 0.5% ABV is such a trace amount that it should have no impact but if in doubt them speak to your Doctor.

    Is it safe to drink Seedlip when pregnant?

    I have a full article on non alcoholic drinks in pregnancy can be seen here.

    This is where the 0.5% ABV can become annoying. All the Obstetric Colleges around the world recommend no alcohol, 0.5% is clearly “some” alcohol but it is broken down almost immediately and any doctor i have spoken to doesn’t think it would be an issue for a few drinks.

    If you compare Seedlip to a glass of fresh orange juice which has an ABV of 0.5% as well you can see it is negligible.

    Seedlip themselves say…

    “Yes! Seedlip is a non-alcoholic alternative for those not able to drink alcohol.”

    If you compare that to a glass of fresh orange juice has an ABV of 0.5%.

    Is it safe to drink Seedlip when breastfeeding?

    I have written a full article on drinking non alcoholic drinks whilst breastfeeding here

    The advice when breastfeeding is slightly less stringent than when pregnant. As such there should be no issue drinking Seedlip whilst breastfeeding.

    If you wish to be cautious then you can wait 1-2hrs post drinking it before breastfeeding or expressing.

    Does Seedlip get you drunk?

    I do not believe it is possible to get drunk on 0.5% non alcoholic spirits or gin.

    I have crunched all the numbers and have written an article about it here

    For a 0.5% gin you would need to consume x150 1.5 fl oz measures to have the equivalent of 2 standard gins. That is the level you might start feeling effects of alcohol.

    This means you’d need to be drinking one every 24 seconds for an hour. Imagine drinking a gin with a mixer every 24 seconds!

    Can you drink Seedlip and drive?

    Following on from the fact 0.5% ABV drinks like Seedlip can’t really get you drunk, you are equally safe to drink them and drive.

    Im sure you can guess by now but ive done the math on this one too and written an article about it here.

    The strictest parts of America have an under 21, zero tolerance zone or policy to blood alcohol levels and driving. Even in these zones, you would be able to have 5 or less “non alcoholic” 0.5% ABV drinks before getting a DUI.

    It is something to consider tho. If you are not subject to those zero tolerance rules then the amount you can drink is vastly higher.

    What does Seedlip taste like?

    My full Seedlip tasting review of all 3 drinks is available here. A quick summary is…

    Seedlip Spice 94

    Everything from the aroma transfers to the palate. Loads of Christmas style spices and citrus. The end lasts forever with a bitter note. Definitely the best non alcoholic spirit i’ve tried. 10/10

    Seedlip Grove 42

    Absolutely class again. Huge hits of the 3 different oranges and you can really taste the bitter notes, citrus and sweet flavours. The ginger appears more on the tasting for a bit of heat on the tongue. 9.5/10

    Seedlip Garden 108

    They flavours are as strong as the Spice and Grove its just i’m maybe not what i want in my spirit, not every time anyway. I think this lends itself perfectly to the NoLo cocktails with its minty flavour. 8.5/10

    Where can you buy Seedlip?

    You can flow this link to Amazon to see the live prices of the full range.

    You can try these at Wise Bartender as well, a brilliant non alcoholic retailer

    Is Seedlip halal?

    The 0.5% ABV again becomes a bit tricky here.

    Ive researched this extensively and believe that 0.5% drinks can be Halal as i do not think they can get you drunk.

    Ive written about the different types of non alcoholic and alcohol free gins and if they are Halal here

    If you wanted to be super cautious then i would suggest not to consider 0.5% ABV drinks like Seedlip as halal and only the true 0.0% ones.

    Is Seedlip gluten free?

    Seedlip is gluten free as confirmed by Seedlip themselves here

    They contain no grains and if they did the gluten would not survive the distillation process.

    Is Seedlip vegan?

    Yes and it is confirmed on Barnivore.com

    Seedlip confirm there are no animal products used in their drink or production.

    If you want to read more about what can and cant make a non alcoholic gin be vegan then read my article on it here

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