Drop Bear Non Alcoholic Yuzu Pale Ale Review

What type of beer is Yuzu Pale Ale?

This is a pale ale with yuzu flavouring. A pale ale is a lighter and less hoppy version of an IPA. It is easier drinking and when alcoholic, would have less ABV than an IPA.

As an ale, it is top fermenting at warm temperatures and should use an ale yeast.

Yuzu is an asian citrus fruit. Ive never ate a real one, only beers flavoured with it.

Yuzu Pale Ale Ingredients

You will have noticed a growing trend for craft brewers to list their hops that are used, but the next wave is to list the malts as well, which Drop Bear do.

Yuzu Pale Ale includes…

  • Water
  • Malted barley
  • Wheat
  • Oats
  • Hops
  • Yeast
  • Yuzu extract

Malts – munich, DRC, caramalt, wheat malt, flaked oats

Munich and DRC might be seen more in a dark ale or even stout so it will be interesting to see how strong that flavour component is.

Hops – chinook, cascade, centennial

Chinook is a more spiced hop compared to the pine and citrus of cascade and centennial.

Yuzu Pale Ale Nutrition

Drop Bear beers are usually made as skinny as they can. Low carbs, low sugar and resulting in a low total calorie count.

Values per 100ml or 100g
Calories 8kcal
Yuzu Pale Ale Nutritional Stats

That is very impressive numbers from Drop Bear. Very few beers come close to sub 10kcal per 100ml and 0.4g or carbs per 100ml is crazy. You do need carbs and sugar for sweetness yes, but also to create body and mouthfeel without the alcohol, i hope it isn’t too thin.

To read more about what isotonic is and how it affects beers, you can read about that here

Yuzu Pale Ale Look

There is the usual angry koala looking drop bear creature on the label with a yellow colour signifying the yellow citrus hit from the yuzu.

The beer itself looks like a standard mid golden, clear ale. It was quite fizzy coming out which I have found from the really skinny beers

Yuzu Pale Ale Aroma

There isn’t as much on the nose as you would expect from a citrused up pale ale. Ive had one yuzu beer (Mikkeller Limbo Series Yuzu) before and there was no mistaking the smell and taste from that but this is much more subdued.

Yuzu Pale Ale Taste

I think this half works. If I start with the positives, there is a really nice, floral and citrus hoppy hit with the yuzu on top of that again. The yuzu taste isn’t hugely stong and it isn’t taking over the entire beer which it could if they added some more.

In fact they have go the flavours pretty nailed on, no arguments there.

The negative is a global negative to some of the really low calorie and ultra low carb beers. To create body and mouthfeel they are over carbonated. This just feels too fizzy in my mouth and I imagine it would be too gassy for a quick drink.

The body also is a bit think so can come across as a bit like a fizzy flavoured water rather than a substantial beer.

Yuzu Pale Ale Verdict

If you want a really low calorie and even lower carb pale ale then this is a great choice. The flavours are nice and the yuzu is added expertly. However ultra low carbs isn’t my primary concern so this is a bit fizzy and empty feeling

Yuzu Pale Ale Score

6.5/10 – Much like their stout, the body of the beer has been significantly impacted by the reduction in carbs and sugar.

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Where to buy Yuzu Pale Ale?

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Is Yuzu Pale Ale gluten free

Yes, Yuzu Pale Ale is gluten free as are all the Drop Bear beers

I have an entire article on non alcoholic beers and gluten if you want more information.

Is Yuzu Pale Ale vegan?

Yes, Yuzu Pale Ale is vegan friendly

For more on vegan beers see my article on the matter. Why beers may or may not be and how to check.

Review Overview

Much like their stout, the body of the beer has been significantly impacted by the reduction in carbs and sugar.


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