Can You Drink Alcohol Free Wine While Pregnant? Science time.

When you are pregnant there is suddenly a whole list of foods and drinks that are newly off limits for various reasons. Everything from cheese to shellfish might be something to avoid. Expecting moms just want to do what is best for their baby so the safest policy is just to avoid things you aren’t sure about. Alcohol is one everyone knows is not great in pregnant, but can you drink alcohol free wine while pregnant?

Can you drink alcohol free wine while pregnant?

The official advice is there is no known safe level of alcohol in pregnancy and as such, a pregnant mom should avoid all drinks with alcohol. That might possibly mean avoiding 0.05% alcohol free wine as well, despite how little alcohol that is. However, basically all fruit juices and breads will have more alcohol than alcohol free wine and there is no published concerns about their alcohol load in pregnancy. 

We will explore why you should definitely avoid alcohol when pregnant, what it can do to your baby and what all the guidelines say. After that we will examine just how much alcohol is in alcohol free wine and what this is in practical terms compared to some other foods and drinks you will be consuming when pregnant. I think you will be very surprised.

Why should you avoid alcohol during pregnancy?

There are some surprising foods or drinks that you might not know you need to avoid when pregnant but there isn’t going to be many expecting moms who won’t know they should avoid or severely limit their alcohol intake. They just might not know why they need to do it.

Alcohol can affect pregnancy in a number of ways. 

  • increased risk of miscarriage 
  • foetal growth restriction
  • foetal brain underdevelopment 
  • increased risk of preterm labour
  • increased risk of stillbirth
  • can cause fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD)
  • baby can be more prone to infections

Clearly this list of complications is not want you would want and if they can be avoided by use stopping drinking alcohol, many moms do just that.

One of the scarier sounding conditions on that list is fatal alcohol spectrum disorder, what exactly is that?

What is fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and fetal alcohol syndrome?

If a mother drinks a lot of alcohol during pregnancy then FASD or FAS can develop. FAS is more severe than FASD. Babies affected by FASD can have issues with behaviour, learning, physical or emotional disabilities. The more alcohol that is drank then the more severe the issues that can last a life time. Babies with FAS have an even more severe physical and mental disability.

There is no definite level of alcohol where FASD or FAS develops, so by far the safest advice has always been to just avoid alcohol.

What do the experts say, around the world, about alcohol in pregnancy?

What are the current guidelines re alcohol in pregnancy?

Unsurprisingly a lot of the worldwide guidance is that no level of alcohol is considered safe despite the recognition that low levels of alcohol will likely cause no issues. The safest option is alway to avoid alcohol.

Below is the specific advice from Obstetric bodies in USA, UK and Australia. You will notice that the guidelines are basically identical. The world is in unison.

Regional advisorSpecific adviceAdditional comments
RCOG (UK)There is no “safe” level of alcohollow risk of harm with small amounts of alcohol
Department of Health (Australia)There is no “safe” level of alcohollow risk of harm with small amounts of alcohol 
ACOG (USA)There is no “safe” level of alcohol Serious harm unlikely if drinking before pregnancy discovered
National level advice

So they do have some caveats and wiggle room. 

The overwhelming message and catch all to everyone is to just avoid all alcohol in pregnancy. This is easy messaging, taking no working out and is universally understood. However they do all go on to state that drinking very small amount of alcohol would have a very low risk of harm to baby. “Low” is not the same as “no” tho i would say.

How much alcohol is in alcohol free wine?

Alcohol free wine is still called wine and it can have up to 0.05% of alcohol by volume on the bottle, so just how much alcohol is in alcohol free wine.

There are lots of different labelling and names in the non alcoholic wine world. Ive written a full article on what all the names mean and how to navigate your way around it, you can read it here.

A non alcoholic wine has an ABV of 0.5% or less.

An alcohol free wine will have an ABV of less than 0.05%.

This means that alcohol free wine has just 10% of the alcohol of non alcoholic wine. I have already explored non alcoholic wine in pregnancy here and i think it is safe in moderation.

To get a clearer idea of just how low 0.05% ABV actually is, you can look at some common foods and drinks that contain far higher amounts of alcohol. Most fruit juices and bread and in fact any fermented food will contain more hidden alcohol than a alcohol free wine.

How much alcohol is in common food stuffs?

The only time you see how much alcohol is in a drink or food is when it is in relation to alcoholic beverages or their non alcoholic equivalent. 

A standard alcoholic wine (according to the USDA) has 12% ABV whereas a non alcoholic wine has not more than 0.05%. You can easily see one has far less than to other but it would also be easy to assume that 0.05% is still more than in everything else you eat and drink so a bit higher in alcohol than you might want.

The surprising truth is, many foods and drinks contain alcohol as a by product of fermentation and in similar if not far far higher levels to alcohol free wine

Below is a selected list of just some fermented foods with surprising amounts of alcohol.

Food or DrinkAlcohol by volume content %
Rye bread0.18%
Ripe banana0.2-0.4%
Ripe pear0.04%
Orange juice0.5%
Vinegar 0.2%
Alcohol free wine<0.05%
ABV of various foods and drinks

I can not find any specific advice from any Obstetric college or government agency, to limit the amount of bread or fruit juice a pregnant mom can eat and drink based on the alcohol they contain. It is a trace amount and in a small quantity.

It would be hard to argue that one glass of alcohol free wine puts your baby at higher risk than a glass of orange juice or a banana or two.

You can read more about the surprising hidden alcohol in your foods and drinks here

Can you drink alcohol free wine when pregnant?

With the global recommendations being that no amount of alcohol is safe in pregnancy, the specific advice for alcohol free wine will probably be to avoid it, if only for simpleness and clarity of the message.

However, alcohol free wine contains a far smaller concentration of alcohol than orange juice and there are no guidelines or articles advising pregnant women to avoid drinking orange juice. 

The fact is one glass of alcoholic wine contains the same amount of alcohol as 240 glasses of alcohol free wine so having just a few should have zero impact on a mom or her baby.

If you have any specific concerns i would speak to your doctor but the many i have spoken to would not be concerned drinking non alcoholic wine in moderation when pregnant.

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