Can You Drink An Opened White Claw? Is there a time limit?

The hard seltzer market is rocking and the biggest name in the field is White Claw. They are a superb low calorie, low carb alcoholic drink but as with any relatively new product, there can be a lot of questions.

What happens if your White Claw is already open or what about if you start to drink one but leave it for the next day? What are the rules around these, can you drink an opened White Claw?

Can you drink an opened White Claw?

You can drink an opened can of White Claw if it has only been open for less than a day and stored correctly. If you are unsure how long it has been opened for or has a leak then it is not safe to drink.

Your White Claw can go off as well as loose fizz and flavour, the longer it is opened.

What happens when you open a White Claw?

A can of White Claw is a sealed ecosystem.

In the factory, it is made in sterile conditions and sealed to keep in the bubbles from carbon dioxide and keep out the microscopic bugs that can make you sick.

As soon as you open a can of White Claw, a number of things can happen.

Firstly – the carbon dioxide, which is dissolved under pressure, is released which caused the bubbles or fizz. There isn’t an endless supply of carbon dioxide so the longer the can is open, the less fizz there is.

Secondly – Now the air is exposed to the White Claw, it can begin to oxidise. This is a chemical reaction with some of the ingredients. Now, the rate and magnitude of oxidisation in a White Claw is far less than in a beer, which is a very good thing. However, the longer you leave it open, the more this process happens and the the worse the flavour will be.

Thirdly – Bugs can move in and colonise your White Claw. The alcohol does act as a deterrent to this but at only 5% ABV, it isnt like a spirit at 40% ABV.

How long will it stay fizzy?

Rather surprisingly, a White Claw will likely stay fizzy and have some carbonation for up to 3-4 days after you open it.

The longer it is open, the less the carbonation, so the best time to drink an opened can of White Claw is within the first few hours of it being opened.

Can you drink an open White Claw that you haven’t opened?

Perhaps you come across a White Claw in a communal fridge or at a night club, even at a party somewhere. Can you drink this?

The answer will basically always be no.

You don’t know how long the White Claw has been opened for so it may just take bad (at best) or be off and make you sick (at worst).

Perhaps the worst case is actually drinking an open can of White Claw somewhere which has been spiked with a drug and then you are into a while world of issues.

Long story short – don’t drink a White Claw you didn’t open.

Can you drink a White Claw that has a leak?

Imagine you have a nearly full tin of White Claw but the bottom is a bit sticky and damp. There is a small hole near the bottom but most of the drink is still inside. Are you good to go?

I would again say no.

The leak could have happened at any time from the factory, delivery, at the shop etc. Any of these could have been weeks to months ago. You have no idea what it will taste like or if it is not quite poisonous to you. This is an easy avoid.

How do you know a White Claw is off?

Perhaps the easiest way to tell anything is off is to give it a sniff. Does it smell like you would expect? If you have ever smelt rancid meat, you know what i mean!

If it smells ok but tastes a little off, this is the next stage where you can avoid drinking any more. Perhaps there isn’t the amount of fizz you would expect there might have been a leak. If the colour is not clear or the flavours aren’t right then don’t drink any more and move on.

How long do you have to drink an opened White Claw?

If you open a can of White Claw but don’t finish it, then put it back in the fridge. If you do this, you have about 3-4 days to drink it.

The carbonation (fizz) will remain, although diminish, over the 4 days. If it is in the fridge, this minimises any bugs getting in and spoiling the White Claw or the temperature affecting it.

Can an unopened White Claw go off?

White Claw can go off if it’s not stored properly. If you leave it out of the fridge for too long, or if it gets too warm, the alcohol can start to spoil and the flavor can change. So make sure to keep your white claw cold and enjoy it fresh.

Can White Claw be stored at room temperature?

Yes, white claw can be stored at room temperature. However, it is important to note that the quality of the drink may decrease over time if it is not stored properly. Be sure to store white claw in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If stored properly, white claw should remain fresh for up to six months.

What is the perfect temperature to store White Claw at?

The perfect temperature to store white claw is between 34-38 degrees Fahrenheit. This will keep the alcohol from spoiling and the flavor from changing. So make sure to keep your white claw cold and enjoy it fresh.

What happens if you leave White Claw in the sun?

If you leave white claw in the sun, the heat will cause the alcohol to evaporate. This will make the white claw less potent and change the flavor. So it’s best to avoid leaving white claw in direct sunlight. Enjoy your white claw cold and fresh for the best flavor and experience.

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