Can You Drink Non Alcoholic Beer On Keto Diet?

Dieting in any form is ever popular but you will be hard pressed to find a more popular and possibly effective diet than the keto diet.

The aim of the keto diet is to reduce your carb intake substantially but beer is high in carbs right? So can you drink non alcoholic beer on the ket diet?

Can you drink non alcoholic beer on keto diet?

You can drink some non alcoholic beers on the keto diet. There is a large range of carbs in the non alcoholic beer market and a number of beers have a significantly reduced carb load that enables them to be keto friendly.

It is important to know how many carbs are in both alcoholic and non alcoholic beer on average and then which non alcoholic beers have a significantly reduced carb load that brings them in line with the keto diet.

Lastly, you really want your low carb non alcoholic beer, to taste good, or what is the point?!

Depending on how many carbs you are limited to a day there are a range of options for someone on a keto diet. They range from zero carb non alcoholic beers to low carb but you cant drink many.

What is the keto diet?

The Ketogenic diet or Keto diet for short, is a low carb and high fat diet which can offer many health benefits.

The aim is to slash your carb intake and replace it with fats, this puts your body into a state called a ketotic state or ketosis, hence the name.

When you enter this state, your body becomes much more efficient at burning fat for energy and therefore you lose your stored fat easier.

The most popular version would be the SKD – Standard ketotic diet. Your nutrient breakdown would be 70% fats, 20% protein and only 10% carbs.

With carbs reduced way down to 10%, you have to be very careful what you eat and drink. Beer is known to have carbs so the question is can you drink any non alcoholic beers on the keto diet?

Is non alcoholic beer high in carbs?

I have reviewed well over 100 non alcoholic beers and collected all their nutritional data.

I found the average non alcoholic beer has 4.75g of carbs per 100ml and 16.85g of carbs per 12fl oz.

However the range in carbs per 100ml in non alcohol beers runs from 0g to 20.8g so there are a lot of non alcoholic beers that have significantly less carbs than the average.

Is alcoholic beer high in carbs?

The USDA state the average alcoholic beer has 3.55g of carbs per 100ml and 12.6g of carbs in a 12fl oz serving. So clearly the average alcoholic beer is quite high and carbs and unlikely to be keto friendly despite being lower than non alcoholic beers on average.

There will be a range of carb loads in alcoholic beer like non alcoholic beer but the added alcohol will significantly add to the calorie count and in a diet, that isn’t great.

Which non alcoholic beers are low carb and keto friendly?

Below is a list of non alcoholic beers with a carb level of well under half of the average of an alcoholic beer and a third of the carbs or below of an average non alcoholic beer.

BeerTypeABVCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz
Partake PalePale Ale0.300
Drop Bear Yuzu Pale AlePale Ale0.50.41.42
Drop Bear Tropical IPAIPA0.50.51.775
Partake IPAIPA0.30.562
Brewdog Nanny StateAle0.513.55
Aegir MinusIPA0.51.13.905
Big Drop FieldhopperGolden Ale0.51.24.26
Nirvana Hoppy Pale AlePale Ale0.51.44.97
Big Drop UptimeLager0.51.44.97

I would add that the above list are the 10 lowest carb beers i have reviewed with the addition of the 2 Partake beers as they are so low carb i couldn’t leave them out.

They are not necessarily the best tasting beers so i you would like to see a list of the 10 best tasting low carb beers you can read that article here. There are a few included that are a fraction outside of the range here but still very low carb overall.

Partake Pale

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Partake Pale has 0g of carbs per 100ml and 0g of carbs per 12fl oz.

If the aim of your keto diet is to limit carbs then there is no better beer in the world than Partake Pale. It has zero carbs. Until this month it was on the only zero carb beer in the world but Budweiser have brought out an alcoholic “Light Next”, which by all accounts, is terrible.

For more info on Partake as the lowest carb beer in the world, you can read my article here.

Partake pale is one of the beers i have not tried personally but it has such good reviews online i am happy to give it a decent 7/10.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz
Nanny State7/100g0g

Drop Bear Yuzu Pale Ale

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_9067.jpeg

Drop Bear Yuzu Pale Ale has 0.4g of carbs per 100ml and 1.42g per 12fl oz.

This is the lowest carb beer i have ever drunk and it wasn’t half bad. 1.42g of carbs per 12 fl oz is ultra low carb for a beer in anyones book so it fits in nicely with the keto diet.

It is ok, there is nice Yuzu flavour or what i assume is yuzu, as ive never actually ate the real thing. It didn’t have the biggest body ever, which is understandable. You cant argue with the ultra low carb level tho.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz
Nanny State6.5/100.4g1.42g

Drop Bear Tropical IPA

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_9075.jpeg

Drop Bear Tropical IPA has 0.5g of carbs per 100ml and 1.775g of carbs per 12fl oz.

The 2nd Drop Bear Brewing Co beer in the top 3 is their Tropical IPA. At still less than 2g of carbs per 12fl oz, there isn’t many who can argue is is not keto friendly.

I like my IPAs but i know ardent IPA lovers want bitterness and this certainly provides it. There was much to much for my palate so i marked it down but to the next person, it may be nectar.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz
Nanny State5.5/100.5g1.775g

Partake IPA

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot-2022-01-25-at-09.38.02.png

Partake IPA has 0.56g of carbs per 100ml and 2g of carbs per 12fl oz.

Similarly with Partake Pale, i could not leave out Partake IPA of keto friendly non alcoholic beers to drink.

Coming in at 2g of carbs per 12fl oz, Partake IPA is still a great choice for a keto friendly beer.

Like the Partake Pale, ive taken a bit of reviewers licence to give it a 7/10 based on all the other reviews of it i have read.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz
Nanny State7/100.56g2g

Brewdog Nanny State

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Nanny state has 1g of carbs per 100ml and 3.55g of carbs per 12fl oz.

Ah Brewdog Nanny State, i genuinely love this beer. There is a bit of a jump up in carbs from the top 4 but at 3.55g of carbs per 12fl oz, it is still one of the skinniest beers out there.

The use 8 different malts and 5 different hops to pack this ale full of flavour so you don’t notice if the lack of carbs has left it thin feeling. They marry all these flavours up brilliantly and have made a stand out beer let alone a low carb, non alcoholic beer.

If you are looking to start drinking keto friendly non alcoholic beers, this is a fantastic first stop.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz
Nanny State9/101g3.55g


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_8884.jpeg

UNLTD. IPA has 1g of carbs per 100ml and 3.55g of carbs per 12fl oz.

When you remove carbs you tend to lose body. Nobody wants a flavoured fizzy water type beer so how do you get that body back? UNLTD use maltodextrin

. It is a white powder made from corn, rice, potato starch, or wheat. It has been added here as it is flavourless and doesn’t contain calories but will add to the body and mouthfeel of the beer.

Still well under 4g of carbs total load, this is a brilliant beer all round.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz
UNLTD. IPA9/101g3.55g

Aegir Minus

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_8796.jpeg

Aegir Minus has 1.1g of carbs per 100ml and 3.9g of carbs per 12fl oz.

I am not an expert in Norwegian beers but if this is anything to go by, i will need to become one.

You would not be able to tell this is a really low carb beer, it tastes just like a normal alcoholic IPA.

I dont know how far it has spread yet but it is freely available in the UK and beyond. Still less than 4g total carbs per can so a great keto friendly beer.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz

Big Drop Fieldhopper

Big Drop Fieldhopper has 1.2g of carbs per 100ml and 4.26g of carbs per 12fl oz

A golden ale is an easy drinking, summer type of brew. The flavours are not usually to big and brash and unfortunately, sometimes they need to be in a low carb non alcoholic beer.

I felt that it was a bit of something and nothing, inoffensive but forgettable.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz

Nirvana Hoppy Pale Ale

Nirvana Hoppy Pale Ale has 1.4g of carbs per 100ml and 4.97g of carbs per 12fl oz

The carbs are creeping up towards 5g per serving so you couldn’t have too many on a keto diet but it is quite a nice, hoppy pale ale.

It doesn’t set the world alight and there are better, lower carb options but it might be nice to mix and match if you want more than 1-2 beers.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz
Nirvana Hoppy Pale Ale6.5/101.4g4.97g

Big Drop Uptime

Big Drop Uptime has 1.4g of carbs per 100ml and 4.97g of carbs per 12fl oz

There is a reason most really low carb and really good tasting non alcoholic beers are IPAs. You tend to need that extra bitter hoppy hit to mask the thin body that low carbs can bring.

This lager makes a good attempt but like any malt forward, hop light lager, it struggles for big flavour and can feel a little watery. If you are looking for a direct heavy alcoholic beer replacement then this might not be for you.

BeerScoreCarbs/100mlCarbs/12fl oz

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