Eisberg Alcohol Free Merlot Review. Does cheap mean avoid?

What type of wine is Eisberg Merlot?

Eisberg Merlot is a dealcoholised wine made from merlot grapes.

Merlot is the second only to “king” Cabernet Sauvignon in terms of red wine popularity around the world.

It has a slight blue tinge and is sometimes described as tasting like cherries or chocolate. The tannins are very soft and it is primarily tasted on the tongue and not around the mouth.

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How is Eisberg Merlot made?

All the Eisberg wines are made by a process called “Vacuum Distillation”

A two stage distillation is used to remove the aromatic compounds. It can be done at 30 degrees due to the vacuum so as not to damage the compounds.

Ordinarily when you want to remove alcohol, you would have to heat it to a much higher temperature but then you start to lose some of the aromatic compounds. With a vacuum, you can limit the temperature you need to heat the wine to in order for the alcohol to boil off. This saves more of the aromatic flavour compounds.

Eisberg Merlot Ingredients

Usually you don’t get too funny ingredients in an alcohol free wine which has just been dealcoholised.

Eisberg Merlot includes…

  • Alcohol free merlot wine
  • Rectified concentrated grape must
  • Natural flavourings

The merlot wine is clearly the largest ingredient but having the gape must in for both flavour and sugar is fairly standard practice. I am not a fan of sweet red wines tho so i have they haven’t got too much in.

Eisberg Merlot Nutrition

How will the grape must (sugar) affect the nutritional stats?

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 23kcal
Eisberg Merlot Nutrition Stats

5g per 100ml of sugar is slightly high or par for the course. In a decent alcoholic free red wine, with lots of flavour, you can get away with that much sugar, as it adds to the body.

If the wine lacks punch and body, then 5g per 100ml of sugar can leave it far too sweet.

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Eisberg Merlot Look

The bottle is simply styled but maybe not as classy as the Mcguigan zero bottles. 

The wine itself is a very pale but clear ruby. It doesn’t scream concentrated flavour and taste but rather cheap and thin.

Eisberg Merlot Aroma

Unsurprisingly from the colour, not a lot if jumping out of the glass and up your nose. You get a whiff of blackberry and you could talk yourself into plum but it is fairly muted.

There is the dreaded twang of a faint vinegar smell tho. I hope that doesn’t translate into the taste.

Eisberg Merlot Taste

It just a bit of a nothing wine this. If I could translate a shrug of the shoulders into a paragraph that’s what it is.

It doesn’t have a harsh tone or a bad finish and thankfully there isn’t even any vinegar twang that I thought might be there from the smell.

It is just the flavours are weak and don’t last and it just tastes too sweet for a red wine.

Call me crazy but in a red wine, I want body, depth of flavour, a lingering fruity end note and certainly not to be sweet like a grape juice.

This is a ok drink but a poor red wine.

Eisberg Merlot Verdict

You get what you pay for I suppose. This Eisberg Merlot is pretty cheap so do not have high expectations. If you’ve never drank red wine you might like it or if you want a grape type drink, it isn’t bad. 

What it isn’t, is a decent non alcoholic red wine.

Eisberg Merlot Score

4.5/10 – If you need to save money but want a slightly adult grape drink then give it a try, however there are much, much better wines in the same sort of price bracket or a little bit more which wont leave you as disappointed.

Where to buy Eisberg Merlot?

All the big supermarkets have these.

You can try these at Wise Bartender as well, a brilliant non alcoholic retailer

For UK readers, Light Drinks has this and others, if you use code OPENINGTHEBOTTLE you get an additional 5% off

*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

Is Eisberg Merlot gluten free? 

Yes, Eisberg Merlot is gluten free.

Is Eisberg Merlot vegan?

Yes, Eisberg Merlot is vegan

For more on vegan wine see my article on the matter, why wines may or may not be and how to check.

Review Overview

If you need to save money but want a slightly adult grape drink then give it a try, however there are much, much better wines in the same sort of price bracket or a little bit more which wont leave you as disappointed.


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