Erdinger Alkoholfrei Lemon Review. Zingy bliss.

What type of beer is Erdinger Alkoholfrei Lemon?

Erdinger itself is a wheat beer

With the addition of lemon is transforms into a fruit beer. Fruit beer is beer made with fruit added as an adjunct or flavouring. They are becoming increasingly popular and are also added to sour beers.

The Nutrition

Usually when you add fruit to a beer you get a spike in sugar. Not least to make the added acid from the lemon palatable. You would run the risk of having a very acidic and sour beer without a decent whack of sugar, how much is in this one…

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 25kcal
Nutrition profile

That is quite a lot. In fact, 4.8g/100ml of added sugar is the highest value i have seen in over 100 beers so far. Although ive only just started to buy fruit beers so i may get some more. But in general, this is an outlier in the non alcoholic beer world.

The Look

Smaller 330ml bottle with classic yellow lemon styling. You are in no doubt as to what the flavour will be.

The beer is on the light to slightly yellow side and hazy, not clear. It looks entriging.

The Aroma

Ok, there is certainly lemon. It smells like Lemon Fanta or something. I suppose if you are having a lemon beer you might as well have a really lemon beer

I honestly cant pick up anything else, not even usually quite pungent wheat beer smells

The Taste

Not what I was expecting! I thought this was just going to taste like a lemon fanta as well as smell like one but it manages to stop a level or two down from that.

Now, im not saying lemon isn’t the dominant flavour or that it is subtle in any way, it isn’t. It does integrate into the wheat beer quite nicely tho and you get the beer mixed in with the sharp lemon which offsets the sweetness somewhat.

There is quite a bit of sweetness tho so I would imagine if you drink more than 1 you will start feeling your teeth a bit.

The big players of flavour, mouthfeel and body are all performing very well here. It is one of the best fruit beers ive had and it is very refreshing.

If you are in the mood for a fruit beer ive not had many better to be honest.

The Verdict

As a one off beer, if you are in the mood for a fruit beer, this is pretty special.

The Score

8.5/10 – I recognise this is higher than I rated normal Erdinger alkoholfrei but comparing this to the smaller pool of fruit beers, it is very good.

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Where to buy?

You can try these at Wise Bartender as well, a brilliant non alcoholic retailer

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*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

Is Erdinger Alkoholfrei Lemon Gluten Free?

Erdinger Alkoholfrei Lemon is not gluten free

I have an entire article on non alcoholic beers and gluten if you want more information.

Is Erdinger Alkoholfrei Lemon Vegan?

Yes, all Erdinger beers are vegan as confirmed on

For more on vegan beers see my article on the matter. Why beers may or may not be and how to check.

Review Overview

8.5/10 – I recognise this is higher than I rated normal Erdinger alkoholfrei but comparing this to the smaller pool of fruit beers, it is very good.


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