Can You Drink Non Alcoholic Beer On The Atkins Diet?

Many diets are popular around the world but one of the most followed and popular is still the Atkins diet. The aim of the game is restricting you carb intake but what if you enjoy a beer? Switching to non alcoholic will certainly save alcohol calories but what about the carbs?

The question many dieters face is, can you drink non alcoholic beer on the Atkins diet?

For a full article dedicated to how many carbs are in all types of non alcoholic beer, you can read it here

Can you drink non alcoholic beer on the Atkins diet?

There are some low carb non alcoholic beers you can drink on the Atkins diet. The amount of carbs in non alcoholic beers is diverse but there are a significant amount with low enough carbs to be Atkins diet friends and give some choice on what to drink.

We should look at how many carbs in in alcoholic and non alcoholic beer and then what threshold we should use to make sure they would comply with the Atkins diet.

Finally, you need to know what these low carb beers taste like. There is no point in drinking low carb beers that taste terrible.

There many be a range of how many of these non alcoholic beers you can drink in a day depending on their carb load and how many carbs you are restricted to a day.

What is the Atkins diet?

The Atkins diet has gained popularity as you can eat as much protein and fat as you want but just severely limit your carb intake.

The Atkins diet is split into 4 different phases:

  • Phase 1 (induction): You can only eat up to 20g of carbs per day for 2 weeks. Eat high-fat, high-protein, leafy greens. This is supposed to start the weight loss
  • Phase 2 (balancing): Slowly bring back nuts and lower carb veggies along with some fruit
  • Phase 3 (fine-tuning): As you approach your goal weight you can add some more carbs back in.
  • Phase 4 (maintenance): At this point you are supposed to be able to eat as many “healthy” carbs as you want and not regain the lost weight.

Is non alcoholic beer high in carbs?

I have personally reviewed north of 110 different non alcoholic beers and meticulously recorded all their nutrition.

found the average non alcoholic beer has 4.75g of carbs per 100ml and 16.85g of carbs per 12fl oz.

However, there is a huge range in carbs per 100ml in non alcohol beers. It runs from 0g to 20.8g which is a vast range. So finding out which of these non alcoholic beers are towards the bottom of the range is vital and i will save you the leg work.

Is alcoholic beer high in carbs?

The USDA state the average alcoholic beer has 3.55g of carbs per 100ml and 12.6g of carbs in a 12fl oz serving. If you are stating out on the Atkins diet and restricting yourself to as little as 20g of carbs a day, one serving of beer is well over half of that.

There will be a range of carb loads in alcoholic beer like non alcoholic beer but the added alcohol will significantly add to the calorie count and in a diet, that isn’t great.

Which non alcoholic beers are low carb and atkins diet friendly?

My list below, has some of the most popular non alcoholic beers with a carb count at least half of an average alcoholic beer and under a third of the average non alcoholic beer.

BeerTypeABVCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz
Partake PalePale Ale0.300
Drop Bear Yuzu Pale AlePale Ale0.50.41.42
Drop Bear Tropical IPAIPA0.50.51.775
Partake IPAIPA0.30.562
Brewdog Nanny StateAle0.513.55
Aegir MinusIPA0.51.13.905
Big Drop FieldhopperGolden Ale0.51.24.26
Nirvana Hoppy Pale AlePale Ale0.51.44.97
Big Drop UptimeLager0.51.44.97
Low carb non alcoholic beers

Just as an FYI, i have reviewed these beers except for the two Partake ones as they are not available in my region, but as they are so low in carbs and apparently delicious, i could not leave them out of this list.

I will give some tasting notes on them all as low carb does not always equal great taste. In fact, it is very difficult to make a low carb beer that doesn’t feel quite thin, like a flavoured fizzy water.

Partake Pale

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot-2022-01-25-at-09.37.35-958x1024.png

Partake Pale has 0g of carbs per 100ml and 0g of carbs per 12fl oz.

If you are trying to avoid carbs, what better beer is there than one with zero carbs? There is only one other zero carb beer, the newly released Budweiser Light Next, which by all accounts, is terrible.

For more info on Partake as the lowest carb beer in the world, you can read my article here.

As ive not got to review it personally i don’t want to give it too high a ranking but given the other reviews i have read, it seems likely it is at least a 7/10.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz
Nanny State7/100g0g

Drop Bear Yuzu Pale Ale

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_9067.jpeg

Drop Bear Yuzu Pale Ale has 0.4g of carbs per 100ml and 1.42g per 12fl oz.

Out of all the beers i have drank, this is the lowest carb beer i have tried. At 1.42g of carbs per 12fl oz, you should be able to fit it into the lowest of low carb diets.

Ive never actually tried a yuzu fruit but if the taste is like the beer, i’m sure it is decent if a bit acidic. This beer lacks a bit of body but with next to no carbs that is to be expected.

If you want a like for like alcoholic to non alcoholic beer, you usually need to go for a reasonably high carb one.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz
Nanny State6.5/100.4g1.42g

Drop Bear Tropical IPA

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_9075.jpeg

Drop Bear Tropical IPA has 0.5g of carbs per 100ml and 1.775g of carbs per 12fl oz.

Getting 2 beers in the top 3 lowest carb beers is a great effort from Drop Bear Brewing Co. Again, this should easily fit into the Atkins diet.

If you like your IPAs on the bitter side, id say you will like this. It was just a bit too bitter, especially in the end note, for my palate.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz
Nanny State5.5/100.5g1.775g

Partake IPA

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot-2022-01-25-at-09.38.02.png

Partake IPA has 0.56g of carbs per 100ml and 2g of carbs per 12fl oz.

along with the Partake Pale, i just couldn’t leave out this popular and very low carb Partake IPA

Coming in at 2g of carbs per 12fl oz, Partake IPA is still a great choice for an atkins friendly beer.

Ive gone out on a limb again but the online reviews from people i respect suggest this is a decent brew so ive gone 7/10 until i can get it shipped to myself.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz
Nanny State7/100.56g2g

Brewdog Nanny State

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Nanny state has 1g of carbs per 100ml and 3.55g of carbs per 12fl oz.

Nanny State is one of my favourite beers. There is a little jump up in carbs but vs the rest of the beer world this is still a very low carb beer.

The use 8 different malts and 5 different hops to pack this ale full of flavour so you don’t notice if the lack of carbs has left it thin feeling. I think they combine all the flavours brilliantly so you aren’t looking for any lacking body, just savouring the big taste.

I think this is a great choice for most stages of the Atkins diet.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz
Nanny State9/101g3.55g


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_8884.jpeg

UNLTD. IPA has 1g of carbs per 100ml and 3.55g of carbs per 12fl oz.

UNLTD. IPA use a bit of modern science to increase the body of their beer. They include maltodextrin in the ingredients.

It is a white powder made from corn, rice, potato starch, or wheat. It has been added here as it is flavourless and doesn’t contain calories but will add to the body and mouthfeel of the beer.

The maltodextrin really works and this beer does not lack body, nor taste in fact.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz
UNLTD. IPA9/101g3.55g

Aegir Minus

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_8796.jpeg

Aegir Minus has 1.1g of carbs per 100ml and 3.9g of carbs per 12fl oz.

I would think most of you are like me and have not sampled a large range of Norwegian beers. I think after you try this you may order more.

You would not be able to tell this is a really low carb beer, it tastes just like a normal alcoholic IPA.

I hope this beer is spreading a bit more around the world. It is available to me locally so it should be.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz

Big Drop Fieldhopper

Big Drop Fieldhopper has 1.2g of carbs per 100ml and 4.26g of carbs per 12fl oz

I do enjoy a summer ale. The flavours are mild, rounded and easy drinking. Unfortunately i dont think these are the characteristics that do well in a very low carb form. I think you need the big flavours of an IPA to counter the lack of body.

I felt that it was a bit of something and nothing, inoffensive but forgettable. 

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz

Nirvana Hoppy Pale Ale

Nirvana Hoppy Pale Ale has 1.4g of carbs per 100ml and 4.97g of carbs per 12fl oz

The carbs are creeping up towards 5g per 12fl oz now so this might not be appropriate for the early stages of the Atkins diet but you may be able to incorporate this in the latter stages.

This is a solid enough, hoppy non alcoholic beer, if not spectacular.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz
Nirvana Hoppy Pale Ale6.5/101.4g4.97g

Big Drop Uptime

Big Drop Uptime has 1.4g of carbs per 100ml and 4.97g of carbs per 12fl oz

A bit like the other Big Drop beer, Uptime lager just doesn’t have enough kick to really make it as a big low carb beer.

It is decent, has a nice malt forward flavour, but without the bitter hops of some of the ales or even a pilsner, it struggles for flavour.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz

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