Everything You Want To Know About Erdinger Alkoholfrei.

Erdinger Alkoholfrei beer i bought and drank for this review

People have been enjoying the Erdinger range of wheat beers for years. They have produced a fantastic non-alcoholic beer which is now being sold around the world.

However with any new product or sector, people have questions that may seem simple, but it’s only simple if you know the answer!

I have complied a range of questions i have seen about Erdinger Alkoholfrei. If you have any more, leave me a comment.

About Erdinger

Erdinger have been brewing wheat beers in Bavaria, Germany, for about 130 years. They say they have “stood for carefully nurtured Bavarian wheat beer culture and perfect enjoyment”

In 2020, their total sales were 1.5 million hectoliters of beer and is the largest family-owned wheat beer brewery.

What type of beer is Erdinger Alkoholfrei?

Erdinger Alkoholfrei is a “weissbrau” or wheat beer.

This means the main grain used will be wheat and not barley.  In general, they’re hazy, citrusy, and have fuller mouthfeel.

Erdinger Alkoholfrei Ingredients

Let’s have a look at the ingredients. As a rule, the Germans are kings at keeping beers simple. Erdinger won’t comply with the German Purity Law as it contains wheat and not just barley

  • Water,
  • Wheat Malt,
  • Barley Malt,
  • Hops,
  • Yeast,
  • Carbon Dioxide

As expected then. Note there is no “natural flavourings”. Good lads.

Erdinger Alkoholfrei Nutrition

Like the ingredients, the nutrition profile is important, especially in a non alcoholic beer. You ideally want all the flavour without lots of added sugar.

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 25kcal

That is a high sugar content but the reason for this is so the beer is “isotonic”. Read on for what that means.

Erdinger Alkolholfrei is Isotonic, what does that mean?

An isotonic beer will have sugar levels similar to those naturally found in the human body. This basically means that an isotonic beer will more quickly hydrate your body and be used as fuel.

They are so keen to promote their beer as a healthy and sporty choice they have their own triathlon team!

Is Erdinger Alkoholfrei really alcohol free?

Despite being classed as “alcohol free” this doesn’t mean it has 0.0% ABV. In the EU they are allowed to use the term alcohol free when UK and US beers wouldn’t be.

Erdinger Alkoholfrei actually has up to 0.5% ABV. To be honest this still a tiny amount and various fruits and breads can have more.

You can read my entire article on how to tell how much alcohol is in a non alcoholic beer here

What does Erdinger Alkoholfrei taste like?

Erdinger is a colossus in the German wheat beer world and even the wider world beer market. It formed a nice head and smelt like a great wheat beer. It has a great mouth feel and not one you would say was empty and watery. 

Initially i thinking, oh boy, this is a top top beer. The more i drink the more i taste the sweetness and the sweet after taste. Looking at the nutrition data that is no surprise.

Erdinger has one of the highest sugar contents of any beer ive tried. That certainly helps the mouthful but at a cost. 

If you are having 1-2 and don’t care about the sugar then this is a 9/10+. It’s still lower cal than nearly all “full” alcoholic beers. The taste is top notch if a touch sweet on the palate the more you take.

Is it safe to drink Erdinger Alkoholfrei when pregnant?

I have a full article on non alcoholic drinks in pregnancy can be seen here.

This is where the 0.5% ABV can become annoying. All the Obstetric Colleges around the world recommend no alcohol, 0.5% is clearly “some” alcohol but it is broken down almost immediately and any doctor i have spoken to doesn’t think it would be an issue for a few drinks.

A ripe banana can have up to 0.4% alcohol by volume. I have a full review of alcohol in common foods here, some of it is very surprising!

Is it safe to drink Erdinger Alkoholfrei when breastfeeding?

I have written a full article on drinking non alcoholic drinks whilst breastfeeding here

The advice when breastfeeding is slightly less stringent than when pregnant. As such there should be no issue drinking Erdinger Alkoholfrei whilst breastfeeding.

If you wish to be cautious then you can wait 1-2hrs post drinking it before breastfeeding or expressing.

If you compare that to a glass of fresh orange juice has an ABV of up to 0.73%. I have a full review of alcohol in common foods here, some of it is very surprising!

Does Erdinger Alkoholfrei get you drunk?

I do not believe it is possible to get drunk on 0.5% non alcoholic spirits or gin.

I have crunched all the numbers and have written an article about it here

You would need to drink 20 bottles quickly and keep drinking at that pace to feel some of the effects of alcohol.

Can you drink Erdinger Alkoholfrei and drive?

Following on from the fact 0.5% ABV drinks like Erdinger Alkoholfrei can’t really get you drunk, you are equally safe to drink them and drive.

Im sure you can guess by now but ive done the math on this one too and written an article about it here.

The strictest parts of America have an under 21, zero tolerance zone or policy to blood alcohol levels and driving. Even in these zones, you would be able to have 5 or less “non alcoholic” 0.5% ABV drinks before getting a DUI.

It is something to consider tho. If you are not subject to those zero tolerance rules then the amount you can drink is vastly higher.

Is Erdinger Alkoholfrei halal?

As a “non alcoholic” 0.5% there is doubt

Ive researched this extensively and believe that 0.5% drinks can be Halal as i do not think they can get you drunk.

Ive written about the different types of non alcoholic and alcohol free gins and if they are Halal here

If you wanted to be super cautious then i would suggest not to consider 0.5% ABV drinks like Erdinger Alkoholfrei as halal and only the true 0.0% ones.

Is Erdinger Alkoholfrei gluten free?

Erdinger Alkoholfrei is not gluten free as it contains barley and wheat.

I have an entire article on non alcoholic beers and gluten if you want more information.

Is Erdinger Alkoholfrei vegan?

Yes. It is also listed on barnivore.com as vegan.

For more on vegan beers see my article on the matter. Why beers may or may not be and how to check.

Where to buy

You can check out the latest prices and deals on Amazon by following the link below

You can try these at Wise Bartender as well, a brilliant non alcoholic retailer

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Notes from Erdinger

The essential vitamins B9 and B12, as well as the natural polyphenols, contained in our ERDINGER Alkoholfrei have numerous positive effects on the human organism. For example, they support the immune system and promote performance.

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