Can You Drink Non Alcoholic Beer On Different Diets?

Non alcoholic beer has many advantages over alcoholic beer. The most obvious one is that without the alcohol you have less calories and none of the harmful alcohol effects.

This means that switching to non alcoholic beer might help you with your diet and weight loss goals. There are a huge amount of popular diets across the globe.

But how many carbs, calories and sugar are in non alcoholic beers? In particular, can you drink non alcoholic beer on a specific diet?

Can you drink non alcoholic beer on the Keto diet?

The aim of the ketosis (keto for short) diet is to severely limit your carb intake to tip your body into ketosis where you will be more efficient at burning fat.

That means you need to understand what carbs you are taking in and decide where to “spend” the ones you are allowed.

There are a number of non alcoholic beers with a carbs per serving that is low enough to allow you to drink them on the keto diet.

You can read my full article on non alcoholic beer in the keto diet here, or my top 10 picks to try on the keto diet here.

Can you drink non alcoholic beer on the Atkins diet?

The Atkins diet is ever popular and reasonably similar to the Keto diet. On the Atkins diet, you severely limit your carbs intake at the start before very gradually increasing it. You are allowed to have as much protein and fats as you want.

In Phase 1 of the Atkins diet, you might be on as little as 20g of carbs per day, so it is vital to know precisely how many carbs you are ingesting.

You can drink some non alcoholic beers on the Atkins diet. There is one zero carb and a few ultra low carb non alcoholic beers that you would be able to drink, even at Phase 1 of the Atkins diet.

For a full run down on which non alcoholic beers you can drink on the Atkins diet, click here to read my article on it.

Can you drink non alcoholic beer on the DASH diet?

DASH stands of Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension and as you can imagine, the aim is to be heart healthy and reduce your blood pressure. Unsurprisingly, it is now very popular.

On DASH, you will be eating lots of whole grains, fruit and veg as well as low fat dairy products. You will be avoiding sugary, hit fat and high sodium foods.

You are meant to drink alcohol sparingly and not exceed recommendations.

A lot of non alcoholic beers can fit into the DASH diet as…

  1. They are non alcoholic or alcohol free
  2. They have significantly reduced carbs and sugar
  3. Low to no fat

At the end of this article will be the 50 lowest carb and 50 lowest calorie beers which you can pick from when on this diet.

Can you drink non alcoholic beer on 75 hard?

75 Hard Challenge is a new fitness regime taking over America. For 75 days, you follow a diet (seemingly any diet), work out twice a day, drink a lot of water and NO ALCOHOL.

Step in the world of non alcoholic beer.

You can tell by the name that non alcoholic beer is non alcoholic. The range is usually from 0.0% (alcohol free) to 0.5% (top end of non alcoholic range). As such there are plenty of non alcoholic beers you can drink whilst doing the 75 Hard Challenge.

A lot of non alcoholic beers are low carbs, low sugar and low calories as well as having no alcohol. In fact a number of the German wheat beers, such as Erdinger Alkoholfrei, market themselves as sports recovery drinks as they are isotonic.

If you would like to know more about what an isotonic beer is and why it might be a sports drink, you can read my article on it here.

Can you drink non alcoholic beer on Paleo diet?

The purpose of the Paleo diet is to transport you back a few thousand years and to eat as a hunter gatherer did. This means seeds, nuts, fruit, lean meat, vegetables and generally whole foods.

The Paleolithic era was pre agriculture so anything that we cultivated since then is out. Unfortunately for beer drinkers that includes cereal grains.

One of the basic ingredients of beer is a cereal grain. Most often that is barley but you will see oats, wheat, rice and a number of other grains used.

Whilst Paleo thinks of alcohol as a toxin which non alcoholic beer avoids, the fact all beers are made from cereal grains makes both alcoholic and non alcoholic beers a no go on the Paleo diet.

Can you drink non alcoholic beer on Mediterranean diet?

The Mediterranean diet is more of a concept than a prescribed diet.

You will be eating fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and heart-healthy fats.

Refined, processed and sugar rich foods and drinks should be avoided.

I think this is good news for a lot of the craft non alcoholic beers. They are generally a lot lower in carbs, calories and sugar and compared to some of the big breweries, they will be less refined with fewer ingredients.

In general, non alcoholic beers, in moderation, are perfectly acceptable on the Mediterranean diet. At the end of this article will be the 50 lowest carb and 50 lowest calorie beers which you can pick from when on this diet.

Can you drink non alcoholic beer on the Alkaline diet?

Let’s be clear here, the Alkaline diet is not built on solid evidence based medicine, however it is still widely followed and promoted.

Your body and kidneys keep your acid base levels under very tight control and you can not vary this. Outside of the very tight pH range of 7.35-7.45, you will become very sick.

The Alkaline diet considers grains and alcohol as acidic and therefore to be avoided. As we know, non alcoholic beer doesn’t have the alcohol but all beers are based on grains so unfortunately, if you are on this diet, you will likely be avoiding non alcoholic beer.

Can you drink non alcoholic beer on a Vegan diet?

The question you may be asking is, why would non alcoholic beer not be vegan?

Most non alcoholic beers are vegan friendly, however there is a large enough number that are not for you to have to check every beer you drink to make sure it is vegan friendly.

There is a surprising array of animal products that might be used as ingredients or part of the brewing process to clear or fine the beer of impurities.

You might have never heard of isinglass, which is from dried swim bladders of fish. However this can be used to filter or fine beers of their impurities.


Lactose is an animal milk sugar which is not fermented and adds a creamy texture and sweet flavour to beers, often stouts.

To know more about what animal products might be used in non alcoholic beer and why, read my full article on it here.

On my Best Non Alcoholic Beers, i have a full list of all the 110+ non alcoholic beers i have reviewed, including which are vegan friendly or not. You can then make an informed decision on which one to try.

Can you drink non alcoholic beer on The Flexitarian diet?

The Flexitarian diet might otherwise be known as the “casual vegetarian” diet.

The aim is to eat a mostly vegetarian and whole foods diet but allow the occasional meat dish and otherwise be flexible and not hugely strict.

In terms of alcohol, you don’t need to avoid it completely but try and moderate and drink in a more mindful way.

This sounds like the perfect opportunity to try non alcoholic beers. Not only is there no alcohol, which aids weight loss, they are also usually lower in calories overall and many have a low carb count.

Non alcoholic beer is perfect for those on the Flexitarian diet who want to keep enjoying beer and beer flavours but are mindful of alcohol and high calorie alcoholic beers.

Can you drink non alcoholic beer on The Zone diet?

When you are on The Zone diet, you will be eating a set ratio of food components.

Your meals should be made up of 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. The carbs should be low GI index carbs so they release energy slowly.

Whilst non alcoholic beers might not be specifically low GI, there are a number of extremely low to zero carb non alcoholic beers that would fit in with The Zone diet.

For a full list of the 50 lowest carb non alcoholic beers, look at the table at the bottom of this article.

Can you drink non alcoholic beer on the South Beach diet?

Even the name South Beach diet, makes you think it will be healthy and make you lose weight.

On the South Beach diet you will be eliminating nearly all carbs such as grains, pasta, rice and bread. Alcohol is also banned.

Beer consists of grains which make alcohol when fermented to they aren’t allowed on the South Beach diet.

I believe there are a few non alcoholic beers which might be acceptable on the South Beach diet. They are non alcoholic and have zero to 2g of carbs only, per 12fl oz serving. This amount of carbs is low enough to be incorporated into any diet.

Partake Pale has zero carbs

Can you drink non alcoholic beer on Weight Watchers diet?

Weight Watchers encourages unrefined, whole foods, fresh fruit and vegetables. No food is off limits but you need to stay under your SmartPoints allowance.

Alcoholic beer is high on SmartPoints as the alcohol is very calorific.

Non alcoholic beer is much lower in calories than alcoholic beer and as such you will be able to drink much more of it on a Weight Watchers diet than alcoholic beer.

For a complete review of calories in non alcoholic beer and comparing them to alcoholic beer, you can read my article on it here.

Can you drink non alcoholic beer on the Galveston diet?

The Galveston diet is aimed at middle aged and post menopausal women and works through anti inflammatory foods and intermittent fasting.

Alcohol is mostly to be avoided on the Galveston diet due to its many side effects. The primary negative is thought to be disturbed sleep.

Non alcoholic beers are non alcoholic by definition so would be allowable on the Galveston diet. There are many low carb and low calorie non alcoholic beer options that would be best suited whilst on the Galveston diet.

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