Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc Alcohol Free Wine Review

What type of wine is Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc?

Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc is a dealcoholised wine made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes.

Sauvignon Blanc grapes are green skinned and hail from Bordeaux originally. The most popular versions are the cooler climate ones, from the likes of New Zealand.

When sauvignon blanc is grown in cooler climates, it gives a classical acidic hit with lots of “green” flavours. Although in a warm climate there will be more tropical (think passion fruit) and even floral (think elderflower) notes.

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How is Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc made?

All the Eisberg wines are made by a process called “Vacuum Distillation”

A two stage distillation is used to remove the aromatic compounds. It can be done at 30 degrees due to the vacuum so as not to damage the compounds.

Ordinarily when you want to remove alcohol, you would have to heat it to a much higher temperature but then you start to lose some of the aromatic compounds. With a vacuum, you can limit the temperature you need to heat the wine to in order for the alcohol to boil off. This saves more of the aromatic flavour compounds.

Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc Ingredients

Dealcoholised wine’s ingredients usually aren’t as exciting as a non alcoholic beer might be, but we will have a look.

Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc includes…

  • Alcohol free merlot wine
  • Rectified concentrated grape must
  • Natural flavourings
  • Carbon dioxide

Pretty standard i suppose. The vast majority will be wine, they have added some grape must for flavour and sweetness but I’m disappointed in “natural flavourings”. What is it and why is the flavour not from the wine.

Carbon dioxide is usually there for bubbles and fizz although their Rose has this and there was no fizz

Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc Nutrition

On to the nutrition. Alcohol free wines will certainly have a base amount of sugar, they don’t go a huge amount under 4g per 100ml and usually above 5g per 100ml, especially in a white or rose.

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 23kcal
Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc Nutrition

Pretty standard numbers again from Eisberg, middle of the road. Not terrible but not amazing.

Sometimes 2 wines with the same sugar content can taste hugely different in terms of sweetness so i hope this isn’t too sweet.

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Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc Look

The Sauvignon Blanc has the same label styling as the other wines in the Eisberg range. I have commented on it before. It is a mixed bag, most of the label is pretty clean and easy to read but near the bottom gets a bit hard. 

The wine itself is a pale white wine, almost like a really pale apple juice 

Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc Aroma

Oh, there is a big hit of tropical type smells, I wasn’t expecting that from Eisberg. Having another good hard sniff I can pick out other smells such as peach, apple and some classic gooseberry. I guess this is more a warmer climate sauvignon blanc.

It is certainly a good start on the nose.

Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc Taste

Ok, ok, this isn’t a bad drink. 

Ideally, I would like a sharp Sav blanc hit, like a cool climate New Zealand wine, but this is very difficult to achieve without alcohol. 

Perhaps the nearest I have had was the McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc.

This is maybe a touch sweeter than I would want from a sav blanc but there are good flavours here.

You get all the same ones again from the smell. The tropical mango and papaya as well as all the green fruits you might expect, especially apple and gooseberry. 

If it was a bit heavier on the gooseberry you might get that sharp flavour you are after. 

All in all, it is quite wine like and doesn’t taste overly sweet. 

Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc Verdict

A good effort from Eisberg, perhaps their best one?

I think I would rate this a bit higher than their Rose and could see myself enjoying an ice cold glass on a hot summers day, or better yet, at a picnic.

Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc Score

8/10 – I’m surprising myself with a score this high but the flavours are there and they’ve not gone overboard on the sugar. It is very good value for money.

Where to buy Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc?

All the big supermarkets have these.

You can try these at Wise Bartender as well, a brilliant non alcoholic retailer

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*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

Is Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc gluten free? 

Yes, Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc is gluten free.

Is Eisberg Merlot Sauvignon Blanc?

Yes, Eisberg Sauvignon Blanc is vegan

For more on vegan wine see my article on the matter, why wines may or may not be and how to check.

Review Overview

I'm surprising myself with a score this high but the flavours are there and they’ve not gone overboard on the sugar. It is very good value for money.


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