Clean Co Clean G Rhubarb Review. Interesting spirit.

Clean Co was founded by Spencer Matthews. If you haven’t heard of Spencer he comes from a wealthy family and shot to fame on the reality TV show, “Made in Chelsea

Having a celebrity backer doesn’t bother me, it could still be great or terrible but he is a good businessman. the non alcoholic world is flying at the minute. The market is set to grow by 34% globally

Clean Co think that “clean” sounds so much better than “low” or “no” so there is a fair amount of marketing pump behind it.

I have written 11 reasons you should try non alcoholic gin, an overview of why the market is so popular now.

Non alcoholic gin also has a number of surprising health benefits if you needed any more reasons to get trying today.

What type of spirit is Clean G Rhubarb?

Clean G Rhubarb is their version of a non alcoholic gin with the added main flavour of rhubarb.

They don’t tell us how they make it but i would guess it goes a little something like this…

In general, non alcoholic gin is made in the same way as traditional gin. Botanicals are macerated in a 96% ABV neutral alcohol or the alcohol is infused through them in a vapour. Over multiple rounds of distillation the alcohol is removed leaving just the botanical flavours and aromatic compounds in water.

My full article on how non alcoholic gins are made can be read here

Clean G Rhubarb Ingredients

With some non alcoholic and alcohol free spirits you get a tremendous list of ingredients and botanicals (i’l looking at you Seedlip and Three Spirit). Unfortunately, Clean co are not as forthcoming.

Clean G Rhubarb includes…

  • Water
  • Vegetable glycerine
  • Natural Flavouring

What a hugely uninspired list of ingredients! No list of botanicals, not even juniper and rhubarb for goodness sake. So little to talk about here.

Clean G Rhubarb Nutrition

Compared to other big brand zero alcohol gins, Clean G and Clean G Rhubarb have more calories and carbs but in the grand scheme of things and compared to an alcoholic spirit, it is a drop in the ocean.

The Clean G Rhubarb nutrition stats are…

Values per 100ml
Calories 28kcal
Clean G Rhubarb Nutrition Data

The recommended pour is only 50ml so for the spirit alone you can half these values per serving.

Always remember the mixer makes a huge difference, i always go for a slim tonic.

To compare Clean G Rhubarb to some other drinks you get…

GinKcal count per 1.5 fl oz% of calories % of calories saved 
Standard USDA measure gin97100%0%
Gordon’s 0.0%55%95%
Tanqueray 0.0%55%95%
Clean Co Clean G Rhubarb 0.5%12.413%87%
Non alcoholic gin comparison – “full”

So Clean G Rhubarb has a 150% increase in calories over Gordon’s 0.0 and Tanqueray 0.0 but it is has 87% less calories than an alcoholic gin.

For a full review of calories in non alcoholic and alcohol free gin, you can read my article on it here

Clean G Rhubarb Look

The Clean Co bottles have grown on me. At the very least they are now recognisable. The bottle has a faint pink hue as does the spirit

The spirit itself is indeed a bit pink and cloudy. I know why it is cloudy but I can’t help but think, in the gin or gin-like space, you should have a clear spirit.

Clean G Rhubarb Aroma

There is certainly a different aroma from the standard Clean G. Although, if I had to pick a fruit smell from it, rhubarb would not be top of the pile. 

There is almost a strawberry or raspberry aroma from this, which is actually quite nice, but not tart rhubarb.

Clean G Rhubarb Taste

My major gripe with the standard Clean G vs Gordon’s 0.0 and Tanqueray 0.0, was the lack of punch or boldness in flavour. This Rhubarb version however seems to have a bit more about.

The main flavour is still of juniper gin, which is entirely what you want. I remain convinced that you can’t beat Gordon’s 0.0 or Tanqueray 0.0 for pure gin flavour but this adds an extra dimension.

The rhubarb comes across a bit more in the tasting than the aroma but it still have a bit more or a red fruit flavour than tart rhubarb.

There is a nice end note which lasts a reasonably long time, which is nice.

Clean G Rhubarb Verdict

I think a good sign that you enjoyed a drink is you have finished it whilst reviewing it. I don’t finish anything under a 7!

This is preferable to the standard Clean G with a bit more flavour about it but for a pure gin flavour, go for Gordon’s 0.0 or Tanqueray 0.0

Clean G Rhubarb Score

7.5/10 -Pretty decent effort from Clean Co. Moderate rhubarb like flavour but could be stronger, and more like rhubarb, instead of strawberry.

Where to buy Clean G Rhubarb?

You can check the live Amazon prices by clicking on my link here

You can try these at Wise Bartender as well, a brilliant non alcoholic retailer

For UK readers, Light Drinks has this and others, if you use code OPENINGTHEBOTTLE you get an additional 5% off

*Affiliate Disclosure – if you click on the links and buy from these providers, i might receive a small commission*

Is Clean G Rhubarb gluten free? 

Clean G Rhubarb is gluten free. All distilled spirits are gluten free

Is Clean G Rhubarb vegan?

Clean Co pride themselves on being vegan friendly so Clean G Rhubarb is indeed vegan.

To understand why spirits might not be vegan, you can read my article on it here. You will be surprised.

Review Overview

Pretty decent effort from Clean Co. Moderate rhubarb like flavour but could be stronger, and more like rhubarb, instead of strawberry.


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